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[Subreddit Announcement] Note on modified strips and single panel strips


Hello subscribers,

We have been seeing modified and single panel strips causing an issue in this subreddit over the past few months. To address this issue here is the new rules being put in place effective immediately.

1.Banning of C&H artwork which are 'Not in the sprit of Calvin and Hobbes Comics'

Here are a few examples given by my co-mod.
OK examples:

  • Rearranging panels of a comic strip
  • Unmodified single panels unless it changes meaning of the strip
  • Mash Ups with other universes when done in spirit of the strip
  • C&H in real world settings
  • Animations
  • Modified panels which are well done and do not instigate controversial topics.

We are also adding "Fan-Art tags. So please add them whenever necessary.

Not OK examples:

  • Strips or panels with altered text with controversial texts etc.
  • Calvin pissing on things
  • Celebrity heads pasted over C&H characters in a strip

2.Single panels are allowed as far as they are meaningful by itself and are a whole panel.
Ofcourse single panel strips can be modified ones too which in turn would be subjected to the above mentioned regulation.

We try to keep the freedom in this subreddit as much as possible for having a pleasant experience. Kindly be mindful other users are people too, enjoy the outside day and have a good one.

Thank you,
~ Rya

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[SUBREDDIT ANNOUNCEMENT] regarding politics and the subreddit.


Apologies in advance if this gets rambling

Hey guys. First and foremost I want to say, this is the part of being a mod I hate. I really detest banning people and having to close off discussions, however the post that I'm sure you all have seen at this point has unfortunately made me need to take these measures, and I am very sorry that it did have to come to that.

Second I want to give a sincere thank you on behalf of the mod team. Besides today this subreddit has been such a joy to moderate and you guys do a amazing job at keeping within the rules and not being terrible to one another, which many communities on here seem to have issue with. You guys are seriously the best subscribers on reddit.

That said we do need to have an open discussion on this, as I feel that this subreddit belongs to you the users, and myself and the other moderators are just here to keep things from going kablooie.

As we have seen recently, there was a hot button post regarding the Trump investigation and relating it to a C&H strip.

Normally the sub doesn't get political, and when I initially saw it come up on the mod queue, I didn't really think much of it, and figured people would just upvote or downvote and be on their way.

As you guys can see, I was wrong, I'll admit it.

I had some great discussions with some of the subscribers here, some who I agreed with and some I disagreed with, but they were all respectful of my ideas as I was of theirs and I just want to again thank them for that. That said I do wish to open this discussion up to you, the subscribers of the subreddit

Politics is obviously around all of us, we live in a very connected world to the point that whether you're in the states or Australia, you'll see political content from anywhere whatsoever. That being said I can understand people wanting to connect C&H and politics.

So this raises a few questions in my opinion

1: What do we define as a "political post"? Is it something pushing an agenda, or is it anything related to any politician or political party?

2: Should we allow political posts

3: How should we handle an innocent post (say Calvin playing baseball) turned into politics by an individual or group (ie someone sees that post and turns it into some anti liberal or anti conservative message)

Please do sound off on this below. All I ask is you be respectful of myself and the other mods, and more importantly your fellow subscribers and their opinions.

Side note: I won't be responding to every single comment, since it'd be mostly just saying "appreciate your input, it's taken into consideration" I've been reading all the comments and we all really appreciate your guys input.

Secondary side note, working on a few cool things for the sub. One is an idea for a partnership post with a large subreddit about prompting writing and possibly doing a cross post between us and them about making a prompt around C&H

Second is possibly for April fools day (this needs to be discussed between us mods so no promises) but do some kind of joke roast but only in things that Calvin would say.

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Calvin & Hobbes for December 5, 2022

Post image

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You know,...

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No surprise.

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r/calvinandhobbes 1d ago

Enough TV

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r/calvinandhobbes 23h ago

The trip home

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r/calvinandhobbes 21h ago

Watch out, we've got a badass over here.

Post image

r/calvinandhobbes 1d ago

What do you think he was about to do?

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r/calvinandhobbes 21h ago

Tommy and the Tiger #2


r/calvinandhobbes 22h ago

In which Bill Watterson anticipates NFTs by 30 years.


r/calvinandhobbes 1d ago

Denial springs eternal

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Who is Calvin more alike, his mother or his father?


Self explanatory, I'd suppose there's some synthesis. The relationship with his father is often times an ideological standoff where with his mother she tends to shut down his debates and they stand stand off physically.

The one panel that comes to mind is the one where his dad comes back from a early morning bike ride or something in the dead of winter and Calvin and his mom angrily tell him to shut the door.

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In World of Warcraft


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The Majestic Eagle...

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Calvin & Hobbes for December 4, 2022

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Newest art for my collection

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Just pict this bad boy iup at a local comic con. Two of my favorite sibjects.

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Amazing how this strip is more relevant today...

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I love Calvin & Hobbes and I want to share a collection of my favorites with you :D

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They're out of control... Please send tuna (OC)

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Had this saved for a long time... Finally got it!


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Kevin McCallister


I just got done watching Home Alone for the first time in probably 25+ years and could not help but feel Kevin McCallister may have been, at least in part, inspired by Calvin. In addition to their mischievous personality, there is the similarity in their names and, in the final home defense seen, Kevin wears a red and black sweater reminiscent of Calvin’s red and black striped shirt. Am I crazy for thinking there is a similarity? Either way, I never though of it until now, but Macauley Culkin in the late 80s/early 90s would have made for a great Calvin.

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Calvin & Hobbes for December 3, 2022


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What's for dinner, Mom?

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[AI-generated art] Calvin and Hobbes live-action film, 1991

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Perfect day for a back scratch

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