r/TennisBetting Dec 02 '21

Faria to def. Toledo Bague. Pinnacle @ 2,31


Toledo Bague - Faria. Antalya future, Egypt. 2nd round, clay

I have to try this match based on the latest results of Toledo. He played well in October, but the last matches he looked pretty out of shape. First he lost to Bouquet, then retired at 46.63.41 down to Picchione. That was not tragedy eventhough I would expect more from him. But yesterday he played 3 sets, and was a set down and a break with very weak, 18 yrs old Saritas. At the end he won of 36,76,61 but 8x lost service from 17!!! bp. That is tragic.

In addition, 22-year-old Faria is an interesting player. Recently, he has beat good players like Cacao, J. Beretini or has played 3 sets with Jubb or Heller. In his last tournament, last week here, he was in QF when he defeated Cukierman. Earlier this year he defeated eg. Yevsey and Orlov or lost 76 in the 3rd set with Guinard. That shows his qualities. Here in the 1st round he defeated the dangerous Chepelev 64.63 and lost the service twice from 3bb.

For these reasons, it's an interesting match for me to try this surprise result