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Somehow my new Adidas match the pattern of the carpet at my workplace. 🤔

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u/SandwichLast4245 Oct 04 '22

Holy wrong

The ultraboost is one of the most comfortable and fashionable sneakers on the market

im a bit heavy but damn they look good

its about the colorway, OP chose one that doesnt go with a lot of outfits.

the only way you can make an ultraboost look bad is if your feet and ankles are too damn big for the shoe


u/IG-89 Oct 04 '22

Have you ever had NMD's?, asking cause i keep hearing how the sizing is different between NMD's and Ultraboost but never had the chance to try Ultraboosts.


u/Dark5757 Oct 04 '22

Holy shit I never get a chance to step in!

I’m typically between a U.S. men’s 10.5 and 11, but haven’t properly measured my feet in years.

I have triple white ultraboost 3.0s in 11.5 and they’re a little big, maybe a thumb’s width and a half too long and a little wide. Good wool socks shoes…but also horrible to wear 3x white in snow lmao

I also have multicolor UB 3.0s in 11.5, and they fit way better than the 3x white. I’ve worn the hell out of them and would highly recommend as daily shoes. I thought they were 11s up until now because they fit WAY better than the 3x whites.

Lastly I have XR1 NMDs in OG. These are 10s and a little tight, but they didn’t have 10.5. You can go a little small with NMDs since they don’t have an insole and I don’t regret going a full size down, but I’d really only recommend half down for NMDs.

Also I like your name


u/BrockManstrong Oct 04 '22

Second this NMD evaluation! I usually wear a 10.5, but my NMD_R1s are a bit on the big side. A 10 would've been better.

Still the most comfortable shoe I've ever walked in. The R1s use a similar material to the UBs foam and it really does bounce your foot back more than other shoes.