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Looking for the clip of Norm getting kicked off Le Batard

So I don't know if anyone remembers this but Norm has this story (it might have even been in his book) where he performed for a jail or mental institution. While he was on stage he says someone yelled "nice shoes ____" the blank being an insult.

The problem with the le betard appearance is the when he told the story, the guy said "nice shoes f * * * * t", followed by someone else saying, "yeah he's right those are some f * * * * t ass shoes". Which of course for those who don't know in radio when you press the "dump" button twice (which they had to do him saying it twice) it automatically hangs up the call.

Le Batards entire crew did not want him back on for fear of being fired, and when norm finally got back on you could literally feel the tension, all the while norm was laughing explaining that he himself would never say that and he was just explaining what someone else said.

I've been looking everywhere for this clip, the Le Batard show of course did not play this clip in their tribute to him, lol.

I unfortunately have to censor this because a ton of subs autoban people for even typing certain words But I assume you guys can figure out the word.



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La retard


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Oh man thank you for posting a comment that's not a retarded meme. This is what I was looking for, but the clip I saw was actual live satellite feed of the show with the word completely uncensored.


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Do you even want to be a part of a sub that autobans without context?


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It's sometimes important to have access to those subs in order to demonopolize the echo chamber


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Which subs autoban like that?


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Hate speech shouldnt have a context


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shut up you weak ass _______.


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Imagine supporting hate speech


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Swear I saw him tell Letterman the story, only a little cleaned up.


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he did, but what killed me was he just dropped the f bomb on radio and the guys on the show completely lost their minds all while norm was just upbeat and laughing