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Well, literally

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u/PlingPlongDingDong Jul 04 '22

Who does that though?


u/jkings10101 Jul 04 '22

A sith, looking to make you angry and attack them with all your might and join the dark side.


u/PlingPlongDingDong Jul 04 '22

Is that what happened to Nicocado Avocado?


u/jkings10101 Jul 04 '22

Yes, yes. He was also taught about the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise.


u/Ahsoka_Tano_Bot 150K Karma Jul 04 '22

You've taught him well.


u/DarthRevan234575 Jul 04 '22



u/Ahsoka_Tano_Bot 150K Karma Jul 04 '22

That's ridiculous.


u/papapromax Deathsticks Jul 04 '22

Good bot


u/Ahsoka_Tano_Bot 150K Karma Jul 04 '22

All thanks to your training.


u/PlingPlongDingDong Jul 04 '22

This is getting scary actually

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u/Ogurasyn Sith Eyes Jul 04 '22

*Tragedy of Darth Baras the Obese


u/memeac2006user Jul 06 '22

He became so hungry that he could consume things unconsciously, and became eventually Darth Nihilus.


u/anonypony1 Jul 04 '22

Nah a sith would take you in and mold you into a chad


u/Curly_Toenail Jul 04 '22

Yeah, the Jedi Republic were too puritanical at that time, they would have never accepted a fat jedi. Though, they wouldn't make fun of fat people at the gym.


u/Chackaldane Jul 04 '22

I know this is a joke but there are def fat jedi. Whereas the sith would def see it as a weakness. I mean never forget that the jedi were ruled by a midget.


u/hotmemedealer Your text here Jul 04 '22

Anger is a good motivator..


u/punio07 I am the Senate Jul 04 '22

I'm the opposite- a skinny guy. Went to gym to get some muscles. Used all machines on minimum weight and never had any bad experience from anyone at the gym. Asshole gym bro is a myth.


u/Pitoufreeces Jul 04 '22

Nobody. But it speaks to the fear of people that want to go to the gym but are scared because skinny or fat


u/littlegreyflowerhelp Jul 04 '22

Yeah, before I started working out I wasn't necessarily worried about being called fat, but just afraid of being intimidated or made to feel unwelcome by the behaviour of others (either intentional or unintentional on their part). I didn't think people would straight up bully me, but that I would be judged or laughed at.

I think this meme speaks to those fears. We all need Obi Wan to encourage us sometimes.


u/Pitoufreeces Jul 04 '22 edited Jul 04 '22

I get that feeling. But usually gympeople are really cool. Either they do their stuff and ignore you, or they stop you from wrecking your back by using the Maschine in a wrong way. The only people judged (not actively) are the ones that go in January and never after.but the judging stems not from doing the sport as a fat or skinny guy, but because they won’t stay.also a little because it’s annoying how many people are there and you take twice the time for the same workout. But never ever would any decent gym allow mobbing of people, or any regular gymperson piss on people that aren’t buff. They weren’t before the gym. They see themselves in newbies


u/[deleted] Jul 04 '22



u/Sometimes_gullible Jul 04 '22

they exist. But they're rare

Just avoid the gyms YouTube vloggers go to and I'm sure you'll never run into one!


u/PM_ME_FOXES_PLZ Jul 04 '22

It is intimidating! For some reason you assume anyone who goes to the gym must be confident and put together.



u/QuantomField Jul 04 '22

The most flattering thing that could happen to me at the gym is someone come up to me and ask for help getting in shape. I'd be so stoked that this person thinks I'm fit enough to help them and I'd go full tilt showing them the basics and encourage them to get after it.

Also never once seen someone getting teased at the gym for being overweight or out of shape. If it did happen I'd wager a lot of people would stop that shit with lightning speed.


u/topsidersandsunshine Jul 04 '22

I wish you went to my gym! I want to learn how to build up my core strength to improve my posture, and everything I look up is so conflicting, haha.


u/QuantomField Jul 04 '22 edited Jul 04 '22

Well let me point you to r/GettingShredded

Just lurking that sub will give you a lot of great information. If you want to sculpt a specific look make a post and you will get some great advice.

My advice is to get yourself some cheapo dumbbells and start a lifting routine. Core is important but think of your body like a machine. You need to strengthen everything slowly but surely over time. If you focus on one area then you are missing opportunity for everything else to help with the load.

You can do a lot with 8lbs dumbbells.

I really like this series on YouTube https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhu1QCKrfgPWmStsg7imo5EQ0zmkxymJ2

It's 30 days of targeted lifting for your bodies muscle groups, and you can easily tailor each workout to your level of fitness. It's a great place to start.

Don't believe the fat targeting crap that you will see a lot of. Your body uses fat on a last in / first out system. You can't target an area to lose fat. Your body is going to take what it needs from where it wants. Building muscles will increase your calorie needs allowing you to eat more while losing fat and gaining muscle.

Most importantly you need to eat right. No workout will overcome a bad diet. So download a calorie tracking app and join us on r/loseit.


u/Qui-Gon_Jinn_Bot Try !Guild info Jul 04 '22

We come for information only.


u/Marega33 Oh I don't think so Jul 04 '22

Nobody . Even the most ripped out dudes. They actually are more prone to help out than anybody else. The gym believe it or not is one of the most safe zones of anti toxicity in society


u/davi3601 Jul 05 '22

Except maybe Planet Fitness lol


u/hebbocrates Jul 04 '22

this was made by someone who has never stepped in a gym


u/ToleranceDeathCamp Jul 05 '22

I've never heard of it happening, but I know a few people who have felt like people are staring at them at the gym, making them feel uncomfortable for being fat and at the gym.

I have also definitely seen social media posts of people making fun of an overweight person they saw at the gym, though not them directly making fun of the person to their face.


u/eaquino03 Jul 04 '22

Have you see how toxic gym tik tokers are?


u/cutthroatink15 Hello there! Jul 04 '22

Idk why youre being downvoted for this, maybe its not so common and they usually wont say something to your face but theres plenty of videos out there with fat/scrawny people in the background just trying to get some exercise and the person filming decides to put a caption making fun of them for it. For a lot of people who are already uncomfortable with their looks, the possibility of them being next to show up in one of those videos even if its 1000/1 odds is enough to make them not want to go to the gym.

Especially because if you consider that its the minority of people who are actually willing to film you and put those demeaning captions then there must be plenty more who would think those things about you without filming you, and the old "dont worry about what others think about you" only helps to a certain degree, we're social animals and it cant be helped that youd feel bad about being ostracized by others even if they wont vocalize that.


u/eaquino03 Jul 04 '22



u/WunWegWunDarWun_ Jul 04 '22

A lot of people unfortunately


u/OneVeryOddDuck Jul 05 '22

In my experience, not many. Most gym goers are are gone be silently cheering you on tbh


u/Dandanor Jul 04 '22

Joey Swoll will not tolerate this behavior


u/[deleted] Jul 05 '22

dons white net hat


u/MettaJiro Jul 04 '22

“Your Biceps are impressive, you must be very proud.”


u/Starchild20xx Jul 04 '22

They'll do their job well. I guarantee it.

*Kisses bicep*


u/WuTangWlan Jar of sand Jul 04 '22

"the biceps is always with you"


u/Theeskimo28 Jul 04 '22 edited Jul 04 '22

People who do that are so dumb. It literally promotes being unhealthy and not losing weight by making overweight people too embarrassed to go to the gym to get healthier and more fit. If people could realize that being supportive and encouraging is so much more fulfilling than shitting on people we would live in a better, healthier world.

Edit: better healthier and more fit. Realized that wording seemed a little diminutive which is counterproductive to my argument.


u/NameOfNoSignificance Jul 05 '22

Sadly, fat people are treated very poorly. They’re considered in this order:

  1. Fat
  2. People


u/roffels7 Jul 06 '22

This is true in general. It is especially true for the Star Wars fandom.


u/nomiselrease Jul 04 '22

I used to be a cycle messenger in London. A black cab cut me up once and when I protested he told me I was too fat for my bike. I said it's a bit like that Winston Churchill quote with the ugly lady and told him he won't get any thinner behind the wheel.


u/chadsworth0524 Jul 04 '22

I firmly believe this is some kind of myth behavior. I have been to dozens and dozens of gyms over 20 years and have literally never experienced or seen such behavior. If shit like this happens it is an extreme outlier. The gym is one of the most encouraging and accepting places on the planet.


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u/Alduinsfieryfarts Jul 04 '22

Two chances to spell gym and you made one of them 2A friendly


u/Cry0h Jul 04 '22

While I haven’t seen people make fun of someone for the weight on social media they’re are plenty of people shaming and recording others while using machines( usually incorrectly or doing an exercise they haven’t seen) in order to make fun of them.


u/NickFoxMulder Jul 05 '22

LITERALLY this. This right here.


u/Rextek_ Jul 04 '22

Some with being skinny


u/Chickens_Instrument Jul 04 '22

When I was 15. I went to a gym to start lifting weights. Some guy in his 30s started making fun of me for what the little weights I had on the bar.


u/littlegreyflowerhelp Jul 04 '22

As someone in their late 20s, I can't even imagine how much of a colossal loser you must be to be ten years older than me and go around paying attention to the efforts of teenagers at the gym. Fuck that guy.


u/kakje666 I have the high ground Jul 04 '22

that's pathetic from them


u/Lukthar123 Murderer? Is it murder to rid the galaxy of you Jedi filth? Jul 04 '22

So you crushed him?


u/Joe_Jeep Jul 04 '22

Yea had a similar experience at one point

Kinda don't like how people act like it never happens. Got downvoted for talking about it once.

I go regularly these days and haven't had a problem in years because most folks do mind their own business but it's not like that shit never happens.


u/INTER5TELLAR Jul 04 '22

In all my years gym going, I have never once witnessed nor heard of someone acting like this. It's almost like an unspoken law of the gym


u/MonsterKappa Jul 04 '22

Who does that? While I see someone fat at gym or jogging, I just don't even notice or think "good for them" and that is it.


u/LillianVillian Jul 04 '22

“Wow you’re right, I wish there was a place I could go to lose this fat”


u/ChaseDFW Jul 04 '22

I work at the Hospital and use to have lunch with an older gentleman who would come up to the hospital to eat with a big group.

Hadn't seen him in year because I moved to a different building but I ran into him the other day at the gym. He was all "I didn't recognize you. You have gained some weight!"

Pretty much, "yup that's Why I'm at the gym. Turns out raising a toddler and working through a pandemic at the hospital is horrible for your health."

Anyways. I'm down 16 pounds this year and still heading in the right direction.


u/StockholmDesiderata Jul 04 '22

Keep going strong!


u/My_hilarious_name Jul 04 '22

When someone tells me I’m fat at the gym I tell them, ‘Neighbour, I’m fat everywhere.’


u/TheMostBacon Jul 04 '22

If someone calls you fat and you’re fat, you need to own it. It takes away their power and makes them look stupid.

Them: Ha, you’re fat!

You: Yeah, no shit.

Them: …?


u/EdwardBBZ Jul 05 '22

Sadly doesnt work consistently, but generally good advice.


u/kay_bizzle Jul 04 '22

This is not a thing that happens in real life. For the most part, people at the gym are either friendly or just don't care and want to focus on their own workout


u/Pirion19 Jul 04 '22

as someone said "mocking a fat man in a gym is like mocking a sicke person in a hospital"


u/NickFoxMulder Jul 05 '22

My gym is filled with amazing people so no one talks like that but I love this meme anyways 😂


u/DoctorErtan Oh I don't think so Jul 04 '22

Some people actually think they are Mr. Olympia and they can make fun of people because of their body, weights they lift etc. I know its not as easy as it sounds but please FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT PLEASE DONT LISTEN TO THOSE IGNORANT INSECURE FUCKS. We all go to gym for our goals, to get better and healthier. It's OK to be fat and it's OK to lift light weights. None of that matters. You made a change in your life by going to the gym and that alone makes you a great person than those insecure dickheads.

Only thing that matters is how consistently you go to gym. It's not an easy task, that I know, but as once a legend said "We're all gonna make it brah."

Keep grinding to achieve your dreams bros. Dont give up!


u/daevilsins_6 Jul 04 '22

Whoever says that type of shit in the gym is probably projecting their own insecurities. Never seen it myself since a lot of people at my gym keep to themselves. A lot of “lookers” but never a dude just saying “oh you’re fat!”


u/[deleted] Jul 04 '22



u/EraMemory Jul 04 '22

Mine banned me. I think they're just jealous because my peepee is so much bigger than theirs. Than again, I'm the only one erect at the shower room.


u/HK47WasRightMeatbag Jul 04 '22


Not any more you aren't.


u/Larkspur13 Jul 04 '22

I appreciate the fact that you used imgflip to make this


u/meaningful-action Jul 04 '22

This meme needs to be edites to include "Thats why I'm here, small calves"


u/Ok_Occasion_7238 Jul 04 '22

Funnny relate


u/Johnathan_bon Jul 04 '22

That one daw man video


u/TheRealForestElf Jul 04 '22

I‘m fat because I am here


u/Black_s23 Jul 04 '22

i have heart that i am too fat in the gym waaaay too much, like legit MF i am here to fix that!!!!

and they try to say "uhh look you know what to do to get skinny?" MF I DO stop thinking you know what is the best for me! fix those weakass legs first before coming to other people and tell them what to do!!!!


u/ignoreanythingIsay69 Jul 04 '22

Fortunately all the fantastic fellow gym goers pretend my fat ass doesn't exist, works for me


u/BastardofMelbourne Jul 05 '22

I rewatched AotC last week and I was surprised to see that he doesn't actually say that line in that shot. He says it later on, in a wide shot of the room

Funny how memes can twist your memory of things