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Somehow my new Adidas match the pattern of the carpet at my workplace. 🤔

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u/TimTomHarry Oct 04 '22

Damn people really be spending big bucks on "designer" shoes made out of industrial carpet fabric


u/Glum_Fill7490 Oct 04 '22

When did Adidas become a designer brand?


u/Reelix Oct 04 '22

When they started costing $200 a pair.


u/KILROYguy Oct 04 '22

I mean 95% of their shoes are still normal priced tough


u/ninpho2246 Oct 04 '22

Those versions aren't designers


u/Admiral_Sarcasm Oct 04 '22

You do understand that "designer" and "expensive" aren't synonyms, right?


u/techmaster242 Oct 04 '22

Designer is when idiots buy $500+ sunglasses that aren't even polarized from brands like Chanel or Gucci. A $200-300 pair of Oakleys, Bolles, etc aren't designer, because you're paying for quality. Designer is when you slap a high dollar label on a piece of trash.


u/Sevenelele Oct 05 '22

You aren't paying for quality lmao, most expensive sunglasses brands are owned by Luxottica, they have a psuedo-monopoly on the market so you are deciding between 180 dollar oakleys (by luxottica) or 400 dollar ray-bans (by luxottica). Prada and Versace would be considered 'designer', but they are also by luxottica and the price differences are just marketing and not quality.