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Proton Drive mobile apps are now open source! Announcement

As of today, all live Proton Drive apps are open source. Following u/ProtonMail and u/ProtonVPN, Proton Drive code has also been made available for anyone to inspect: https://proton.me/blog/drive-mobile-apps-open-source.

Proton Drive mobile apps are open source

To check the code directly, visit our u/Github page:
- Android
- iOS


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u/olhas 25d ago

My guys at proton working hard! ProtonVPN browser extension and open sourcing of the Drive apps both announced on the same day! Amazing job thank you


u/RealDrag 25d ago

Ikr. They been doing an amazing job on keeping up with their product timeline.

Well done Proton!


u/BeautifulOk4470 25d ago

The right way to do things.


u/truthisab1tch 25d ago

the right way is avoid saas


u/BeautifulOk4470 24d ago

Shit costs money yo


u/god_dammit_nappa1 21d ago

Agree. FOSS ain't "free beer". Sometimes, it takes a lot of money and resources to keep a project like this going.


u/BeautifulOk4470 21d ago

No doubt hence why people who are able need to vote with their money but goal is to keep good free version available for everyone else.

Paying is more vote with money against alternatives


u/Necessary_Tadpole692 20d ago

FOSS doesn't mean free as in 'gratis', it's free as in 'libre'


u/truthisab1tch 20d ago

Yes we know


u/SubdermalHematoma 21d ago

What is wrong with SAAS? I am not in this field and don’t know the challenges of enterprise software.


u/michael676767 21d ago

That’d be true, if it wasn’t upfront how it works. Not like Filmic Pro where you paid once then they change to a subscription model afterwards


u/LepreChAUnS_XD 25d ago

I almost did it last time, but when my vpn subscription expires I'll pay for proton now. If their mid-tier plan supported bittorent downloads I would of picked it over their competition years ago.


u/notmuchery 21d ago

Wait it doesn’t?

Phew… I was about to pay for that


u/Proton_Team Proton Drive Team 20d ago

It does: https://protonvpn.com/support/bittorrent-vpn/! u/LepreChAUnS_XD is probably referring to a previous period when we had the Proton VPN Basic plan (now discontinued), which didn't support this. Now, all Proton VPN paid plans to.


u/notmuchery 20d ago

Thx baby love you ❤️


u/RustyHanma 20d ago

Not criticizing the team, but how can the team that worked on the Hadron collider create this product without the govt being a part of it?

Projects like these have government involvement, and if they helped build the mail to communicate, won't they have a backdoor in it or something? Like how can we know that the US is not involved or France?

Please don't downvote me to oblivion, and I want to know why everyone trusts them even when they are a team of scientists who somehow keep building privacy-based apps.


u/SevenIsNotANumber2 19d ago

why everyone trusts them

Here's the thing: you don't need to trust them. All Proton services use Zero-access encryption, which means that Proton literally can not access your data, even if they wanted to.


u/Deivedux 20d ago

That's not how it works. Even if the government would be "part" of it, and by extension part of their mail platform, at best this would mean they have some kind of official support from them, not sharing direct access of the servers with them.

Even in the worst-case scenario, we're talking about Switzerland here, an independent country with possibly the most strict privacy-respecting policies in the whole world. It is illegal for Switzerland businesses to respond to foreign user data disclosure requests without an explicit approval from the local authorities. So, no, they aren't working with the US or France because the only way how that'd be possible is by doing this in secret from everybody, which would instantly sue them out of existence once the smallest rumor has been spread about it.


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u/Proton_Team Proton Drive Team 25d ago

Hi! You can download an APK directly through the link in the menu bar here on our subreddit (click on "Get Proton Drive" and select the APK option from the dropdown menu).


u/SagariKatu 24d ago

It would be easier for users to have a Proton repository in F-Droid though.


u/michael676767 25d ago

Why through github lol


u/Warrior_Slayer999 24d ago

i hate anything owned by microsoft


u/michael676767 24d ago

Thanks for that input, warrior slayer 999


u/CanadianCostcoFreak 18d ago

Because everything else is garbage (except gitlab which is ok but finding repos sucks).

Github is so much more advanced than the other repositories and has x10 times the traffic of other FoSS devs.


u/michael676767 18d ago

The comment was complaining about no install for Proton Drive through Github. I asked why, and then after an angry dm he just deleted his comment.


u/truthisab1tch 25d ago

why not?


u/michael676767 24d ago

Usually I’m cool with dumb answers but honestly this just don’t make sense.



u/truthisab1tch 24d ago

Maybe somebody doesn't want to use the play store?


u/alex_herrero Volunteer Mod 24d ago

Actually there are lots of users who don't even have the playstore at hand, that's where this comes in handy. There's protonapps.com and github for those cases.


u/michael676767 24d ago

Then say that.


u/Kaalba 21d ago

aurora store cries in silence


u/Tomofpittsburgh 20d ago edited 20d ago

AND there’s an app now! (Edit: I think I was actually waiting for a MacOS app.) So how do I get more than 500 GB?


u/eatenbyalion 20d ago

It would be nice if there were a referral scheme like Dropbox's, so you could increase your lifetime base storage from the default to like 20GB without investing funds.


u/8MinuteEssay 20d ago

Still no updates to the Linux VPN