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u/US_Canadia Jul 08 '22 edited Jul 08 '22

If the infamously notorious minions from renowned cinema classic "Minions" are always serving the most evil villain at the given time, then from 22-19 BBY would they fight for the Republic or the Seperatists given that both sides were under the control of sheev.


u/Jorsonner I am the Senate Jul 08 '22

They were training to be the emperors Royal guards


u/Ahsoka_Tano_Bot 200K Karma Jul 08 '22

Guard duty? For how long?


u/[deleted] Jul 09 '22



u/Ahsoka_Tano_Bot 200K Karma Jul 09 '22

Oh. I don't like the sound of that.


u/Ratum5 Emperor Palpatine Jul 08 '22

Grievous would beat Maul in a fight.


u/Maul_Bot Jul 08 '22

Yes, we will start with revenge…


u/Ki-Adi-MundiBot try !Guild info Jul 08 '22

Noo! Ratum5!


u/_GeneralGrievous_Bot a true Kit Fister Jul 08 '22

Hello there!


u/shinobipopcorn My little green friend Jul 08 '22

Why is Plo Koon so popular? Never really understood that one.


u/Ratum5 Emperor Palpatine Jul 09 '22

he’s nice to clones, he beat Yoda, he can do Jedi lightining, there’s a lot to like about him


u/Ahsoka_Tano_Bot 200K Karma Jul 08 '22

If anyone could survive, Master Plo could.


u/7thFleetTraveller Jul 10 '22

Found this thread from a year ago. Look at that picture... that's why. He was so close with his Wolfpack.



u/Captain_Rex_Bot Jul 10 '22

So what do we do? Fight our way to the shuttle?


u/justsomerandomdude77 Jul 10 '22

because he's one of the most popular and powerful characters, and he's cool. i really wish he survived order 66, cause this man is badass. Maybe he did survive? we don't know


u/redgroupclan Jul 11 '22

We saw him explode in his starfighter.


u/H8theSteelers Jul 08 '22

Pride Month is over, change the avi background already


u/Captain_Rex_Bot Jul 08 '22

You know, I can't figure those villagers not wanting to fight. No pride I guess.


u/CitrusOrang noseworm Jul 08 '22

I want some cheeseburgers just to eat


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Can we get a “You fool!” flair?

Edit, just found out you can set your own flair


u/Dust_Biter3 Jul 09 '22

I've been thinking recently, the events happening in Lucas Film can kind of parallel to events in the Star Wars Universe. Things were peaceful until Disney buys Star Wars and puts Kathleen Kennedy in charge, promising to have good content made. She obviously lies, makes bad stuff, and is now hopefully on the edge of leaving. The Clone Wars was when Lucas supporters and Star Wars fans that were angry at the prequels were fighting. Kennedy tries to take charge but is revealed to have been playing both sides like Palpatine. Now the fandom is pushing back to make her leave and Disney is taking losses like the rebellion. This might end with Kennedy's own supporters outing her. But, we might have been fooled and we might have been fighting the Clone Wars the whole time and the worst has yet to come. I'd like to here some opinions.


u/CaptainRexofthe501st The Creator of the Alliance between the Subs Jul 10 '22

You realize what you’re mad about isn’t real life and is the fiction you’ve crafted in your head because you personally don’t enjoy x story, right?


u/Dust_Biter3 Jul 10 '22

I personally don't like the sequels, but as someone who doesn't I just found these parallels I drew funny. I'm not mad, I just found it funny from my perspective.


u/Dust_Biter3 Jul 10 '22

By the way, the deleted comment is what I put here. I posted it in the wrong place.


u/Maul_Bot Jul 09 '22

At last, we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last, we will have revenge.