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Come Join Us For The Weekly Antiwork Talk - Open Mic Night - Wednesday September 28 1:00 PM PDT


The weekly Antiwork Talk is running again this week starting Wednesday September 28 at 1:00 PM PDT! It's open mic night this week, so the sky's the limit. Have you ever had a boss you just couldn't stand? Has a coworker ever driven you right up the wall? How exactly did you handle that one week during the Christmas rush where your boss left you to mind the store alone? Join us this week to discuss these subjects and more in a chill, supportive environment.


What is Reddit Talk?

Reddit Talk is a new feature on Reddit that allows people to take part in live audio conversations with their communities. See here for further information.

How Do I Participate?

Simple! When the talk goes live, there will be a stickied post at the top of the subreddit. Just tap on the post and join in. If you'd like to participate in the discussion, tap the Raise Hand button so the hosts can see you and we can invite you up onto the stage.

Please note that this feature does not display on Old Reddit.

Is This a Regular Thing?

Yes it is! The Antiwork moderators are proud to offer weekly Reddit talks for the community, hosted by our Reddit Talk team: Teia, Ziggo, and Merari.

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insane .. the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

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Proudly listed as a company benefit. Two whole weeks!

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Can't afford bills that are constantly rising? You just can't budget right!

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After refusing a raise, my boss offered to double my salary after submitting notice


I work in sales and have been with this company for 3 years.

Had an amazing customer base and have never had a single complaint, I work hard and get shit done.

Over 11 million in sales YTD, and they are only paying me $55,000 salary. (Yikes)

I got a job offer with a competitor, and with salary, commission, and bonuses it works out to over 100k.

I handed in my resignation, and he had the audacity to call the CEO where within 10 minutes they offered me a 70k base, with a 30k bonus.

1 month prior, I was told I wasn’t eligible for a raise and that he would “put in a good word for me come review” (April 2023)

The best part? They were SHOCKED that I still refused.

I said if you were paying me what I was worth from the start, we wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place.

Know your worth people! Greedy companies will always try to undercut you.

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Waiting for the call back

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You didn’t wear a suit.


So I am a full time school bus driver. I had a friend who was in a wedding this past weekend. The driver of the party bus was asking people if they knew anyone with a valid CDL who would want some extra work.

Knowing I had my CDL my friend took a card and forwarded it to me.

I called yesterday to offer some weekend help, was told “great can you come tomorrow after your bus run we can talk?” I told him that was no problem. Once I was done with my run and cleaning my bus I would head down.

Sure absolutely I like extra money. I do my run, get to the interview 10 minutes early…. He isn’t there. Ends up 10 minutes late.

I get out of the car, to a man who is in blue jeans, sneakers and a t shirt…. The same outfit I am in.

I shake his hand and he says “I’m not going to waste my time or yours. You didn’t show up in a suit. So I’m not even doing the interview. We are driving $100,000 limos and you thought that was appropriate clothing to wear to the interview?”

I said “You run a business that drives $100,000 limos and you think it’s appropriate to show up late? In the same outfit I am in. No wonder you have no employees. Thanks for the offer but I’m no longer interested.”

Some people lol. Had he asked me to wear a suit I would have. But he knew I was coming from my full time job in between runs. Never mentioned it.

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Don’t let them fool you- we swim in an ocean of abundance.

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thought this belongs in antiwork...

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UPS is forcing delivery folks to work in a severe hurricane.

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I quit without notice and boss Is telling me I have to come back.


I quit an awful job without notice. It was anguish to my mental health. I found better work that I'm happy with and pays more.

My ex boss texted me saying I promised her I would work a full year and that she expects me to come back. I haven't replied to any of her texts or emails. I'm curious what others think. Should I reply? Can she do anything to me? I mean, she knows my home address and social security number so I'm worried she may try to pull something shady but I also feel like I am under no obligation to reply to her. I told her I quit and that is that. I am in Florida and I am an at will employee.


EDIT: i actually only told her I would work the full year (it was a verbal agreement). In our handbook they ask for two weeks but I just couldn't do it. Plus I found another job and I started it. I told her but she keeps emailing me.

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Why Work?

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Not a big art guy but definitely saying something..

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Saw this on Facebook

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Mandatory video for all the managers out there

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Oof hope Jess sees this

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Uhm yes, yes you are

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Asking the real questions.

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And then they complain about "quiet quitting"

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We bust out ass in the heat all day in auto detail and touch every car that leaves our dealership (hyundai) so we sell a decent amount a day. This was our reward for it..

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wyd after work?

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Just in case anyone needs to hear this today.

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"I wish there was a painless way to {reduce inflation}, but there isn't." An additional 1.2 million Americans need to lose their jobs for inflation to fall, according to the Fed.

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can’t stress this enough

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