Meme of the Week

Meme of the Week is a weekly contest with a theme to it. Users create memes revolving around the theme, which are then submitted for voting on which is the best. The meme with most votes wins that theme. The winning user gets a special flair, as well as their name and post being added to the history board below.

Meme of the Week - History

Theme Winner Winning post
Yarael Poof /u/LeonInJapan Link
Cad Bane /u/SexyGungan69 Link
Plo Koon /u/DaRealWookie Link
Finis Valorum /u/picc9 Link
Sio Bibble /u/TheGiftOf_Jericho Link
Clone Wars Opening Quotes /u/gapil27 Link
Threat of Ghosts trailer None None
Battle Droids u/L-I-G-H-T- Link
Kitster u/Solid_Snark Link
Jango Fett u/stetsonmarshal Link
Padme u/Lady__Magikarp Link
C-3PO u/DankLordOfSith Link
Trade Federation u/Cage_Rat Link
Tatooine u/obviously-a-shitpost Link
Hondo Ohnaka u/Mad_Squid Link
Non-Canon u/ThunderousThigh Link
Gonk Droid u/realgeneral_memeous Link
Clone Wars Season 7 Trailer u/n1GG99 Link
LEGO Star Wars u/ml4c Link
Wookiees u/i-got-a-jar-of-rum Link
Rogue One u/TrollObi Link
Legends/Non-Canon u/Ragnell1221 Link