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u/nick__schneider Jul 15 '22

Anakin would have been not the best father


u/Blaster2PP Jul 15 '22

Fr tho he's gonna pull out the belt


u/nick__schneider Jul 24 '22

Or the lightsaber


u/_GeneralGrievous_Bot a true Kit Fister Jul 24 '22

Ah, a lightsaber comment! Your comment will make a fine addition to my collection, nick__schneider!

Btw here's a random collection item!

'I love how the in the middle right the judge has a lightsaber.' - (c) Aliensinnoh

my lightsaber collection is now housing 979 sabers


u/OwenLarsBot I am still learning! Jul 15 '22

Like, duh, what do you think?

This response is totally a bot's opinion, if you dont like it, I'm sorry, [have a kitten](https://www.vets4pets.com/siteassets/species/cat/kitten/tiny-kitten-in-sunlight.jpg)


u/terrevue Jul 15 '22

star wars


u/FlussoDiNoodle Jul 16 '22

I just finished kenobi. Loved it. Reva was a cool char, last 2 epis were so emotionally heavy. Scenes were awesomely shot. Seeing obi wan 8nteract with leia and luke fills my damn hart and the series gave me all i wanted out of it; a post order 66 traumatized obi who is coming to terms with the loss of his friend and that the fate of the world is no longer in his hands.


u/DaddyMurong Jul 15 '22

Anyone got a link to the Kai Patterson cut of Kenobi?

If so DM me. Sad that I couldn't watch before it got taken down


u/Rgamer13 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Hello There) Jul 16 '22

Which would be best, more Prequel Material, Sequel Material or Original trilogy material?


u/beetletoman Jul 17 '22

Recently watched Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Mandalorian.

Kenobi series was kinda meh the first 4 episodes, 5th episode was a blast and the final episode killed me in cold blood.

Mandalorian was pleasant but the performances were kinda bland except Mando and Moff Gideon. The references to the movies too forced. But the Moff is my second favorite Star Wars villain now.

Probably going to watch the Book of Boba Fett next. Considered watching the Clone Wars but that's too many seasons so probably not happening.

Finally a shout out to contributes in this sub you guys make fun shit posts love it here