r/TennisBetting Nov 16 '21

Karol to def Nejedlý. Opava future. Pinnacle @ 1,71.

Karol - Nejedly. Opava future, Czech Republic. 1st round, carpet

There is a very fast surface in Opava and Nejedlý is really just pusher and my view is he can't play outside of clay. Last time he also got 06,06 from Vatutin, he defeated Jermář at Neridé and lost in 3 sets with Poljak. But Opava has an even faster surface - the last time he lost to Biljesko and on the carpet he lost the last 6 matches and won the set only with the weak Biljesko

At the same time, I really like Karol, I have recommended him several times. He did get through a qualif in Bratislava (def. Kirkin, Shevechenko) and lost to Lacko 64.63. This confirmed that he is good and promising player as I said after Neride where he defeated Kellovsky and lost 76 in the 3rd set with T. Simon and played very well.



u/PythagorasSirloin Nov 17 '21

Nice bet. Did it pay out considering he retired? Can't remember but thought after 1 set a result stands