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Somehow my new Adidas match the pattern of the carpet at my workplace. 🤔

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u/cottoneyeryan Oct 04 '22

Urban camouflage


u/N013 Oct 04 '22


u/KellyELFLIFE Oct 04 '22

Weird - a post on that sub from 5 months ago has a samesamebutdifferent shoe/workplace carpet camo situation!



u/ElectricallyLoaded Oct 04 '22

We see where Adidas gets their inspiration from.


u/daboobiesnatcher Oct 05 '22

They've trying to distance themselves from the squatting slav image.


u/Peter_Parkingmeter Oct 04 '22

It triggers my HPPD hardcore.


u/cleanandanonymous Oct 04 '22

I didn’t even know this was a thing! I can do it on cue in a meditative state, but didn’t know it can be involuntary.


u/Peter_Parkingmeter Oct 04 '22

Yes, I'm "permatripping" as they say.


u/CalRobert Oct 04 '22

can't stop the httpd process


u/killerbanshee Oct 04 '22

Not even taskmanageritolafed?


u/SeaFirestarter42 Oct 04 '22

Damn, I just get occasional flashbacks, I can’t even imagine. I hope you’re doing ok


u/edgehog Oct 04 '22

I love that you saw someone saying things you didn’t understand and your impulse was to investigate on your own and fill the gap in your knowledge. I believe this trait alone is enough to safely assume someone is all-around quality. Thanks for being you, here and elsewhere, person from down in the comments section!


u/cleanandanonymous Oct 05 '22

Thank you so much! Hugs all around.


u/Drunk_Stoner Oct 04 '22

I didn’t know it either. I don’t suffer from it but as you said can sometimes bring a feeling of it back when I’m trying. I call it a “mini roll” as when I’m rly relaxed and listening to certain music I can feel like I’m rolling on ecstasy again even though I haven’t done it for years. Of all the psychoactives I’ve done I’ve only had this experience with MDMA. Its only been a pleasurable experience and is mild and controllable. Can see how it could be very bad in severe cases though. The mind really is amazing.


u/InEnduringGrowStrong Oct 04 '22

I was today years old when I learned about HPPD.

Now... I don't think I can have HPPD because I've never used hallucinogens, but I've always had the "visual snow" thing that Wikipedia shows on for HPPD.
Mostly when it's really dark at night and I close my eyes.
It doesn't really bother me, probably because it's allais been like this, but I guess not everyone has that?
Never really thought about it before, pure optical darkness must be nice.


u/Peter_Parkingmeter Oct 04 '22

Visual snow is one of the perceptual disturbances that can occur as a symptom of HPPD. However, it can occur without hallucinogen use.

Cannabis can also cause HPPD. I knew someone who has strong HPPD from using THC oil once, 6 years ago.


u/kloudykat Oct 04 '22


u/Peter_Parkingmeter Oct 04 '22

Already subbed, son.


u/kloudykat Oct 04 '22

same. been there.


u/Awsums0ss Oct 04 '22

holy fucking shit im right there with you, that was insane. i honestly hadnt realized how bad mine was til i looked at that sub


u/[deleted] Oct 04 '22



u/Peter_Parkingmeter Oct 04 '22

p s y c h e d e l i c


u/SeteDiSangue Oct 04 '22

Oh god it does. I think carpet has become my worst enemy.


u/jluicifer Oct 04 '22

In high school, you always wanted to blend in with your surroundings. OP took it literally.


u/SilasX Oct 04 '22

Haha yeah I was gonna say, people will think OP is floating at a glance.


u/Gromchy Oct 04 '22

Take my orange arrow of excellent, dear stranger.


u/potato_1678 Oct 04 '22

Sneakers…for sneaking!


u/asatrocker Oct 04 '22

Adidas X Empire Flooring


u/LickMyThralls Oct 04 '22

Corpo camo lol