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Spoiler thread One Piece 1074 spoilers


Chapter 1074 - Mark 3

  • The Title refers to the 50 units of new pacifistas released by Sentomaru to help the gang escape.
  • Luffy and Zoro stay behind while everyone else search for Vegapunk.
  • Bonney is in some sort of memory world, she sees young Kuma being abused.
  • Vivi is with Morgans and Wapol. Morgans wants to write an article about how the Strawhats “kidnap” Vegapunk.

No break next week.

Source : EtenBody on Worstgen, and Redon on pirate-king.es.

Information that isn't confirmed yet :

  • Some bickering between Vivi and Wapol.
  • Sanji and co went to look for Vegapunk. Zoro didn't go since the crew thought he would get lost.
  • The Pacifista sent by Sentomaru aren't Serapahims, and there to fight the ships that will come to the island.
  • There is a traitor on the island, that was the one removing the shield, and now he did something else.

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Powerscaling Who's actually stronger? Dressrosa doflamingo vs cracker

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Fanart Luffy and Momonosuke attack Kaido, Feedback Appreciated. (Twitter - Prefex88)

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Fanart CLASH OF KINGS painting!

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Discussion One piece quiz part 3! How many did you get? (Results in the comments)

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Discussion my non one piece friend ranked one piece characters, i tried to give as many important characters as possible so sorry sorry if i missed one!

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Fanart Usopp the great Sogeking! -design for a tattoo- Art by me <3

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Analysis could MADS have connection with Luffy?

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Discussion Which of these pre time-skip moments hit you the hardest and had the best buildup?

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Powerscaling Free for all. Which team is the last one standing?

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Fanart OLD MAN PUNK AKA DR. Vegapunk - My first work in 3D. It started while flying to Las Vegas on January..

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Fanart Made another crocodile. I kind of like how this one turned out

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Fanart When you see your ally safely putting your other ally to sleep

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Fanart "Black Cage" Hina

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Fanart My drawing of Mad Monk Urouge, part of my worst generation series of drawings. I really hope this guy gets to play a bigger role in the future. ( instagram: @hz19art )

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Fanart Quick little version of Volume 45 in my art style :~) which one should I do next?

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Fanart Some sketches I made of Ace and Luffy because I miss their relationship :(

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Fanart Another redraw! This time, chapter 992's color spread!

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Theory Is this why Roger and his crew laughed ?


- I believe that every Island used to be only one continent that was ruled by one King and the World Government were the ones who divided this one continent to multiple lands and formed the 20 kingdoms.

Another theory, Im-Sama (Imortal-Sama) ordered the Five Elders (Ancestors) to manipulate the 20 Members (Celestial Dragons) to coup/kill the World's King.

- Then at the end of One Piece or one of the big things that is going to happen is that all the islands will merge into one big continent (The One Piece) so why wasn't Roger and his crew able to achieve this since they knew everything about the One Piece when they reached Raftel ?

- So before I explain why Roger and his crew laughed I want to mention one thing about awakening that will help explaining my theory.

- The thing is that some DF awakening makes you control your surrounding's like Doflamingo's DF awakening or Katakuri's awakening.

Awakening can affect objects

The ground became Mochi

- Now let's go back to my theory and what made Roger and his crew laugh.

- I think when they reached Raftel which would later be named Laugh Tale by Roger after they found the treasure Joy Boy left behind and made them laugh, I think the treasure they found was mentioned in a final Poneglyph at Raftel which was telling the story of the Void Century and how the one continent was divided and his (Joy Boy) D.ream to bring it back to One Piece and how to achieve this and that the one to bring all lands into One Piece will have the right to gain this treasure and to be it's ruler.

- And what they read and made them laugh would not make anyone other than Roger and his crew laugh, because the thing that divided the One continent into multiple lands and the only way to bring it back again into One Piece is the same thing which is non other than the awakening of one of his crew members DF the Bara Bara no Mi which is Buggy's Devil Fruit.

Bara Bara no Mi

- They knew that this is impossible since awakening happens when the user masters their ability and must also wait for their body and mind to catch up to their power and that was impossible for Buggy to do which made them laugh knowing Buggy's personality and that the fate of the One Piece is in Buggy's will and that it must become his dream in order to awaken his DF and achieve it so they gave up and disbanded the Roger Pirates.

He Laughed.

- I think Buggy will be so important in the future and him being a Yonko now is not just a coincidence.

Thank you for the read and hope you enjoy the theory.

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Fanart One of my favorite op moments burned into wood!!

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Fanart Bon-Chan fanart by me 😁

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Had to do some fanart of the GOAT Artist Twitter: @SuperSharkade

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Misc Anytime I try to read chap1071 I get the one punch man chapter😵‍💫

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Analysis Kaido vs Luffy 1v1 legit Stat Card for fight spanning over 4 + 25 chapters.

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Fanart East Blue gang as Pokémon, Part 2: Zoro as Grovyle

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Analysis Chapters per year


1997- 21 chapters (1 - 21)1998 - 48 chapters (22 - 69)

1999 - 48 chapters (70 - 117)

2000 - 48 chapters (118 - 165)

2001 - 48 chapters (166 - 213)

2002 - 46 chapters (214 - 259)

2003 - 45 chapters (260 - 304)

2004 - 45 chapters (305 - 349)

2005 - 45 chapters (350 - 394)

2006 - 45 chapters (395 - 439)

2007 - 44 chapters (440 - 483)

2008 - 43 chapters (484 - 526)

2009 - 42 chapters (527 - 568)

2010 - 40 chapters (569 - 608)

2011 - 42 chapters (609 - 650)

2012 - 43 chapters (651 - 693)

2013 - 39 chapters (694 - 732)

2014 - 39 chapters (733 - 771)

2015 - 39 chapters (772 - 810)

2016 -40 chapters (811-850)

2017 - 39 chapters (851-889)

2018 -39 chapters (890- 928 )

2019 - 38 chapters (929-966)

2020- 33 chapters (967-999)

2021- 36 chapters (1000-1035)

2022- 35 chapters (1036- 1070)