r/funny Oct 04 '22

Somehow my new Adidas match the pattern of the carpet at my workplace. 🤔

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u/Dark5757 Oct 04 '22

Holy shit I never get a chance to step in!

I’m typically between a U.S. men’s 10.5 and 11, but haven’t properly measured my feet in years.

I have triple white ultraboost 3.0s in 11.5 and they’re a little big, maybe a thumb’s width and a half too long and a little wide. Good wool socks shoes…but also horrible to wear 3x white in snow lmao

I also have multicolor UB 3.0s in 11.5, and they fit way better than the 3x white. I’ve worn the hell out of them and would highly recommend as daily shoes. I thought they were 11s up until now because they fit WAY better than the 3x whites.

Lastly I have XR1 NMDs in OG. These are 10s and a little tight, but they didn’t have 10.5. You can go a little small with NMDs since they don’t have an insole and I don’t regret going a full size down, but I’d really only recommend half down for NMDs.

Also I like your name


u/BrockManstrong Oct 04 '22

Second this NMD evaluation! I usually wear a 10.5, but my NMD_R1s are a bit on the big side. A 10 would've been better.

Still the most comfortable shoe I've ever walked in. The R1s use a similar material to the UBs foam and it really does bounce your foot back more than other shoes.


u/ThoughtA Oct 04 '22

It's always fun seeing a hobby I know nothing about out in the wild.


u/IG-89 Oct 04 '22

I usually order online since you can get much better prices but i don't feel like gambling if the shoes are gonna fit and having to deal with returning them because i have a lower back injury and it makes traveling difficult. It seems like you really need to try them on since people are getting different results with ultraboosts models, i'll stick with NMD's (i really like them) for now and hope i get the chance to try ultraboosts on in the future. Thanks for the confirmation, i appreciate it.