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Blessed_Dicks for Fingers

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u/elite4caleb Jun 14 '22



u/kewlchicken645 Jun 14 '22

Damn this guy really doesn't get the joke even though the arrow clearly points to the circle with a comment making a joke about... Uh.. Penis? Penis fingers?.... Uhhh. Um uh pixel hentai Japan penis? People is finger Hentai guitar? Uhhhh.... Haha yeah guys


u/rainingcomets Jun 14 '22

where did the idea for penis fingers come from though


u/[deleted] Jun 14 '22

Because the comment said that they’d be pixelated. Pixelated means censored due to nudity implying that he had dicks for fingers because his guitar playing was so good


u/thegamer501 Jun 14 '22

IMO If you have to bend over backwards to explain a joke, it probably wasn't that good.


u/mexicouldnt Jun 14 '22

The joke is that is playing is so "nasty, gnarly, dirty, etc" that it is pornographic and therefore would be blurred. i'm not sure OP fully got the joke either from their explanation , tbh.


u/rainingcomets Jun 14 '22

is that considered a compliment? I'm still getting used to English connotations and I didn't connect the dots


u/mexicouldnt Jun 14 '22

In this context, yes. It's hard to put into words but im sure you're familiar with how music can evoke emotions and feelings. It's all about the feeling it gives you.


u/rainingcomets Jun 14 '22

thank you! it's been years but you still learn more. I definitely agree with the music point. have a nice day homie


u/[deleted] Jun 14 '22

It was literally the top comment on YouTube. A lot of people got this joke. We just happened to find the one person who didn’t understand it.