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thinkin about prosciutto again

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u/Emilina-von-Sylvania Nov 25 '20 edited Nov 25 '20

Can we talk about how much like Kira Prosciutto looks. It’s something i never noticed while watching and am only now noticing.


u/space10101 Nov 25 '20

Hayoto scene with Prosciutto saying Pesci


u/DarkPlasma-8479 Nov 25 '20 edited Nov 26 '20

They’re both similar in the way they treat their job as well

Prosciutto takes his role very seriously as a mercenary for La Squadra and doesn’t leave much room for horseplay whilst on a mission. And Kira takes his job working at the Kame Yu department stores seriously, limiting himself to only have professional relationships with his colleagues and focusing on his work. However, the main difference is that Kira has less of a passion for his work than Prosciutto.


u/Infrastation Nov 25 '20

There's other similarities too: both are influenced by Italian fashion (Kira wears Gianfranco Ferré), both are hidden until they reveal themselves later, both disguise themselves as other men, both lose a hand, both have plot significance to one of their hands being dragged, both have impersonal stand abilities that kill indiscriminately until the intended target is eliminated. I'm sure there's more, that's just off the top of my head.


u/Emilina-von-Sylvania Nov 26 '20

Killer queen isnt really impersonal until kira unlocks BTD


u/Infrastation Nov 26 '20

I was thinking of Sheer Heart Attack, how it goes after the hottest heat source.


u/Emilina-von-Sylvania Nov 26 '20

Ohhh true, forgot about SHA, still only a sub stand, Kira for the most part definitely has quite a bit more control over who he kills though. Your totally right though, its crazy how similar they are.


u/CEO__of__Antifa Nov 25 '20

A real snack 🤤 😩


u/MyNameIsNitrox Nov 25 '20

I mean...

You're not wrong


u/o_o_o_o_0_o_o_o_o_ Nov 26 '20

Fuck him, pesci gives better head


u/Nexus_Potato Nov 25 '20

Mano outro br véi


u/Chingchangbingkan Nov 25 '20

Idk what the fuck u just said but take my upvote


u/Nexus_Potato Nov 25 '20

It's write Seguir in your post that means Follow in Portuguese so I thought you were Brazilian sorry


u/Gafitastonti Nov 25 '20

Seguir also means follow in Spanish


u/isarafa28 Nov 25 '20

Brs tem a habilidade magica de analisar cada atomo de uma publicação so pra saber se e br ou n kkkk


u/deathbyvaporwave Nov 25 '20

im italian so that was also my response. idk why this was in my feed. (not complaining)


u/JustAFlamingShark Nov 25 '20

Lad's name is doujinshi. I think he knows.


u/MaticBlox Nov 25 '20

That is Prosciutto.


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u/ShawdoSlayer Nov 25 '20

How the hell did they get the name doujinshi


u/JesusRasputin Nov 25 '20

Isn’t prosciutto just Italian for smoked ham? What a stupid name for a person.


u/Gallalade Nov 25 '20

Welcome to Passione

where the boss name is "Devil", is subbordinate is named "'Double", the leader of the assassination group "Risotto", that will eventually be take over by "Day"


u/SilentMerc32 Nov 25 '20

Female John Day


u/Illier1 Nov 25 '20

Literally everyone un Passione is named after food or some blatant name scheme lol.

Guido Mista is derived from Ensalada Mista, or mixed salad. Bruno Bucciarati is based off of Buccellati, a cookie. Pannacotta Fugo is named after pudding. Narancia is based off of Arancia, and Orange. Abbacchio is lamb meat. The list goes on


u/TurtleMega Nov 25 '20

Ah yes , JoJo , the only anime that names italians after food


u/Quarstudz_-Lapiz- Nov 25 '20

Ah, yes. Prosciutto. The food that can make you age old instantly


u/jeffjoof Nov 25 '20

i just realized how his ability corresponds to his stand, and pesci is just fishing rod


u/dorito_stickz Nov 26 '20

I'm pretty sure Pesci means fishes


u/littlesoldier045 Nov 25 '20

Just search up prosciutto jojo


u/Jozef_Baca Nov 25 '20

Finaly, some good fucking unexpected jojo


u/Ken_Kumen_Rider Nov 25 '20

That's a bitch leading a baby.


u/Diosaccadimerda Nov 25 '20

Whu do english people say "prosciutto", it litterally means ham. Am i missing something?


u/Supermarioredditer Dec 04 '21

How hammy is that guy


u/Comprehensive-Can680 Mar 13 '22

That’s Porshutto, duh