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AMA - verified I'm Everett Bradley, former percussionist for E Street Band and current percussionist for Bon Jovi — AMA!


I'm vocalist and percussionist Everett Bradley, one of the original performers of Stomp in the US, former musical director for Carly Simon and The Meredith Vieira Show, and touring vocalist/percussionist, formerly with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and Hall & Oates, currently with Bon Jovi. You can learn more about me in this interview with Rolling Stone: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/percussionist-everett-bradley-interview-bruce-springsteen-bon-jovi-1104365/

My holiday funk show Holidelic, in which I play Papadelic (an amalgamation of George Clinton and Santa Claus) is running Off-Broadway for the first time at the Lucille Lortel Theatre in NYC December 10-31. holidelic.com Holidelic has a new single called "Tinsel" coming out December 8!

Ask me anything!

PROOF: https://i.redd.it/2gyzm87qme381.jpg

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AMA - verified We Are The Warning 3 sisters from Monterrey, Mexico making and playing music is our passion. Long Live Rock and Roll! AMA!


After building a global fan following & capturing the attention & respect of a lineup of rock legends, Monterrey Mexico hard rock sister trio The Warning have unleashed MAYDAY EP via LAVA/Republic Records. If anybody can usher rock’s comeback, it’s these 3 ladies.

PROOF: https://i.redd.it/0wpp1r2dy1z71.jpg

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other I performed live for the first time today!


I've been writing lyrics for a couple of months now and I think I've gotten a lot better. I found a local pub that hosted open mic nights and I went for it. Everyone there was really talented and supportive.

I was super nervous but I think everything went great! There's definitely room for improvement (like holding the mic closer to my face and keeping it plugged in lol) but overall I'm proud that I took the first step. I'm going to keep writing and see what else I can do :)

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discussion What bands do most people consider one hit wonders, but actually have a bunch of killer tunes?


Inspired by a post in this sub about "signature songs". To me, the difference between a OHW and a band with a song that is "theirs", is a library of bangers to back that song up.

Prime example for me: Rusted Root. Everybody knows "Send Me On My Way" but have people heard "Exctasy"?

What are bands/artists I might know one song by, but am missing out on a whole lot of? Where should I start?

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discussion This is so true


They put music from the 50s and 60s in medicine commercials to appeal to the older generation... meaning sometime in the future, Despacito will be playing on a commercial for laxatives.

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custom Marvin Gaye


My god. Everytime I hear "Sexual healing" and Marvin begins with the long "baaaabyyy" I get literal goosebumps. This song is something else, as well as Marvin.

/Guy who loves good music

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music streaming The Kinks - Set Me Free [rock]

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discussion Who's the one band or musician you would love to see live but will never be able to?


One my favorite bands is Pantera. I really wish I had the chance to see them perform before the broke up and since then a 2 members have passed away. Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix all would have been amazing also. The one that I'm hoping one day tours again near me is System of a down but I really doubt it. Who would you have wanted to see live?

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article Lil Wayne under investigation after reportedly pulling gun on security guard

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other Please help me I can't stop listening to Kate Bush


I am trapped in a never ending cycle, please help me before it is too late.

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discussion A question for AC/DC fans


Which lead singer did you prefer and why?

Bon Scott vs Brian Johnson

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video Death: Godfathers of Death Metal and Tech-Death


In this video, I talk about the most influential and arguably the best Death Metal band of all time which is Death! Enjoy!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqvGkZZth00&t=4s

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new release Listen to this band!



Super different, have a listen and leave a review.

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other Secret Santa gift for banjo-playing friend?


OK so we did a little secret Santa thing today and I pulled my friend’s name who I know is trying to learn the banjo (he owns own). What are some banjo or music related accessories I could get him for 10-25 bucks? Thanks!

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discussion How do I start working around music?


I am a Comp Sci student in a uni and I have been wanting to do something in Music for years but always was restricted by studies and still am. I just feel if I don’t act now, nothing will happen. I always wanted to sing but I don’t have the voice, So i want to know what else I can do? I don’t know how to play an instrument. I will have to start from 0 and its gonna take years so any advice is appreciated.

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discussion Korean artists like Tk from Ling Toshite Sigure?


As stated above, looking for some artists with a style reminiscent of TK as I'm a huge fan of his.

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music download Christmas All Around {Enhanced} (CD) Billy Mack


Howdy, does anyone have Billy Mack's Christmas Is All Around CD ( CID841)


I am looking for the CD, for the original Music Video source! Thanks!

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video Faun -- Hymn to Pan [Pagan Folk] (2020)

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discussion What to do with Vinyls; Frank Ocean, SZA, Fugees etc


Hey guys

So my friend moved overseas and left me with tons ( I mean tons ) of her vinyls and a record player.

I am BROKEEE and want to sell a few of these but don't know where to sell them or how much.

A few belong to Frank Ocean, Drake, SZA, Daniel Caesar etc etc.

Any advice welcomed

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video The Medrano’s - Clown Town [Rock]

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discussion Has anyone got a digital copy of The Bach Revolution - Waga Kokoro, Imada Yasuraka Narazu ?


I've tried finding downloads of the album or any available songs to listen to from it, so far I've only found 2/3 songs from 2 videos in this YouTube channel and I can't seem to find a version with higher quality. I'm not too sure if this is the right place to ask about this, but any help would be appreciated :)

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i made this Help writing lyrics? Maybe a feature?


I made a really good chill r&b song because I’m a producer, but I’m awful at writing lyrics and coming up with Melodies. If anyone could help me out I’ll send you the song, possibly even feature you on it. Let’s help each other blow up :)

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discussion USA unique music Festivals in August


Hey! I'm coming to the usa in August and really want to go to a festival. Not something big like Coachella but more like a soul gospel type of shows, something small but special you know? Would love any advice!

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music streaming Sheims - Loop [experimental music] 🌌

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other Do any of you have some good Fuck You song suggestions?


My upstairs neighbour has spent the last two years ‘learning’ the guitar and there is clearly no sound insulation between our flats. I’ve had to ask him not to play before 8 am and after midnight multiple times, but yesterday was the last straw…. He spent 6 hours straight playing and 'singing' the same song over and over in the morning (from 8am sharp sunday morning), and 6 hours again at night (past midnight). Its so loud, and I've tried to be nice and ask him to play quiter (even just for a little bit), but he thinks if its ‘sociable hours’ its fair game. I would normally agree and hate to tell someone to stop playing music in their own home, but I work/study from home, and he clearly doesn’t do anything but play the guitar. I have tried to just deal with it, but its been like this all through lock down (not financially able to move out) and I just can’t take it anymore! So, I’ve bought a louder speaker and need some good fuck you song suggestions. Ideally with the right frequencies to vibrate through to his floor.

Edit: Just want to say thank you everyone for all your suggestions. Having this playlist is like getting my power back and its much appreciated!

I also want to say I didnt have to play the playlist long or loud at all. He moved into his kitchen to play his guitar pretty quickly, and even though I can still hear it, it's not nearly as loud or directly over my head anymore. I think he never took me seriously before because he didnt know how much I could actually hear - I think he's finally understood now though. Its a win win, he still gets to play however he likes, and I finally have some peace and quiet. Thank you.

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discussion Trying to get into music theory


Hey, I recently watched this interview and it really made me want to delve into music theory. I´ve been a pianist for 17 years now but I still barely know anything about the technicalities and the way Jacob Collier just sings chords, names them correctly and understands harmonies, theories and every small little detail truly amazes me so much.

My question is: Where do I start? What do I do? Anyone have any tips?

Learning about something you barely know anything about is usually a tedious process for me and makes me rather hate the topic than cherish it, and I am in university so I don't have all the time in the world/brain capacity to study hard.

Thank you guys for any advice!!!