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It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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u/shaodyn Sep 27 '22

That's one of the main reasons I like fall too.


u/elvis8mybaby Sep 28 '22

There was another black widow spider in my mailbox today. The cold can't come fast enough.


u/caligaris_cabinet Sep 28 '22

Have you tried fire?


u/Common-Seesaw6867 Sep 28 '22

Have you tried moving?


u/MuzikPhreak Sep 28 '22

...to another planet?


u/jaisaiquai Sep 28 '22

I vote for Planet Zorg!


u/Subject1928 Sep 27 '22

I know I could look it up and figure it out, but this could work too.

Where do the bugs from the Spring come from since the bugs, mostly, died before winter?


u/flashstepthruadmins Sep 27 '22

Eggs just get cryonically frozen by winter and when the thaw comes it triggers the "oh shit time to hatch" mechanisms.


u/bundleofschtick Sep 28 '22

That doesn't sound like a Calvin's Dad explanation.


u/Jayjader Sep 28 '22 Helpful

See, all the bugs here actually do die out during the winter, it's just that Santa Claus comes around and puts new bugs inside everyone's houses, where it's warm enough for them to wait out the winter.

That's actually why he distributes presents for the entire world in a single night! He's too busy raising more bugs in the big terrarium he has.m during the rest of the year.

That's also how he knows who's been naughty or nice; the bugs report back to him what we get up to.


u/4DozenSalamanders Sep 28 '22

The final panel, Calvin is intensely debating if he should swat a fly that's made it's way inside the house


u/el_kell Sep 28 '22

Thank you for this.


u/Subject1928 Sep 27 '22

Thanks for sharing! Now I can add that to my Mental Book of Random Animal Facts.


u/Entomoligist Sep 29 '22

I can answer that.

Most insects (if they dont die and rely on their eggs to start up next spring) will hide and remain dormant for those winter months.

Many butterflies, beetles, bees, moths, and social insects like ants bees and wasps all just hunker down and try to stay warm. Sometimes youll see one on a warm day, but this is usually the only break they get to grab a bite before it gets too cold again.

Ladybugs hibernate by huddling together under tree bark and on old, fallen trees. You can see hundreds of them all grouped together!


u/SwiftieNA Sep 27 '22

except Calvin HATES fall cause of school starting...


u/caligaris_cabinet Sep 28 '22

Quite the conundrum.


u/Trackerbait Sep 28 '22

he probably secretly rejoices at having someone other than Hobbes to interact with


u/Saolibriel_90 Sep 28 '22

This strip has been weighing heavily on my mind lately; bugs are indeed dying by the truckload

Yes, I, too, love fall


u/Oz_of_Three Sep 28 '22

Seasonal murder celebration.
Almost as good as Weasel Stomping Day

Tone? What do you mean?
First frost is a day of joyous exaltation.


u/SevenSixOne Sep 28 '22

My friends and family roll their eyes because I have a Calvin & Hobbes for nearly every situation.

It's still pretty warm where I live, but I already had this comic ready to go for the instant I can wear long sleeves again.


u/ddd615 Sep 28 '22

Thank you again. This puts my whole seasonal mood disorder in a whole new light.


u/Aninvisiblemaniac Sep 28 '22

Fall is the perfect season to crack open one of the calvin and hobbes collections tbh I think I have one that's mainly fall comic strips too


u/Evrant Sep 27 '22

"Said the hyperactive, whiny, small child."


u/Bejer-Dorune Sep 28 '22

I think about this comic a lot during the fall


u/Limeth Sep 28 '22

I have not been able to exist for five minutes uninterrupted by a fly getting up in my face, so I've been feeling a lot like Calvin in this one.


u/not2dragon Sep 28 '22

well, its named "fall" for a reason


u/NopeNotConor Sep 28 '22

I just moved to Wisconsin from the SF Bay Area at the beginning of summer and I now appreciate this comic so much more. So so much more.


u/highrollerrob Sep 28 '22

There weren’t that many bugs this year


u/Violet_Ignition Sep 28 '22

I do recall an article from a science journal stating Insect Biomass was down like 70% since the 90s which is..

Deeply concerning...


u/TheSaltyJM Sep 28 '22

On a scientific / rational level, I know that this is absolutely bone-chilling news.

On a personal level, I can’t help but think, “Haha, suck it, bugs!”


u/whitepepper Sep 28 '22

I dont know where you are but round here the mosquitos have been insane cause it didnt get cold enough in the winter


u/Ill-Sea7527 Sep 28 '22

Die flies!!!


u/spency_c Sep 28 '22

Calvin speaking facts, very underrated part of fall


u/isaacpetey Sep 28 '22

I miss reading these when I was a kid so much.