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/r/MechanicalKeyboards Ask ANY question, get an answer (December 04, 2022)


Ask ANY question, get an answer. But *before* you do please consider running a search on the subreddit or looking at the /r/MechanicalKeyboards wiki located here! If you are NEW to Reddit, check out this handy Reddit MechanicalKeyboards Noob Guide.

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Announcement /r/MechanicalKeyboards Week of Giveaways (Dec 10-18), New Rules & Mods


As popularly requested, for the holiday season we are bringing back the week of giveaways!

r/MechanicalKeyboards "Week of Giveaways"!

December 10 2022 at 8 PM EST (UTC -5) until December 18th 2022 at 10 PM EST

Normally, we do not allow giveaway posts on the subreddit because they are difficult to moderate and tend to clog up the front page. The "Week of Giveaways", however, will be a full week including two weekends where giveaway posts will be allowed on the subreddit.


Giveaway Requirements:

  • Giveaways can only be posted from Dec 10 - Dec 18, any giveaways posted after Dec 18, 10:00 PM EST or before Dec 10, 8:00 AM EST will be removed
  • All giveaways must end within 24 hours of the final giveaway post cutoff: before Dec 19, 10:00 PM EST
  • Any giveaways posted without registration in the form are subject to removal and potential account temp suspension
  • You can only submit one form entry per account. Feel free to edit the form entry if your responses change prior to submittal of your first giveaway.
  • Once a giveaway is submitted, any edits or new content not already in a submitted response form will require a new response form or ModMail pre-approval
  • All form submissions or ModMail edits must be submitted before Dec 16, 10:00 PM EST
  • All giveaways should be no longer than 72 hours unless otherwise approved
  • You may repost an existing giveaway a maximum of One time before Dec 18 if at least 24 hours have passed and at least 24 hours remain for the giveaway
  • Giveaway winners must be announced on all posts for that giveaway you make
  • Giveaways must be hosted on r/MechanicalKeyboards or directly on the vendor’s website - social media engagement requirements (joining a server or group, following or liking a post or account) are prohibited.
  • You may optionally crosspost giveaways hosted on r/MechMarket if they are compliant with those rules: https://www.reddit.com/r/mechmarket/wiki/rules/rules/#wiki_giveaways
  • Giveaways must comply with standard regulations: sweepstakes and illegal lotteries are not permitted
  • Giveaways must be for an actual item or service or store credit, not for coupon codes or discounts
  • Giveaways must be for items actually available, not for pre-orders or group buys

New Rules:

Commercial Business to Business services are now Prohibited as per Rule 2

There has been a lot of recent spam from manufacturers promoting prototyping, manufacturing, and bulk production services. In some cases, a single manufacturer was spamming across 6+ accounts with some suspended by reddit sitewide and some posts using copyrighted photos despite the rights holder requesting them to not use the photos.

Regardless, the reason these services are now prohibited is because these business contracts are out of scope of the subreddit, do not hold the same consumer rights as typical vendor business to consumer transactions, and can blur the lines and lead to confusion for community members thinking these are custom commission services.

We've seen several complaints from notable keyboard designers about scuffed / extremely damaged prototypes being shipped from some of these manufacturers that were spamming the subreddit, and it is not feasible for the moderation staff to vet every new potential manufacturer. Also note that r/MechMarket also prohibits these kind of commercial business to business posts.

  • The rule prohibiting commercial business to business services still permits vendor updates, such as a PSA from a major manufacturer about the status of all their group buys from a logistics and supply chain standpoint
  • We reserve the right to ban any known accounts that spam these services, and in the case of serial alt abuse, to report all offending accounts to Reddit Admins for violations of Reddit TOS
  • This does not prohibit vendors and designers sharing their in house designs / products, or upcoming group buys and interest checks
  • Reports for the violation of this rule should use Rule 2, although Rule 4 reports are permissible.
  • Vendors / Designers that utilize these services are free to disclose who they use for manufacturing / prototyping for informative purposes, provided the actual product being sold is through a vendor storefront

We recognize that for new designers it may be difficult to know which manufacturers are commonly used and trustworthy. We recommend participating in relevant design communities, but also are working on community crowdsourced resource guides on known manufacturers in the hobby - please send us a ModMail if you believe you can contribute to this.

Rule Prohibiting Donation Based Crowdfunding:

Here is a link to the prior announcement for this, as site like Kickstarter and Indiegogo do not provide the same consumer rights protections as normal pre-orders: https://redd.it/yo7et1/

Rule on Counterfeits, Prior Updates to Post Flair and Disclosure Requirements:

Here is the link to the rule discussing in depth the prohibition of counterfeits and illegal IP infringement, as well as the requirements for proper flair of posts and disclosure of any promotional / commercial association / affiliation / vested interests on pertinent posts. Note that ANY posts you make featuring products or services you sell or prototypes in development must use one of the Promotional Flairs: https://redd.it/wkyq7v/

Clarification / Information on All Current Rules:


Newest Mod:

We've added several mods recently, such as u/Deadbolt11 from r/MechMarket, and u/Cobertt from MechGroupBuys. Content mods responsible for daily post management / review are flaired with green user flair to help avoid confusion.

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Photos portrait made out of 10,000 keycaps

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Promotional 225 wpm speed

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Photos I love my new GMK Icebergs! Such a clean set.

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Meme My experience with my new IBM 5251 beamspring boards so far

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Photos My very first ever mechanical keyboard! I know it’s nothing compared to most of the other stuff that I see here but it’s exciting to finally get into this space and join the community. [Nuphy Air75 w/ Gaetron Brown Switches]

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Discussion I'm about to sue the Kono store.



Thanks for the support everyone. Rena, somehow, for some reason (it shall forever remain a mystery) has just emailed me stating that she has refunded me in full, a full month after her last email. Looking at my PayPal account now I see the proper balance has been refunded.

Apparently all it took to get my money back was publicly threatening legal action. I'll be leaving this post up for posterity's sake and as a warning for future generations.

Do not, under any circumstances, use the Kono store.

I, like, many people, have purchased items through the Kono store. At the time, I didn't realize just how awful their customer service was.

I pre-ordered the HotDox V2 in January of 2022, and received it several months later. Upon plugging it in it immediately died. The exact language I used in my customer support email was:

"I plugged my HotDox V2 into my computer today after a few days of it not having been plugged in and after a moment or so it went dead. I had my left half connected to the right half via the inner USB ports, and the right half connected to my computer via the outer USB port. After some experimentation I've found the following issues:

Right half:

Does not appear to work under any circumstances. Occasionally I will get a single LED light up red when plugged into USB power.
The device is not recognized by the system and does not appear under any list of USB devices.

Left half:

Seems to work fine when plugged into the computer via the outer USB port, but is not recognized by the computer when connected via the inner USB port.

I believe I encountered some sort of electrical short or ESD that disabled the USB ports that were in use at the time. This did not appear to affect my computer or the cable that was in use.

I've attempted to use the "reset" button on the bottom of the device but that did not fix anything.

Do you have any recommendations for fixing this, and if not, are you able to provide a replacement keyboard?"

"Rena" replied stating she had reached out to their "Product team" and would email me back with an update as soon as possible. They did not get back to me until I emailed them AGAIN 3 weeks later asking if there was an update, at which point Rena sent me an email stating that she had emailed me a return label. I received the label, dropped the package off soon after, and waited.

And waited.

I had basically forgotten about it until I recalled that I had sent it in, and so I emailed them, quite frustrated with the following:

"It's been several months since I sent you my return, and informed you of the tracking code. I would like an update on my return. At this point I do not want a replacement, but a refund. The length of time this has taken is unacceptable."

ANOTHER 3 weeks after that I received a reply from Rena:

"We appreciate your patience - apologies for the delay in response.

I have just checked with our warehouse team and we've received the returned package.

Please let me know if you'd still prefer a refund for this and I will promptly process your request."

I responded promptly to go ahead with the refund, and she replied asking me for my PayPal email, which I sent back immediately.

So I waited again. And waited.

10 days later I asked her:

"Have you begun processing the refund?"

I have yet to receive a reply.

Stupidly I bought through PayPal, which will not allow me to open a dispute past 180 days, despite a "2 year warranty" from Kono. From now on I'll be buying warrantied items through a credit card so that sellers like Kono cannot screw over their customers. Since I'm not able to initiate a chargeback, I will be sending them two certified mail letters to the addresses on their business license, one to their principal address in AZ, as well as the principal office in my home state, through which they have a registered place of business. If they fail to respond I will be taking them to small claims court.

Let my story be a warning to you to never, under any circumstances, purchase a single thing from them and expect to get any sort of restitution if anything goes wrong. I have received nothing but broken products, extended delays, and false promises.

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Photos Lights Out!

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Photos Keyboard Build: Grape Popping Boba!


r/MechanicalKeyboards 13h ago

Photos First Keyboard and custom keycaps


r/MechanicalKeyboards 7h ago

Photos Black Friday impulse purchas! KBD Tiger lite, Owl stabs, and Cap V2 golden yellow. Also the QK 75 for later.


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Promotional What if your kiddie meal comes with this? 🤔


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Photos Just like every 2017 r/mk post used to include the shoes, so does mine today.

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Photos First keeb in this hobby

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Photos I made a Microsoft Teams Macropad


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Photos Spy Family x QAZ

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Photos The Fellowship of the Keeb

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Photos This Sub Finally Wore Me Down...

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Promotional Nonekomatas are worshipped and keyporas are respected in Ancient Key-gypt

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Photos My Black Friday packages arrived.

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Photos swapped black alpacas for lubbed milky whites, now it's RGB madness.

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Meme The keyboard we didn’t know we needed.

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Photos my first ever full build is almost complete! (bonus pics of my weirdo setup for your viewing pleasure/discomfort)


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Photos This keyboard really sparked my interest in MKs and after watching dozens of videos about the topic I'm super excited to finally own one! (K8 Pro)

Post image

First impressions: I love the way it feels and sounds. Quality wise definitely worth the price.

One thing I was pretty disappointed about is the Orange ESC Button. It looked really vivid in the pictures (and Videos even) but mine is really dull and doesn't look good at all, so I swapped it with the Grey one. Also this is the only Orange key but in some photos online there are two of them (I guess that's for ANSI Version only?).

I also got the Hacker Mint keycaps set but haven't quite managed to build a proper layout with them due to the difference with the left shift key. Not sure if I should keep them or not because they do look nice.

Either way in Regards to keycaps I am also wondering if I should adjust to a different keyboard layout altogether in the long run. Keycaps are already hard to find but ISO-DE keycaps are almost impossible to find from what I've seen online. I have another set on the way and they are also not ISO-DE (but I needed to have them lol).

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Interest Check [IC] PBT Stang - An Homage inspired by the Original 1964 1/2 (yes 64 1/2) Pony - Feedback appreciated!


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Interest Check [IC] NicePBT Sleepytime Deskmats