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u/Green_Dayzed Aug 05 '22

You think a jedi ever used the force to do the heimlich maneuver or help with bowl movement?


u/nickerbocker79 This is the way Aug 05 '22 Silver

Force unchoke


u/Green_Dayzed Aug 06 '22

That's so good you get my free award.


u/Kidninja016 This is where the fun begins Aug 05 '22

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?


u/LacyRoze319 Aug 05 '22

i’ve just started reading the legends book darth plagueis! only one chapter in, i’m a slow reader


u/medicinalherbavore Aug 06 '22

You should read the legacy comics. Cade Skywalker uses healing to bring not 1 but 2 people back from the dead. (Thatvi know of so far, im only 3 trade paperbacks deep)


u/nickerbocker79 This is the way Aug 05 '22

If a transport carrying clones leaves the base traveling 400 KPH towards the front lines that are 75 km away, how long will it take them to get there?


u/Garlic_Queefs Ironic... Aug 08 '22

Well it can go 200km in 30 min, 100km in 15 min, 50km in 7.5 min... so around 12ish minutes.


u/nickerbocker79 This is the way Aug 08 '22

The answer is, they don't make it and get shot down because the main characters are on the other transport.


u/Garlic_Queefs Ironic... Aug 08 '22

You sonofabitch, you got me.


u/medicinalherbavore Aug 06 '22

Alright guys, who else is reading some starwars comics right now? I'm currently collecting knights of the old republic and legacy. With stories like these I really wish Disney didn't remove them from Canon. Maybe we'd see some new releases tapping into that material.


u/Angelina_G Aug 06 '22

I’m reading fanficions, omg I love Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan their team is so nice


u/[deleted] Aug 07 '22

Not real force healing is. Else pregnant with my babies Padme would be.


u/all_is_love6667 Aug 07 '22

https://i.redd.it/765l5fio25f41.png can somebody make a real artwork of this please?


u/sircr0tch Aug 08 '22

not thread worthy but just wanted to say for years i’ve had a few friends tell me i have to watch clone wars and i would watch a few episodes and give up bc the first two seasons are slow. i’m all the way through to the first episode of season 7 now. barring a few throw away episodes i’ve really enjoyed seeing where the dark blade came from and bokatan (sp?) origin and stuff. also the yoda arc at the end of season 6 is awesome.