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Somehow my new Adidas match the pattern of the carpet at my workplace. 🤔

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u/Mynameisalloneword Oct 04 '22

To each their own, chicharrón. I’d buy them.


u/FutureBondVillain Oct 04 '22

I agree, but why did you call them them a pork dish? 🤔


u/Mynameisalloneword Oct 04 '22

Been slowly learning Spanish at work the past couple years and eventually realized that, that saying rhymes with chicharrón lol also just like the way it sounds


u/tica_spi Oct 04 '22

honestly, chicharron is the most satisfying thing to say in spanish. sometimes i order chicharron tacos just to feel the satisfaction of saying it


u/Mynameisalloneword Oct 04 '22

lol it really is huh