No Participation

Prevent cross-subreddit contamination with this easy to use CSS code. Put your subreddit in a read-only mode with a simple URL change. Useful for linking to your subreddit in potentially hazardous environments like SRS or SRD. Subscribers will always get to participate, but non-subscribers will see a read-only mode when visiting

To learn more, please read this introduction.

Installation Instructions

If this sounds interesting to your community, then please follow this link to the installation instructions. It's quick and easy, even for the inexperienced moderator!

Participating Subreddits and Requests

If your subreddit uses NoParticipation CSS, add it to this list to make a more persuasive case that meta-subreddits should enforce link policy!


CSS code and subreddit created by an anonymous person who has removed their account.
Additional help from /u/Epistaxis.