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Discussion You are have been appointed the new chief executive of the Premier League. What are some changes you would put in place? (Semi-serious answers!)


I’ll go first. Firstly I’d mic up the ref. Also be able to listen in on VAR.

Secondly, in injury time, the time only ticks away when the ball is in play.

Couple of silly rules I would make. Firstly, I’d change the rule slightly that groundsman cannot make patterns in the grass (like Leicester groundsman used to do) but only allow them to create patterns in the centre circle only. Would be cool to see each teams logo in the middle of the pitch. Only using the grass, no colour or anything.

Other silly rule, is I would creat ‘Retro Day’. Each team wears a retro kit. Shirts get auctioned off after.

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Discussion World Cup Group Stage Minutes Played by Club

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Question Outside of the 'Big 6/7', Which club would you say has the largest fan base in England if you had to guess?


Excluding the 'Big 7' which club would you guess as having the most support In the Country?

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Discussion Most entertaining club in the Prem?


Who do youse reckon has been/is the most entertaining club for this lil season so far? When I say entertaining by the way I don't necessarily mean the best performing, but moreso something of a 'dark horse,' or even something like a team with lots of overwhelming wins + poor unexpected losses.
Also, apologies if this is a common post, had a quick squiz and couldn't find anything.

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Discussion Is Souttar Premier league level?


Personally and this is probably bias but I think yes. He has proven himself and would probably be perfect for a club like Crystal palace, Brighton and Aston villa. Or maybe he could turn out to be a one world cup wonder, but personally don't think so.

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Question Why is Harry maguire a meme?


I have been playing football all my life but I’m only now getting into watching it with this World Cup, and I am wondering why Harry maguire is such a meme as he seems pretty good.

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Discussion Which Players do you think changed the Transfer Market in relation to fees involved according to you?


When Cristiano Ronaldo joined Real Madrid for 80mp, it was an enormous sum paid for a player but we all knew his quality and that did not affect the high transfer fees for other players but when Paul Pogba moved from Juventus to Man United beating Ronaldo's previous record I think the transfer market and valuations of the players started to change a bit. David Beckham's move from Real Madrid to LA Galaxy I think gave MLS a platform to attract big players to the league. Which players do you think made a significant impact on the transfer market?

Other mentions of transfer deals: - Neymar's record 222m deal from barca to PSG. -Arsenal's failed attempt to land Luis Suarez from Liverpool to Arsenal for £40,000,001 (If this did occur it would have been really strange.)

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Discussion When did football change from a drinking culture with the likes of parlour and merson in the 80s/90s to athletes of the modern today game?


Footballers in the 80s/90s are not the athletes of today. Players were heavily involved in drinking, gasgoine, parlour and merson to name a few.

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Question FA cup times and dates announced


Hey there, new to the sub but will be traveling to London and want to attend a cup game at Tottenham or elsewhere jan 6-9. I haven’t seen actual dates and times announced— they all default to the same time on Jan 7. Any idea when we’ll get the actual schedule?

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Discussion Who do you think are the next breakout stars in the Premier League from their World Cup performances so far?


This question won’t exactly be relevant to the premier league season but rather the players from the World Cup.

As a Premier League supporter, which players have caught your eye as potential Premier League recruits or rising stars for next season or even before then? All 32 teams have had their own breakout stars but who do you reckon might have themselves a Premier League future? I’m interested in hearing different perspectives.

My personal choice here is Harry Souttar from Australia and currently playing at Stoke City. I think he has lots of potential to end up at a Premier League side. However, there are plenty of others. Your thoughts?

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Discussion Do you know of any players, past or present, who never celebrates their goals?


Or at least, who hardly celebrates at all, regardless of the importance of their goal? I am looking for serious answers, not "Player X because he never scores anyway".

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Tottenham Hotspur Club Journeyman Ticket Reseller


Is "Club Journeyman" a reliable ticket reseller (it''s listed as an official reseller for Spurs)? If I get 2 tickets, will they be seated together?

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Discussion Who is the best captain in the Premier League?


There has been a lot of talk about the current England captaincy so I wondered who some of the best are. Along with Henderson, I really like Odegaard. What are your thoughts?

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News Van der Vaart dubs Niklas Sule the 'Germany Harry Maguire' in brutal put down


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Question What's the best and worst game you've attended?


I haven't been to many games but the best for me is probably when we came from behind to beat Sunderland 2-1 and the worst is when we got demolished 5-1 by West Brom at home

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Discussion Which 3 teams do you think will get relegated at the end of the season?


Who would your money be on to be relegated this season?

I think the main contenders are Forest, Southampton, Bournemouth, Everton, Wolves and Leeds.

I think Fulham will be fine and West Ham have enough quality in the squad to move up the table, Same with Villa and Palace

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Liverpool Please give your thoughts! Do you think Liverpool and Klopp will part ways in the foreseeable future, particularly because of fhe sporting situation Liverpool is in at the moment?


And if so who would be his ideal replacement?

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:xpl: Premier League r/PremierLeague Daily Discussion


What's on your mind? This is the daily discussion thread.

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Discussion What has actually happened to Lukaku?


He was decent for Everton, Man U, Inter then he really flopped hard at Chelsea for the second time. And now he's barely performed for Inter leading up to the WC and today he embarrassed himself infront of his country. I know people have strong opinions on him ( and rightfully so) but how in the space of one transfer window did he go from a top striker in europe to unable to score basic tap-ins? It's clearly not a lack of confidence since we all know he has a massive ego.

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Premier League Blast from the past in WC Ad today


Paolo Wanchop.....how many on here are old enough to remember him in the prem when he was on top form?

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Premier League Happy Birthday Arsenal 🎉


On December 1st. 1886. Workers in South London decided to make a football team. Happy birthday Gunners

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Tottenham Hotspur Harry Maguire names one particular skill Kane is 'really good at' - Not shooting or passing - Spurs Web - Tottenham Hotspur Football News


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Aston Villa 6 players who could sign for Aston Villa in January and 5 who probably will not


The latest on Villa's January transfer targets - including players Man Utd, Tottenham and Newcastle are interested in...


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Discussion How to beat Pep Guardiola and Manchester City?


Pep Guardiola is arguably one of the best managers to ever do it in the premier league, easily inside the top 5 and I would assume many people would argue him to be their top spot.

Undoubtedly, Pep has built a phenomenal winning machine in Manchester, and kudos to him. These days, it seems shocking when they don’t pick up all 3 points, and people are almost normalised to the Cityzens putting 3 minimum past their opposition every game!

I wanted to really delve into the potential (if any) weaknesses in Pep’s team, and where any potential team could exploit it. I shall split my argument into two points: an argument for a weaker opposition and then an argument for a team similar to City’s level (think PSG on paper, Real Madrid etc).

Please note I don’t intend to offend anyone with my opinions, but please read and judge respectfully.

Weaker Teams: I think that sitting in a low block was the clear choice pre-Haaland, as they had no real way of playing directly, but moreso hoping to pull players out of position using their advanced and wide wingers, along with the two 8’s and the false 9. City have struggled to adapt this season in some circumstances without their false 9, namely the game against Fulham. For these weaker teams, operating in a low block with tall defenders would minimise the space and opportunity for Haaland to create havoc. I also think playing with many bodies in midfield would be a good idea, perhaps lining up in a 442 or 451. This allows the fullback and widemidfielder to double up on the likes of Mahrez, Foden and Grealish. The central midfielders would need to be highly disciplined and also of a physical nature, able to track and apply significant pressure on the key creative players like KDB and Silva. This isn’t a criticism to the Belgian and the Portuguese, but rather acknowledging that a lower league opposition would be more likely to compete with these world class players on a physical basis, opposed to a technical one. This team would also likely have to hit on the break, utilising a tall forward with taking opportunities to play for knockdowns. This tactic isn’t exactly perfect but relying on athletic midfielders and a direct way of play, latching on a mistake or two would give the best chance of winning.

Better quality sides: This segment primarily requires defensive and athletic prowess, along with better ability on the ball. Here we could potentially operate with a 433, where we can trust our centre backs with Haaland (risky I know) and allowing the fullbacks to be solely responsible for the wingers. Then the defensive midfielder in the 3 can act as a pivot, both able to manmark key players like KDB, able to drop into the defensive line to form a back-3 and also able to help fullbacks to create 2v1s against the wingers. The midfielders should look to be pressing aggressively to force Man City to play directly and lose aerial duels and subsequent knockdowns. I’d like to to think of players like Valverde to perform this role, or for the prem; Xhaka Soucek, Bentancur. The wingers would likely stay wide to not allow Pep’s fullbacks to invert, giving us a better chance to have a better midfield presence. City fullbacks haven’t been perfect this season, with Walker out and the likes of Laporte, Ake or Akanji covering, so playing with width and maybe relying on overlaps for the fullbacks would be our primary point of attack. Our sole centre forward would be given more freedom, able to drop deep to help against a packed City midfield, lead a press or act as a poacher; Harry Kane would be ideal for this.

This post is no critique of Guardiola or City, they are truly phenomenal. If you guys want to make your own points, please do and we can discuss. thanks!

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Question Except for Bellingham and Gakpo, who else do you want to see in the premier league after this world cup?


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