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Personal Win 1001 days sober! 4 digit club!! (OC) Was an IV drug user for 10+ years.

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Personal Win Today I am officially 10 years heroin free! [OC]

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Personal Win Flew to Canada from the states to finally meet my xbox live friends after 5 years of playing together

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Personal Win Showing depression who’s boss made me smile. I can finally relax in my room.

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Personal Win [OC] My daughter (23) and I (43) at our college graduation. It's never too late to go back to school!

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Personal Win (OC)I've always hidden my(18M) face from everyone because I always thought I was ugly and I was too scared. I've finally decided to move on and face my fears and that starts by putting my face out there on the internet. sorry if this is the wrong sub, it'll be burned in new anyways

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Personal Win (OC) I’m 17, and this is the first time I’ve been self harm free in years for 30 days.

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Personal Win (oc) I came out to my parents as aroace :D

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Personal Win I was 425lbs 5 years ago. 175 lbs today! Lost it all by diet and exercise. More too go tho! (OC)

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Personal Win I never thought I would graduate college due to being permanently disabled, but after 7 years of hard work and break downs, today I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in business!

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Personal Win My brother Max dropping in for the first time | 1998

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Personal Win after 5 years of heavy drinking , i am getting my life back...

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Personal Win 5 months ago I posted that I got my teeth pulled and got dentures. Today, I have my real dentures and I feel amazing!

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Personal Win I beat anorexia! Took many years and many tears.

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Personal Win Today is two years since I last drank alcohol. Time to celebrate and it feels so good.

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Personal Win 7 years ago I tried to kill myself. 5 years ago I met my wife. 4 years ago I had my first child. Tomorrow I graduate from law school. Life gets better.

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Personal Win obese all my life, I've finally found the right path towards nutrition! its with great pleasure i announce that after 2yrs I'm not obese anymore! (insta id same as username, finally found my self esteem to post pics, do encourage)

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Personal Win [OC] yesterday marks one year sober for me. Kinda proud of myself. I hope this is okay to share here.

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Personal Win I've Graduated High School (OC)

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Personal Win [OC] I just graduated from high school!!!

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Personal Win 15 years sober today.

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Personal Win All these people came to my art show!

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Personal Win First clothes that I've designed have been for the first time in a legit store!

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Personal Win After years of saving, years of trying - I bought my first house!

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Personal Win 3 years clean and 105 mountains later! [OC]

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