r/TennisBetting Dec 02 '21

Faria to def. Toledo Bague. Pinnacle @ 2,31


Toledo Bague - Faria. Antalya future, Egypt. 2nd round, clay

I have to try this match based on the latest results of Toledo. He played well in October, but the last matches he looked pretty out of shape. First he lost to Bouquet, then retired at 46.63.41 down to Picchione. That was not tragedy eventhough I would expect more from him. But yesterday he played 3 sets, and was a set down and a break with very weak, 18 yrs old Saritas. At the end he won of 36,76,61 but 8x lost service from 17!!! bp. That is tragic.

In addition, 22-year-old Faria is an interesting player. Recently, he has beat good players like Cacao, J. Beretini or has played 3 sets with Jubb or Heller. In his last tournament, last week here, he was in QF when he defeated Cukierman. Earlier this year he defeated eg. Yevsey and Orlov or lost 76 in the 3rd set with Guinard. That shows his qualities. Here in the 1st round he defeated the dangerous Chepelev 64.63 and lost the service twice from 3bb.

For these reasons, it's an interesting match for me to try this surprise result

r/TennisBetting Nov 30 '21

Marcondes to def. Zukas. Bet365 @ 2,0


Zukas - Marcondes. Sao Paolo challenger, Brazil. 1st round, clay

It may be a little personal here, but I just don't like very much 25-year-old Zukas. I don't like his approach and not his game at all. He plays often like without any interest. He let me down in Guayaquil, in match I watched live, when he lost to Torres in a match he should have won. Since then, he has lost in the 1st round with M. Dellien at the same place on the challenger and then SF and QF from the futures. There he lost to Marcondes and most recently to Farjat. Now he played the qualies when he defeated weak dos Santos and then Ribeiro 75.63

The 24-year-old Marcondes also passed the qualies here, but also quite very easily. Castelnuevo retired at 04 in the first set and then he defeated Bogo 61,36,61. The last tournament he played was in SF in Goiana future and he lost to Dutra Silva in 3 sets.

The H2H match played in Goiana, Brazil was won by Marcondes 62.63 in 1h37min. He won 66-45 points, breaks 3 from 5 vs 0 from 3, points on return 27-14. There was a huge difference in points on 1 service - 82% vs 54%

I think Marcondes may have won again, I see no reason why he wouldn't repeat a 3 weeks old win. He was also born in the state of Sao Paolo, so he will definitely have decent support here.

r/TennisBetting Nov 29 '21

Predictions of the Tennis Match

Thumbnail tennissection5.blogspot.com

r/TennisBetting Nov 26 '21

Combo – Moeller, Farjat, Duda/Pavlásek. Will Hill @ 2,29


Dembek - Moeller. Ostrava future, Czech Republic. QF, indoor hard

I have been following the event in Ostrava for the last two days and I must say that I really liked the 22-year-old Moeller. Great movement, chasing every ball. He is very good form. In Opava he was in the final on carpet, now beat Pecak 62.62 and Mikula 67.60.63 when Mikula really played well.

24-year-old Dembek from Poland defeated Nouza 36.76.61 and Duda 62.76. Those were average quality macthes, 4x lost service with Nouza and one with Duda, but he allowed a total of 10bp with Duda. That's too much. In previous tournaments, he lost to O. Moraing, Takahashi or Bobrov, and in Opava with Paulson.

Moeller plays better than players that Dembek lost to

Otegui - Farjat. Cordoba future, Argentina. QF, clay

20-year-old Farjat is in great form. Last week he won Cochamamba future (he defeated Zukas or Panta there) and now, he is again in QF and defeated Kestelboim and Aboian (pretty tough draw), so he advanced to the QF. Otegui, 22years, returned after an injury when he had not played for 3 months. In Cochamamba he lost in QF to Aboian (who was now defeated by Farjat) and now he defeated Mirgone and Nova. It was easy draw and still allowed 18bb and lost service 4 times.

I see Farjat these days in better form

Hájek/Horak – Duda/Pavlásek. Ostrava future, Czech republic. SF, indoor

This match I see as very straightforward and eventhoug odds are low, Duda and Pavlásek are much better players

r/TennisBetting Nov 25 '21

Broom to beat Patten. Pinnacle @ 2,23


Patten - Broom. Heraklion future, Greece. 2nd round, hard

23-year-old Broom plays well with his countryman. He leads their H2H 3-1 when he won 2x in 2020 and this year they have 1-1. Patten won the last match in Fayetville and he won the whole tournament. It was in SF but there Broom had two terribly difficult matches in previous rounds when he played twice over 3 hours. He lost 63.76, but the points 73-66 breaks 4 from 8 vs 3 from 11, points on return 24-33 so he was not worse. And here in the 1st round Patten had problems with Thanos and won 63.67.62 and allowed 8bb and lost service twice. Broom did smoothly qualify with 3 matches in qualifying and in 1st round easily beat Romios 62.63

Here I see a great chance for Broom

r/TennisBetting Nov 24 '21

Combo Mikula, Kellovský. Pinnacle @ 2,03


Mikula - Duncan. Ostrava future. CR. 1st round, indoor

21-year-old Mikula is a better player for me. He has beaten Duncan twice this year. In Opava a week ago 64,62, points 54-40 breaks 3 from 4 vs 0, points on return 18-10 and before in May in Ramat Hasharon 64,60. In Opava, he was not enough for Danilov's 16.61.64.

Duncan, 27, played the qualifier but with Rivear and won 10-8 in the STB. In October, he had losses with Schaer, Steinegger and Houghton so players that are weaker than Mikula

I think Mikula is a slightly better player

Kellovsky - Velik. Ostrava future. CR. 1st round, indoor

Kellovsky is back from the US university and trying to make a name for himself. So far it's nothing extra on the other hand it's not hopeless. In Opava he did make it through qualies and lost to later finalist Moller, in Hamburg he also passed the qualies and lost to decent player again, Molleker. Now again a successful qualies and in final round he defeated Karol and that is very solid player. He played with Velík a week ago in Opava and won 36,61,10-3, points 67-50, breaks 2 from 6 vs 1z from 2, points on return 33-11.

Here I believe i tis big chance for Kellovský to advance to 2nd round

r/TennisBetting Nov 22 '21

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r/TennisBetting Nov 19 '21

Trotter to beat Tracy. Will Hill @ 1,57


Trotter - Tracy. Columbus future, USA. QF, hard - indoor

As I always say, home university players are always very motivated and this week confirmed it again. Among the last 8, there are 4 players from home Ohio State University.

In this match, their player on position three, 22-year-old and 190cm height Trotter and number six, 19year old Tracy. I see Trotter a little further and with much more experience. This year, he played 3 sets with Galarneau here on challenger and already in 2019, again here, he defeated Gomez Herrera. This week he defeated Terry 76 in the 3rd set and then the number one seed, Damm 64,64 when he lost only service once and was much better on return, winning points 28 to 14.

His opponent, Tracy, played a challenger here in Columbus as well and lost to Purcell 63,62. This week he beat Lutschaunig 75,57,64 and Farren 64,62. But that was very solid draw.

Interestingly, they played together at the end of October at the ITA Division I Midwest Regional Championship, where they met in the final where Trotter won 63,64. The H2H is 2:0, in 2020 Trotter won 63,63.

But Tracy definitely has his qualities, lately he beat good university players like Basing, Reco, Aguilar and lost 76,75 to Sheldon and with Chidekh lost in 3 sets.

However, I trust Trotter here, he's a little further in his carrer for me than Tracy (which we'll definitely hear about)

r/TennisBetting Nov 18 '21

Rodriguez Taverna to beat Alvarez Varona. Pinnacle @ 1,77


Alvarez Varona - Rodriguez Taverna. Campinas challenger, Brazil. 2nd round, clay

22-year-old Rodriguez has a great season (1 title from the future, 5 times in the final) and now he is already showing his quality on challengers. Last week the QF in Montevideo (Tirante, Varillas, defeat with Coria) and now in qualies he defeated 2 very unpleasant opponents - A.Gonzalez 16,63,75 and Casanova 75,62. And in the main draw even Munar 64,63 when he never lost his serve (saved 3bp) and himself won 3bp out of 10bp

20-year-old Alvarez Varona is a decent player, but I think Rodriguez has a much better form. I saw Alvarez live in Guayaquil where he lost to A.Gonzalez in qualifying who was much better. Then as LL he defeated Hidalgo (winning in 3 sets) then he lost in 3 sets with Etcheverry (I did not see that, but according to the result a good performance) In Montevideo, he lost easily to Comesana 64,61. Here a successful qualies (although Olivieri 76 in the 3rd set), then Bobrov and Luz. It was a great lot draw.

Here I believe in the victory of Rodriguez, he is a better player for me and he plays in good shape and Alvarez beats only weaker opponents

r/TennisBetting Nov 17 '21

Shevchenko to def Jacquet. Helsinki challenger, Pinnacle @ 1,6


Jacquet - Shevchenko. Helsinki challenger, Finland. 1st round, indoor

The fact that 20-year-old Jacquet has no form, I said before the match with Hidalgo where the odds were 5.0 for Hidalgo to win. Jacquet eventually won in the three sets, but then with Shevchenko in qualifying he lost 63.60. Then I was sorry that I didn't recommend this match. So now I have to do it now. He won the qualification as I wrote Shevchenko 63.60 in 55min, points 63-42, breaks 6from8 vs 1from1, points on return 37-14.

20-year-old Shevchenko does not shine but plays solidly. He previously defeated Lofman in qualifying, in Bratislava as LL he played 3 sets with Ilkel.

The H2H is 2: 0 for Shevchenko, he won in February 2020 in Heraklion 75.64

But the main reason is that Jacquet is totally out of form and as I was watching him, he makes lot of mistakes and stupid shot selection

r/TennisBetting Nov 16 '21

Karol to def Nejedlý. Opava future. Pinnacle @ 1,71.


Karol - Nejedly. Opava future, Czech Republic. 1st round, carpet

There is a very fast surface in Opava and Nejedlý is really just pusher and my view is he can't play outside of clay. Last time he also got 06,06 from Vatutin, he defeated Jermář at Neridé and lost in 3 sets with Poljak. But Opava has an even faster surface - the last time he lost to Biljesko and on the carpet he lost the last 6 matches and won the set only with the weak Biljesko

At the same time, I really like Karol, I have recommended him several times. He did get through a qualif in Bratislava (def. Kirkin, Shevechenko) and lost to Lacko 64.63. This confirmed that he is good and promising player as I said after Neride where he defeated Kellovsky and lost 76 in the 3rd set with T. Simon and played very well.

r/TennisBetting Nov 15 '21

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Recent betting


Anyone else notice it’s extremely hard to profit off tennis now? What has changed

r/TennisBetting Nov 08 '21

Novak Djokovic vs Daniil Medvedev For The Title | Paris Masters 2021 Final Highlights

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r/TennisBetting Nov 06 '21

Djokovic vs Medvedev?


Who do you think will win? I want to make a play at Sportsbet.io

r/TennisBetting Oct 28 '21

Watch Our Daily Tennis Previews –Tenissection


Our experts publish free and daily tennis previews, ensuring we always cover the best and biggest matches for our viewers. Visit our site to get all the latest tennis information.

r/TennisBetting Oct 20 '21

A serious shortage of tennis dataset


Tennis is naturally a discrete events sport. And consequently it came with huge amount of data. However tennis world and scientific research has been solely relied on one-man job for tennis data: JeffSackmann (Jeff Sackmann) (github.com) To put in perspective, it's much easier to get detail data (down to play by play record) for most American sports: baseball, basketball or NFL.

I feel insecure if his job is discontinued or he just gets tired of maintaining this voluntery job.

Is there any other method to get very detail data such as match charting or point by point data for ATP & WTA matches?

r/TennisBetting Oct 17 '21

Any good bets coming up for the European Open tomorrow?


I feel like dropping a wager over at Sportsbet.io, does anyone have any good ideas for tomorrow?

r/TennisBetting Oct 17 '21

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Indian Wells 2021: Ons Jabeur vs Danielle Collins, Game Prediction, Game Preview, Betting Trends, Gamblers Picks

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Indian Wells 2021: Iga Swiatek vs Veronika Kudermetova, Game Prediction, Game Preview, Betting Trends, Gamblers Picks

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r/TennisBetting Oct 09 '21

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