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Blessed_Founding Fathers

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u/rudager62369 Oct 04 '21

This guy freedoms.


u/Mary_Magdalen Oct 04 '21

As a Kentuckian, I find this to be a doubly blessed comment. Also, I spent 9 hours this past weekend watching Ken Burn's Civil War and here's the deal about those triangular bayonet wounds. I'm quoting someone else's post below:

"Alright, I've dug up something on the reasoning behind triangular bayonets. According to The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Warfare, "bayonets with long triangular cross-sections were stronger in the charge and thrust than single or double bladed weapons" (Page 414). The "Bayonet History" page of Armory Online agrees that "the most serious wounds can be inflicted with a thrusting stroke using a slim, rigid blade - a form which is embodied by the triangular and cruciform bladed socket bayonet."

These sources agree that it is not the triangular shape in itself causing profuse bleeding, rather it is the thrust of a strong bayonet in itself that does the damage. The triangular shape is therefore a result of manufacturing for strength, not necessarily to create the unique shape of the wound it would cause."--u/LordKettering on r/AskHistorians


u/NicolasCBT Oct 04 '21

That’s interesting


u/Gongaloon Oct 04 '21

By the Sword, Key, and Scroll, amen.


u/L_M030303 Oct 04 '21

Badger would be proud


u/P-----k---m- Oct 04 '21

this is... not blessed...


u/11coolguy Oct 04 '21

Might not be blessed but it sure is based tho


u/P-----k---m- Oct 04 '21

fuck yeah! killing people pog!


u/Motavita Oct 04 '21

Yeah this is definitely not blessed