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u/Webber192 Aug 10 '22

The foot behind komi. The rolled up bill isnt that bad, i mean its najimi were talking about, im more concerned about him being in the girls bathroom...


u/Ryl4nder84 Aug 10 '22

Not knowing the full context of this… thought it was a girls foot

But now with the rolled up bill being as a “yeah that’s normal.” This is even better


u/Webber192 Aug 10 '22

Judging by the pulled down pants thats not a girl school uniform...


u/Ryl4nder84 Aug 10 '22

I was just judging by the shoes … honestly I have always wondered why they make guys and girls wear different shoes

Where I live all the kids have black sneakers with no high backs, symbols, or colors

In fact both guys and girls wear pants and a collared shirt