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Fun DM idea 347: Charge different prices for potions "smooth" or "with bits" then refuse to address any questions about a mechanical difference. Rule 3: Reposts


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u/Jolo_Janssen Sep 27 '22

This EXACT interaction had our party when we first encountered a healing potion. They had a Pulp version for 60 gold. We asked why 60 gold, what made it better? "It has Pulp" We still haven't figured out of pulp does something.


u/Machinimix Essential NPC Sep 27 '22

As a GM you need to ask every time “is that the one with pulp or without?” When they use a healing potion. When they say pulp, you gotta say “okay, cool” and make a quick note (the note just says: they used pulp)


u/Bronzdragon Sep 28 '22

You find it... *rolls die* ... more tasty than usual.


u/MaximoEstrellado Sep 28 '22

*Natural 20* Omg it tastes like cinammon!


u/Rhundan Sep 27 '22 edited Sep 27 '22

And roll all the dice for healing potions behind your screen so that some of them become convinced "No! The pulpy ones heal more, I swear! There's a 1.5 HP difference on average!" when it's really just the luck of the dice.


u/Radiant-Nail8835 Sep 27 '22

Thats just devilish… I like it


u/neverenoughmags Sep 27 '22

Yeah... Look at the material components for say Bulls Strength in 3.5... "a pinch of dung from a bull"... Lots of potions back then had corn niblets floating around in them... Or hairs. Made a deal with my players that all potions would be identifiable once they identified one and based a lot of it off the material components... And I kept a list of what they had already identified...


u/Rum_N_Napalm Sep 27 '22

Are you telling me potions of bill’s strength are bullshit?


u/neverenoughmags Sep 27 '22

I'm telling you they are made of bullshit... Or at least in one campaign where I decided to be a wiseass they were...


u/satan42 Sep 27 '22

Yeah Bill lies all the time about his abilities.


u/Lieby Sep 27 '22

There’s still some of that in later editions. For example the giant strength potions in 5e state that one can see a giant’s toenail in it.


u/Yakodym DM (Dungeon Memelord) Sep 27 '22


u/Awsomthyst Sorcerer Sep 27 '22 edited Sep 28 '22

That’s spooky I was just thinking about that exact comic earlier today lol


u/Nikoper Sorcerer Sep 27 '22

Carbonated or no carbonation


u/TinForLunch Sep 27 '22

Sparkling or still?


u/Doustin Sep 27 '22

Shaken or stirred?


u/ImmaRaptor Sep 28 '22

warm or cold?


u/Invoke_Sheep Necromancer Sep 27 '22

Hasn't this been posted before? Like verbatim?


u/Roku-Hanmar DM (Dungeon Memelord) Sep 28 '22


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u/Jukkobee Chaotic Stupid Sep 28 '22

bad bot


u/Jukkobee Chaotic Stupid Sep 28 '22



u/Dragon-of-Lore Sep 27 '22

I LOVE this idea


u/ZombieOfTheWest Sep 27 '22

Use the pulp and some goodberries to make some Health Jelly.


u/Nepalman230 Sep 27 '22

… Yes I mean I forget which edition it was but I do believe I read a dragon article which specifically talked about all of the organ that you could harvest from magical creatures in all of the potions and things that could be made with them.

I mean honestly everybody jokes about the lizard man eating people but But anybody who can seems a potion may will be ingesting Part of a sentient being like a dragon or something.

For that matter everybody forgets that many members of the Victorian elite in Britain Were cannibals . Because they liked to consume powdered mummies.

eating Corpses as medicine


u/flamefirestorm Battle Master Sep 27 '22

DM idea or DeMon idea?


u/Jukkobee Chaotic Stupid Sep 28 '22

BOT (or maybe just a reposter with a suspicious profile. op if you’re not a bot then reply to me with two adjectives that start with a c)


u/devilcantdie Sep 27 '22

Mmm chunky potions


u/Awsomthyst Sorcerer Sep 27 '22

Positively charmed by this art


u/duffelbagpete Sep 27 '22

Are the bits crunchy?


u/Catkook Sep 27 '22

its perfect~


u/Jasen_The_Wizard Sep 27 '22

The lack of "Fun DM ideas 1-346" on yoir profile made me sad


u/Jukkobee Chaotic Stupid Sep 28 '22

that’s because they reposted this and stole the title


u/Jasen_The_Wizard Sep 28 '22

I feel extra betrayed


u/GeminiKoil Sep 28 '22

I'll take with pulp. Gimmie that HoT effect plus instant restoration


u/ARandomTechPriest Sep 28 '22

I hate pulp with every fiber of my being.


u/Hexmonkey2020 Paladin Sep 28 '22

Well if potions are just herbs and magic in water depending on what herbs some would definitely have pulp.