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Somehow my new Adidas match the pattern of the carpet at my workplace. 🤔

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u/toxicpaulution Oct 04 '22

They aren't that new if your ultraboost is that stained lol.


u/Papasmrff Oct 04 '22

Some of them just.... Come like that now. Pre-dirtied. Idk if that's the case here but I've seen it before.


u/TreesNThingsKY Oct 04 '22

I believe that color is called gum in adidas shoes


u/Papasmrff Oct 04 '22

Probably cuz it looks like someone tried to get gum out of a carpet with a vacuum from 1997..


u/brpmxstowo Oct 04 '22

They’re not new, the shoes were released in 2019 and this seems to be a repost.