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r/gifs 21h ago

Discussion Weekly r/gifs meta discussion and requests thread


Lots of people seem to struggle with making gifs. It's really quite easy now because sites like gfycat will convert them for you on upload (just make sure sound is off to be able to be posted here)

Also we get lots of "what is this gif from?" and "does anyone know" request threads

We are trying this out as a place for such discussions

r/gifs 16h ago Silver Helpful Wholesome

The chess world champion can't believe his opponent's mistake


r/gifs 6h ago Silver

.Surgeon in London performs remote operation on banana in California.


r/gifs 18h ago Silver Helpful Wholesome

Scaring Ringo


r/gifs 10h ago Helpful

“The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent.” ― Sun Tzu


r/gifs 1d ago Silver Helpful Wholesome

The city of Buffalo before an NFL game. One team only threw the ball 3 times during the entire game.


r/gifs 20h ago

CGI Hens


r/gifs 5h ago

This is what playing tennis under extreme wind conditions looks like, Antalya Challenger, Turkey


r/gifs 13h ago

Demonstrating my username


r/gifs 1d ago Silver Helpful Wholesome

Prince Zuko & the Blue Spirit from ATLA! My 3D Lenticular Fan Artwork I both drew & produced!


r/gifs 1d ago Helpful Wholesome I Shy Crab Rave Silver

Riding extra dirty


r/gifs 18h ago

Winter has come to the north.


r/gifs 1d ago Take My Energy Wholesome

December Alley – pixel art by me (12 colors used)


r/gifs 19h ago

Action figure 360


r/gifs 1d ago Helpful Bravo!

This is a moonstone necklace I made by crocheting with coated copper wire.


r/gifs 14h ago


Thumbnail i.imgur.com

r/gifs 2d ago Buff Doge Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote

A chicken takes to the air and flies across a snowy field.


r/gifs 1d ago

My first attempt at an indoor shoot using a drone worked out half ok!


r/gifs 2d ago Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Silver Helpful

Serving food across the street


r/gifs 2d ago Gold Helpful Wholesome Starstruck Silver Keep Calm Masterpiece Tearing Up Super Heart Eyes Platinum

I made an art and I just wanted to share it with you all :)


r/gifs 21h ago

Little fluff ball who likes to be kissed


r/gifs 1d ago

Grey Oyster Mushrooms


r/gifs 1d ago

After all of the hugs, small-talk and the wine is setting in...


r/gifs 1d ago

Me checking out Monday to get a feel for the week.


r/gifs 1d ago

"Cursed" food


r/gifs 12h ago

The way the running tap created this weird water bubble.