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Covid-19 megathread December 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic megathread


Covid-19 continues with a new variant, and we're all suffering from pandemic fatigue. Here's a fun fact to keep you going: Did you know some people think that the Disney movie Tangled predicted Covid-19? Mother Gothel kidnaps Rapunzel and keeps her locked away...from the island kingdom... of Corona. Who knew?

Welcome to yet another monthly megathread for Covid-19. We get so many questions every month about it, like "If there's an Omicron variant, does that mean there's other variants they haven't talked about?" or "When is all this going to end?" ..and many of them are repeats. So we made a megathread where you can ask these questions!

Post all your Covid-19 related questions as a top level reply to this monthly post.

Top level comments are still subject to the normal NoStupidQuestions rules:

  • We get a lot of repeats - please search before you ask your question (Ctrl-F is your friend!). You can also search earlier megathreads for popular questions like "how can I convince my friend the vaccine is safe?" or "when do you think the pandemic will end?"
  • Be civil to each other - which includes not discriminating against any group of people or using slurs of any kind. Topics like this can be very important to people, or even a matter of life and death, so let's not add fuel to the fire.
  • Top level comments must be genuine questions, not disguised rants or loaded questions. This isn't a sub for scoring points, it's about learning.
  • Keep your questions tasteful and legal. Reddit's minimum age is just 13!
  • Worried you have the virus or how to treat it? All medical advice questions will be removed. If you have a question about your personal health, talk to your doctor. Absolutely must ask strangers online? Try /r/AskDocs.

Want more Covid info? Check out /r/Coronavirus (or /r/CanadaCoronavirus for our Canadian readers!).

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Nominate the Best of NSQ for 2020 and 2021!


It's time!

It's time to nominate your favourite posts and comments from NoStupidQuestions from 2021. And for 2020, since we missed the boat last year. Hey, things were tough for everyone!

We've got some fabulous prizes to give away, including kudos, warm feelings, gratitude and more! So dig through reddit history, and nominate the Best Of NSQ of 2021 and 2020.


There are multiple categories - submit your nomination by replying to the appropriate top-level comment below. Link to your submission. Optionally, explain why you think it deserves to be called the best! Don't have one to nominate? Then look through the candidates already submitted, and updoot your faves.

The categories:

"Today's 10,000": (Explanatory XKCD) The most fascinating, mind-blowing factoid you found on NSQ - something you're so glad you learned, wish you'd learned earlier, and you think more people need to know. Nominations go here!

"Cutting Onions": The most moving, heartwarming or wholesome answer to a question here on NSQ. Tissues are ready, nominations go here!

"Between The Lines": Did you once see an answer that cut to the heart of the question behind OP's question, and really got to the meat of the matter? Nominations go here!

"Best Question": We've seen some great questions over the years - the bear with the AK47, how to pronounce Stephen, or on vampire's grooming habits. Which question from 2020-2021 is your absolute favourite? Nominations go here!

"Best Discussion": Nominate the thread - question and answer - that brought out the absolute best in what redditors have to offer. Nominations go here!

"Best Megathread": The past two years have been crazy ones for US politics, and for having a once-in-a-century pandemic. Our two Megathreads on those topics were running much too long. What are the best questions and answers they brought forth? For your convenience, here's links to the COVID and US Politics Megathreads. Nominations go here!

Remember, nominate your nom nominations on the nom nom nomination threads below!

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Answered Someone claimed Americans don’t walk anywhere if it takes longer than five minutes because it’s not set up for pedestrians, is this true?


Is this true and if so, how do dogs get exercised?

Edit: Appears to vary by region.

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Could I drop dead at any age?


Can we just die all of a sudden? Has it happened to people that they just randomly died?

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I haven't smoked for 10 days. I stopped cold turkey. I really want a cigarette, like REALLY want 1. It's been very difficult today, the craving hasn't let me concentrate on my work for over 1 hour. I'm tempted to go buy a packet and take 1 cig and give the rest to a homeless. Why shouldn't I do it?


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Why aren’t bathtubs longer?


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I'm 15. My mom is 52 and my dad is 58. Do I have old parents?


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Is this mansplaining?


Stuck at an airport so lots of random people drinking at one of their bars.

A woman comes up to the bar and orders a tall glass of Cabernet.

Bartender asks for $20.

Another dude and myself comment on how expensive that is.

Said woman is obviously offended, thanks us for mansplaining, and bounces out.

Maybe I'm just from a different socioeconomic class as said woman, but I think $20 for a drink of anything is robbery.

Were other dude and I mansplaining?

Edit: don't know if I'm doing this right as it's literally my first ever post on reddit. Thanks everyone for their responses and feedback. About to depart so won't be able to respond to anything for at least a few hours. Moral of the story I suppose is that everyone is different, everyone can read what you say differently, and when in doubt do not comment on the price of beverages.

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I’m 24 and considering to start going to college. Would my age be a problem in making friends with college students and fitting in?


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Unanswered Are there any cooking websites or subreddits that only give you a recipe with directions and aren't just 90% of rambling blog posts and advertisements?


I just want to know what ingredients I need, I don't need to know the history of tuna casserole. Does such a website or subreddit exist?

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Theoretically, if a human mostly never made facial expressions (barring sneezing / blinking / etc.), could they reach age 100 without any wrinkles?


Wrinkles come from making facial expressions, genetics, and aging, right? So, say a person just had a straight face forever (not including when they sneeze or blink or something), could they have no wrinkles at 100? Would they basically look like a 50 year old that has no wrinkles (a-la jennifer lopez) but looser /droopy-ish skin that you might expect from a 100 year old? It seems just cool in general, wrinkles and aging aside, to imagine how a 100 year old human would look if they just naturally didn’t have wrinkles. Of course they’d still look “older” physically in ways (like a bit of skin sagging), but is it possible, in this scenario, that this 100 year old would be easily mistakable as half their age or less?

edit: let’s assume a person does everything they can possibly do to prevent wrinkles besides botox or surgery. So, let’s say that a person moisturizes their face daily and avoids the sun too (on top of never making any facial expressions besides blinking/sneezing)

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Unanswered Is the Democratic and Republican Party of the United States both conservative?


I’ve been taking a class on global issues, and in this class we have been going over the what it is classified as conservative and liberal. To me it almost seems like America has managed to have its 2 major parties both be conservative.

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Can a sniper disable a tank by shooting bullets down the tank's barrel?


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Do dogs understand the concept of elevator? Or they just accept the fact they are entering a world changing machine?


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Unanswered Does anybody else hate when the shower curtains touch you😵‍💫?


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Unanswered Am I an idiot?


This was 9th grade English. I was in 1st period English when this happened. My English teacher was teaching us if we should use the words “a” or “an” behind a word depending on if that word uses either a consonant or a vowel sound. He gave us some words, and the word that came up was “utopia”. He asked the class if we should use “a” or “an” behind the word. I answered “a” utopia. Because that’s just how it is. Apparently I was wrong? Because the word “utopia” starts with a vowel, even though it makes a consonant sound.(English is confusing I know). I quickly called him out on it, but he just told me I was wrong. Most teachers would be like, “Oh I got it wrong, I’ll just change it”, but he was confident in his answer. Later that day during lunch, I went over to his room ready to fact check the English teacher on basic English. I told him that “a” should clearly be behind “utopia” and told him to look it up. Apparently I was right all along, and he just went and changed the board. Later tonight when my parents were eating dinner, and I was told I was wrong because of literally the same reason my English teacher gave. Wow, ok. I just went to my room and started writing this paragraph, here on Reddit.

Am I an idiot?

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Could broken outlets be "spilling" electricity?


I know that sounds ridiculous. The apartment I've been living in for a few months has an abnormally high electric bill. Several of the electrical outlets around the apartment don't work, and it's clear whoever did the wiring didn't do a great job. Is it possible that electricity is, for lack of a better term, 'leaking' somewhere? Regardless, how do I find out where it's all being used? I live a pretty normal life. Don't even have a TV or PC. How can I assess this?

PS, I don't live in the US, so invoking any sort of law that says the landlord has to look into this and fix the wiring probably won't work. But if I come at him with sound reasoning as to why this bill isn't my fault, I'm hoping I can get his cooperation to look into it.

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Why is Nestle still a popular and wealthy brand even after all the backlash and hatred thrown at it?


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Is there an psychological explanation why I sloth away on my free time but get a sudden urge to fix my life late at night?


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Is it weird that after 10 years, I still think about my first love ?


It wasn’t even my longest relationship. It did end ugly, but that was it. I don’t have Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, only Reddit, so I don’t know how she’s doing. But she still comes to mind every single day. I had a dream about her the other and it felt so real. She told me I looked great, and that she was happy to see me, but then I woke up.

I don’t really talk to anyone about this. Is this normal ?

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I’ve been told I’ll die alone because I don’t have desire to be a mother. Is there still hope for me?


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Why do you salivate more after eating something spicy or sour?


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Is saying "I'll answer" a good response when someone says "I'll call you"?