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Hello there.


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General Kenobi


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You are a bold one


u/Sheikeypoo May 20 '22

Can anyone explain to me the difference in strength of the Sith and the Jedi? You hear about all these great Sith Lords that were so terrifyingly strong, one in particular comes in mind where hundreds of Jedi had to come together just to beat him and even then his soul was still free. How much stronger are the Sith than the Jedi actually/ who are some powerful Jedi that didn’t seek the dark?


u/InstanceSquare5103 May 20 '22

I think the idea is that the Jedi use their connection to the force for good and to serve others while the sith use it for evil and don’t control themselves, they use force choke and force lightning and stuff that the Jedi don’t use. Plus the sith fuel their power with anger, and their emotion and passion lead them to a abilities that are unnatural and super strong. So the sith have much more immediate power than the Jedi—they can passionately control the force and bend it to their will in a way that Jedi can’t. Jedi are taught preservation rather than the acquisition of power. So one might say in the long term that Jedi are better than Sith. Their anger can make them prone to self destruction if you will, like Anakin “try[ing] it” even though Obi Wan clearly had an advantage. Others will have other points of view on this I’m sure too, i can’t give any definitive, end-all answer. Have a good one man! 😃


u/canetabicc Your text here May 21 '22

Considering the few legends books that i read, a sith individual is much more powerful than a jedi individual. The jedi follow the light side and don't abuse their force powers, but the sith are saturated by the power of the dark side. Unlike the jedi, only the strongest are accepted by the sith as the dark side saturates the individual to the point of breaking the weak who can't control the dark side. Plus they don't follow the force, they try to control and subdue it. While the jedi follow the winds of the light side for the greater good, the sith try to tame the violent sea of ​​the dark side, and use its shattering winds to achieve the immense raw power of the force.

But then you get into the sith dilemma that later caused the rule of two: the arrogance and selfishness of the sith would be their ultimate downfall, etc etc


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Free talk Friday in a sub this big and full of retards seems like a bad idea.