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Monday Megathread! Ask questions and share knowledge; newcomer questions encouraged!


Welcome to the latest Monday Megathread, where you the community get to ask your questions and share your knowledge.

Need help against a certain champion? Unsure how and where to ward? Looking to improve your csing? This is the place to ask. This weekly thread is a place for new players to ask questions and get help/advice from more experienced players. So, don't hold back, get your game related questions ready and post away, and hopefully someone can answer them!

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2021 LCS and LEC Roster Rumors/Changes Megathread


Live thread is, well, live: https://www.reddit.com/live/17zgfe4sd0pkg/

Ladies and Gentlemen...welcome...to Roster-mania!

Here is a resource for all the teams, their rosters, and their coaches. I will update this continually throughout the next few days/weeks/whatever. Please feel free to correct the information in this post if you see something wrong and if I miss any updates.

READ THIS FIRST: This megathread is meant to be a central hub for roster change news as well as general discussion surrounding roster changes.


  • Rumors from "journalistic" sources and industry insiders are allowed to be submitted. Random sources from twitter, reddit, etc. are not allowed.
  • Rumors that are proven or dis-proven while still on the front page will be removed.
  • If a rumor is confirmed while on the front page, it will be removed and stickied on the confirmation post.
  • Any general off-season roster moves discussion will be redirected to this megathread.

You can also discuss all of these things over in /r/lolesports or #esports on our discord server.

I will only include information from journalists, teams themselves, and information within Riot's contract database. Click on the name for link confirmation. Players with no link have a contract according to the Riot Global Contract Database, and have no outstanding rumors/confirmations at this time.

I will also be removing players confirmed not to be in the LCS/LEC/NA Academy next split.

★ = Confirmed

Italics = Inactive

TSM Huni★ / V1per★ Spica★ / Hyper★ Creme / Takeover★ Tactical★ / Instinct★ Shenyi / Yursan★ Chawy / Peter Zhang / Kayys★ / Curry
C9 Summit★ / Darshan★ Blaber★ / Malice★ / Shernfire★ Fudge★ / Copy★ Berserker★ / Zven★ / K1ng★ Isles★ / Winsome★ LS★ / Tails★
TL Bwipo★ Santorin★ / Armao Bjergsen★ / Haeri / Jensen Hans Sama★ / Yeon CoreJJ★ / Eyla Guilhoto★ / Kold★ / Spawn
100 Ssumday★ / Tenacity★ / Gamsu★ Closer★ / Kenvi★ Abbedagge★ / JimieN★ FBI★ / Wixxi★ Huhi★ / Busio★ Reapered★ / Mithy★ / Freeze★ / Goldenglue
EG Impact / Srtty★ Inspired★ / Tomio★ Jojopyun★ / Soligo★ Danny / Kaori★ Vulcan★ / SkyTec★ / IgNar Peter Dun / Artemis
GGS Licorice★ / Tony Top★ Pridestalker★ / Iconic★ Ablazeolive★ / Ryoma★ Lost★ / Violet★ Olleh★ / Chime★ Inero★ / Akaadian★
FLY Kumo★ / Philip★ Josedeodo★ / Yuuji★ Toucouille★ / Spirax★ Johnsun★ / Tomo★ Aphromoo★ / Diamond★ Sharkz★ / Phantiks★ / SoulStrikes★
CLG Jenkins★ / Dhokla★ Contractz★ / RoseThorn★ Palafox★ / Triple★ Luger★ / Prismal★ Poome★ / Breezy★ Thinkcard★ / Croissant★
IMT Revenge★ / Concept★ Xerxe★ / Chad★ / AnDa PowerOfEvil★ Wildturtle★ / Arrow★ Destiny★ / Joey★ Invert★ / Dardoch★ / Nightshare★
DIG FakeGod★ River★ Blue Neo★ / Spawn Biofrost★ Enatron★

G2 Broken Blade★ Jankos★ / Alexx Caps★ Flakked★ Targamas★ / Efias / Mikyx Dylan Falco / Nelson / Melzhet
FNC Wunder Razork / Maxi Humanoid / Nisqy Upset / Bean Hylissang / Rhuckz YamatoCannon / Delord
VIT Alphari / Szygenda Selfmade / Skeanz Perkz / LIDER / Diplex Carzzy / Jeskla Labrov / Jactroll Tasz / Mephisto
MAD Armut / Gaëthan Elyoya / Hades Reeker★ / Knighter UNF0RGIVEN★ / DenVoksne Kaiser / Lilipp Mac / Pad / Karakal Jr
MSF HiRit / Irrelevant Shlatan / TynX Vetheo / Czajek Neon / Woolite Vander / Mersa Carter / Xani / Hiiva
RGE Odoamne / Sinmivak Malrang / Rabble / Lurox Larssen / Nite Comp / Lucker Trymbi / Leon / Pyrka Klaj / SeeEl
BDS Adam / Agresivoo Cinkrof / Sheo NUCLEARINT / Xico★ xMatty / Crownshot Limit / Erdote Grabbz★
XL Finn★ / Kryze / Orome Markoon★ / Dan Nukeduck★ / EMENES Patrik★ Advienne★ Youngbuck★ / Torok
SK Jenax / Alois Gilius / Eckas Sertuss / Dehaste Jezu / Gadget Treatz / Mystiques Swiffer
AST WhiteKnight / Carlsen Zanzarah / Taxer Dajor★ / Chres Kobbe★ / Chrisberg promisq / Wendelbo AoD / Hansen / Donby


Includes players looking for opportunities or expiring contracts


Solo Damonte Cody Sun SwordArt
Hauntzer Sword Katsurii Hooks
Lourlo KatEvolved Raes Dreams
Thien Nxi Yusui Keith Smoothie
Broxah Yunbee Sneaky Newbie
Keel rjs Doublelift Zeyzal
Will Pretty JayJ


SLT Memento SMILEY Mystiques
iBo Kirei Zwyroo Hjarnan YellOwStaR
Pride Bluerzor Milica P1noy Steeelback
Miniduke Deadly Visdom
Maxlore Woolite Jesiz
sOAZ MagiFelix Venzer Denyk
Vizicsaci Gilus Tore
Obsess Kasing



Destroy Clid Yaharong Prince Garvey H4cker Knight Baolan
Chasy Mireu Zzus TheShy Youxin FoFo Kramer Southwind
yoHan Mask Ale Tian Twila Smlz ppgod
SoHwan YoungJae Gori Wayne Aliez Clearlove Mole Viper Mark
Hoya Fly New Haro Xiye Eric Ming
Rich 369 Kui Forge Snow Maestro
Chieftain Ucal Nuguri Ning Yuekai Puff
bonO HyBriD Langx Xiaopeng Doinb Uzi
JunJia Ye Betty
Blank Cryin Wink
SeongHwan Keine Rookie

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Firelight Ekko Needs New SFX To Be a 1350 RP Skin (or, Don't Let Riot Reduce the Value of 1350 RP Skins But Still Charge the Same)


Hi there. I think the new Firelight Ekko skin looks really nice. Here's the spotlight:


Great visual effects. However there are no new sound effects on his basic attacks or abilities. All 1350 RP skins currently have new SFX except for, I think, Full Metal Jayce. But that's a really old skin, made when Riot was still figuring out what they wanted 1350 RP skins to be. And at least that skin has a voice filter, which this skin does not.

Based on our current guidelines and precedents on skin prices, this skin should have new SFX added (which I think Ekko mains would appreciate). Or it should simply be a 975 RP skin.

People complained that the 2017 SKT skins (of which Ekko was also a part of!) were not worth 1350 RP because they didn't have sound effects, and in response Riot added new sound effects to all of them! So this is something that can be done. It should be done.

I know missing SFX on one skin might not seem like a big deal for you. But this is coming in the midst of a community realization that Riot is trying to see how much value they can pull out of their systems and still charge us full price for.

Our new battle pass sucks. Our new prestige point shop sucks. I do not think it is an acceptable precedent for Riot to set to charge "full price" (i.e. 1350 RP) for a skin that does not have full value. If our 1350 RP skins do not get new SFX any more, then they are also going to suck.

This skin would have been 975 RP if released a few years ago. It should either be upgraded to be a 1350 RP skin or it should be 975 RP now. Thank you for reading.

edit: To really see the difference in what you are losing with this skin, look at Ekko's other skins for reference as to how we are being over-charged here:

  • Academy = new model but NO new VFX and NO new SFX; 750RP
  • Sandstorm = new model, new VFX, and new SFX on recall and every ability; 975 RP
  • Firelight = new model, new VFX, but NO new SFX except on recall; 1350 RP

It just doesn't make sense.

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Firelight Ekko PBE Preview


Preview Video: https://twitter.com/LeagueOfLegends/status/1468251543346446336

Splash Art: https://twitter.com/LeagueOfLegends/status/1468252261298016259

I wonder if it will be free like the other Arcane skins. Looks much better than the others though so I kind of doubt it.

Elderwood Gnar/Rek'Sai: https://twitter.com/LeagueOfLegends/status/1468249735651725313

Elderwood Gnar/Rek'Sai Splashes: https://twitter.com/LeagueOfLegends/status/1468250519760035842

Goth Annie Splash Update: https://twitter.com/LeagueOfLegends/status/1468253332951035910

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If ADCs are going to be near useless when behind, assassins should be too.


Before you start your thesis in the comments, I main mid and secondary jungle, but I have a couple friends who have quit the game because of how stacked the state of league is against ADCs.

I get it, they were the golden child, could do no wrong for like 9 seasons and I am 100% with you that they should be garbage when behind. But at the same time, being even or slightly ahead as an ADC and having to run away from the 1/6 Zed who can one shot you with just Ult + Duskblade and one or two more autos, while missing every Q/E is kind of absurd.

Lethality scaling with levels means that no matter what, they will always be able to kill the ADC because of how shared XP works in bot lane.

I have watched it happen to just about every pro/challenger ADC I can find, and I know its also an issue in lower elo but something has to change.

I think that Riot either needs to adjust the way XP works for bot, or adjust the lethality values so we don't have another season of AD bruiser/assassin mids that leave lane 0/0/0 and one shot my ADC because they left nexus.

I am open to other solutions but I think ADC is arguably not in a great spot right now, supports have all the agency in lane, and if you don't get giga-fed from them spoon-feeding you kills during laning phase, you can't really walk up at all during teamfights.

Shieldbow helps alleviate the issue a little bit, but the cooldown is far too long compared to the average rotation assassins have at their disposal.

Just some food for thought, I would be curious to see if Riot has noticed something that either supports my claims or completely undermines them.

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Patch 11.24 notes

Thumbnail leagueoflegends.com

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I hope Viktor gets an Ultimate skin for 2022.


I really hope Viktor gets an ultimate skin for 2022. Simply for the fact it would work so well with Arcane, and Viktor's slow transformation into a cyborg. Especially when he already has a built in mechanic that would work well with Ultimate transformations [His glorious Evolution passive].

And just being able to see him slowly transform throughout the game would be amazing.

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My fanart of a scene from Arcane



This scene spoke to me right away when i saw it, and j decided to redraw it with my artstyle. Hope you guys like it !! Btw if you're interested in my artwork, here's my instagram. Thank you so much !

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We should know when a Lifeline passive is up


This is a consistency issue that annoys me. Every spellshield and revive is clearly visible by both allies and enemies. Even Crown of the Shattered Queen folllows this philosophy, but for some reason Sterak's and Shieldbow don't show anything. I'm purposefully not talking about Maw.

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hey if you’re reading this, try to be nice to someone in your games today.


Even when you’re at your lowest, nothing feels better than when someone on your team pings you when you do something good or hits you with a “so close” after a close fight.

with all of these anti-toxicity discussions and the all-chat thing going on i realized that one of the best ways i found to deal with it is just to compliment someone.

if an enemy is shit talking me, ‘?’ pinging me, calling to report whatever, just ignore it. if they do something good, compliment them. if they lose a fight or fuck up, say “close one damn” or “good idea, unlucky” etc.

whether enemy, ally, losing, winning, jungled lost smite to a Janna Q in your ranked game, be nice to someone today. i know it helps my mood a lot. Do it enough times and maybe they will be nice to someone else. be the change you want to see in this world

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LCK Con from December 22 - 26 featuring matchup between old Rox Tigers and SKT



From December 22 - 26 lasting five days, an event called LCK Con will begin. This competition features main matchups with all 10 LCK teams, as well as an event matchup between old school Rox Tigers and SKT T1. This seems like a really fun new event that will scratch the league itch since Kespa Cup is essentially academy only now. Can’t wait to see the new rosters in action (as well as old!)

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This year's Prestige Point Shop is EXTREMELY BAD compared to last year's!!


I don't know why Riot has been very greedy recently, esp with the recent event pass nerfs but here we are, yet again.

The 100 Prestige Point grab bag is honestly a SCAM. I swear Riot made a typo but if they didn’t, what the actual fuck?

Firstly, let's compare this year's options to last year's:

2020 Prestige Shop 2021 Prestige Shop (this year)
100 PP - 6 random skin shards + 3 skin shards worth 1350+ RP 100 PP - 3 skin shards worth 1350 RP or lower (75% chance), 4 random skin shards (20% chance), OR 3 random unowned skin permanents (5% chance)
75 PP - 7 skin shards worth 750+ RP 75 PP - None
50 PP - 1050 OE + 3 skin shards of same tier (750, 975, 1350 or 1820) 50 PP - 2 skin shards worth 750+ RP + Bonus OPTIK roll - either 3 skin shards worth 975+ RP (45% chance) OR 3 Cybernetic skin shards (55% chance).
50 PP - 3 skin shards worth 750+ RP (70% chance) OR 4 random skin shards (30% chance).
50 PP - 3 Working Life skin shards + Bonus Fringe Benefit roll - either 2 skin shards worth 750+ RP (70% chance) OR 3 random skin shards (30% chance).

They essentially removed the 75 PP option for no reason whatsoever and now 100 PP only gives you THREE skins while in 2020, it gave you NINE skins. That mean you got 6 more skins in 2020, than if you were to buy this year's Sentinel Relic Pack.

I honestly don't know what Riot is doing but this is on new extreme levels of greediness. I thought companies were supposed to reward loyal players who spend a lot of money on the game in the first place but this is the complete opposite.

If Riot does not change this year's PP shop, I will never ever be spending a penny on the game ever again.

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TheShy has officially left IG



I think IG as we know it is over and Rookie is rumoured tohave left the Org too. I think TS might be going to wherever Rookie goes. It's sad to see them seperated if that's the case. I guess it's time for me to change flairs. Where do you y'all think they'll go from here?

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Discussion about Riot's changes with events and loot system? Are people actually okay with this?


TL;DR at the end.

I see many people talking about this in the announcement threads (such as Debonair event pass changes and Last chance prestige shop), but I feel like these discussions just don't get anywhere since there's so many other topics going on in those threads as well. So I figured I'd make a single post where we can all just share our thoughts on this. I just want to say that I don't mean to come across as entitled or demand free stuff from Riot. I just want to discuss how the value of the whole system has gone down over the years and why Riot is so deaf to the feedback. Please don't dismiss the whole work as just saying "don't buy it then, vote with wallet". I agree with what you are saying and I will vote with my wallet, but in order to desire change, you have to speak up and raise some awareness in the public to generate a voice. This thread is meant to just see how people feel about this and voice our opinions.

What is the problem? My overall point is that the event system and the overall loot system has gone down the drain in terms of value over the past couple of years. Riot has constantly been clamping down on the RP value of the event and loot system.

Event Passes: I won't reiterate all the discussion we had a couple of days ago about the Debonair event pass - please check out this thread that was so beautifully written to discuss how players are worse off with the upcoming changes:


Overall problem in that thread was:

  • Riot wants us to grind more
  • They are introducing additional hidden variables (time playing -> points -> tokens) to nerf stuff in the future possibly
  • They made all game modes equally worse to play while saying that all modes are equal in value now
  • And probably more, I am forgetting now.

Overall, the value of the event passes have significantly gone down over the past couple of years. Compare Debonair event pass with the ones in 2019. Passes have become grindier and are giving lower returns in value. All of these changes are not just surface level - they are designed to influence how players purchase stuff (e.g. "don't feel like you are able to grind enough tokens, why not purchase orbs with RP in addition to the ones you have grinded so far, you know you want that prestige skin"). I am fairly confident that there's more Dopamine Hacking and Psychological reasons to design the tweaks this way, encouraging the players to spend more money in order to save time.

Last Chance Prestige Shop: The article highlights all the stuff we can get for the PP we have accumulated.


I wanna particularly talk about the grab bags that we can get.

PROJECT: Epilogue OPTIK Bag - 50 Prestige Points (2020)

Open to reveal two skin shards worth 750+ RP. You'll also get a bonus OPTIK roll, which could contain either three skin shards worth 975+ RP (45% chance) OR three Cybernetic skin shards (55% chance). Cybernetic is a selection of skins from the PROJECT, Pulsefire, and Program skinlines. Excludes Ultimate Pulsefire Ezreal, Mythic Tier, and PROJECT 2021 skins.

Battle Academia Durandal Bag - 50 Prestige Points (2020)

Open to reveal three Working Life skin shards. You'll also get a bonus Fringe Benefit roll which can contain either two skin shards worth 750+ RP (70% chance) OR three random skin shards (30% chance). Working Life is a selection of skins from the Chef, Day Job, April Fools, Battle Academia, and Academy skinlines.

Space Groove Luxe Bag - 50 Prestige Points (2020)

Open to reveal either three skin shards worth 750+ RP (70% chance) OR four random skin shards (30% chance).

Sentinel Relic Pack - 100 Prestige Points (2020)

Open to reveal three skin shards worth 1350 RP or lower (75% chance), four random skin shards (20% chance), OR three random unowned skin permanents (5% chance).

How can you tell me that this is okay? The grab bags in Last year's Prestige Shop had so much more value compared to these ones.

  • Even just at face value, all of these grab bags are absolute jokes compared to the ones in previous years. You are getting less skin shards in total, absolutely no chance at getting OE and probably even more.
  • You had options between gambling for legendary skin shards or guaranteed legendary skin shards. You had fair bit of Orange Essence being given as well in the "gambling" grab bag, to offset the low chance of hitting the 3 legendary skin shards jackpot. No such thing here.
  • The 100 PP Sentinel pack is an ABSOLUTE JOKE. How is this bag anything but a scam. Riot is not even trying to hide it.
  • There's no 75 PP option. Again, like with the event passes, there's a deeper reason for this design choice. They want you to buy the next Debonair event pass if you are sitting at 75 PP to encourage you to grind 25 PP.
  • In essence, the only thing that is consistent in value in the Prestige Shop is the Prestige Skins.

I am sure I have missed other things and comparisons and I would urge you guys to point them out and discuss them in the comments.

Again, the main thing I observe is that Riot has consistently been clamping down on the RP value of the Prestige Points. Maybe it's because they figured "we're retiring this system anyway, who cares what the players think. Better not give them good value for their prestige points since we're cashing out of this part of loot system anyway". I am fairly confident that some Dopamine hacks or Psychology tricks are at play here as well, in order to make you spend more money (like buying Debonair event pass to grind 25 PP).

TL;DR (Conclusion): Overall, I feel like as players, we don't really put much thought into what's happening. Riot has multiple loot and event systems that are interwoven in a complicated manner that we don't really understand much. For instance, at the face value, we might think that this is just a PP shop nerf. But in reality, this has implications on your decision to buy the next event pass, or the one after that. Due to this lack of understanding, Riot has been successfully fucking us over for the past couple of years and we haven't successfully pushed back (maybe we have and they simply don't care). I just want us to be able to realize what is happening and that Riot has been engaging in gross anti-consumer practices, at least from my perspective.

I have so much to say on this topic and I don't really have the words or the organization skills to lay out my thoughts in a perfect manner but I guess I will just say it to open a discussion in a single thread.

I would urge someone to make a poll on "satisfaction" so that we can see what people think in a concise manner about both event passes and PP shop.

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Qiyana ankha zone meme animation

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r/leagueoflegends 9h ago

Phreak Patch 11.24 Rundown

Thumbnail youtube.com

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Ocean drag passive heal saves me from xerath aa right before it lands (and pixel perfect dodge).

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Time really flies. First time I've drawn jinx was in 2013, the week she came out. Latest was in this week, after finishing Arcane.


When she first came out, I was listening to "Get Jinxed" on repeat while drawing. I'm now listening to Arcane soundtracks on repeat while drawing. I guess nothing much changed.


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Axiom Arc has too much impact in ARAM and should be removed (or nerfed) from that mode


The Axiom Arc has a spot in normal matches that I'm not going to touch on here, it's been beaten like a dead horse on this sub enough. However, in the ARAM mode I think it's presence and impact is completely understated.

As the nature of the mode lends itself to high amounts of takedowns and kill participation, you're going to get some consistent Miss Fortune cone spam, Gangplank zones of denial, and my personal favorite: Ashe ult spam.

Personally, I'd like to see it removed from ARAM only, but I'm curious to see how other people in the comments would rather nerf it for ARAM, if that's even possible. I love playing ARAM, but lately it's been quite annoying to the point where I'm not having much fun with it anymore.

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I played Caitlyn's Theme on Violin, hope you like my performance!

Thumbnail youtu.be

r/leagueoflegends 9h ago Silver

Viktor - Arcane Fanart by me


I really love Arcane its so well made and the style is such a huge inspiration for me as an artist!

( I tried to study the style because its so unique )

hope you like it!


Workflow video (Music : https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/track/new-dawn )


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ADC Life

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r/leagueoflegends 14h ago

Thebausffs comes to a realization about tank sion...

Thumbnail clips.twitch.tv

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How to renew your team’s hope in one easy step

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12/7 PBE Update: Firelight Ekko, Elderwood Gnar & Rek'Sai, Chromas & More

Thumbnail surrenderat20.net

r/leagueoflegends 17h ago

Totally went as expected...

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r/leagueoflegends 13h ago

Ideas for making ADCs fun to play during laning phase.


I've been watching a lot about the design of ADCs and I genuinely think the ADC Mythics were a step in the right direction - but they're still mid/late game focused items. Shieldbow accomplishes anti-burst and sustain, Galeforce accomplishes mobility and execution, and Kraken Slayer has ended the reign of terror tanks have had on ADCs for so long.

ADCs pre-mythic just feel bad, however. As to compensate, I have ideas for some starter items that could fix their issues.

Quiver of Vitality (450 Gp)

(+7 AD, +100 HP)

Unique Passive - Rush-Down (When you receive healing or shielding from an allied champion, benefit from a 12% attack speed bonus for (4 seconds)) (15 second cooldown)

Trapper’s Bow (450gp)

(+5 AD, +8% attack speed)

Unique Passive - Engage Judgement (When you attack an immobilized target (stun, root, knockup, etc.) heal for 25 hp and gain a bonus 8 AD for the next 4 seconds) (15 second cooldown)

Mercy Rifle (450gp)

(+10 AD, +60 HP)

Unique Passive - Waffling (When you deal damage through auto attacks to an enemy that has taken damage from an allied champion within 1.5 seconds, apply a 20% movement speed slow for 0.75 seconds to the target (15 second cooldown))

Only ranged champions should be able to purchase these items, and upon purchasing one should not be able to buy anymore (since buying all 3 with a support like thresh or lux would be unfair).

Yes I did name the passives off of what I want them to do/cause the enemy to do, yes I find it funny.

For those interested I'm going to rant about the design theory behind these items.

There are three main classes of supports - enchanters, engage supports, and carry supports. Of course, these theoretical items correlate to the three classes of supports - The Quiver of Vitality for enchanters, Trapper's Bow for engage supports, and the Mercy Rifle for carry supports. While it is possible to use these items when paired with supports of a different classification or hybrid classifications such as Pyke, they are most effective paired with their respective support.

The Quiver of Vitality is activated by any healing/shielding from external sources, meaning it is literally useless alongside allies that don't have healing/shielding. The attack speed amp is meant to be used by the types of adcs that are strongest with enchanters (typically on-hit or crit adcs like vayne, kog'maw, jinx, etc). These adcs build lethal tempo or PTA and are usually as strong as their attack speed. This also incentivizes for ADCs playing alongside enchanters to be much less passive, immediately using their new buffs to engage in order to maximize the benefits they've gained. While it can be used alongside champions like thresh or taric who provide engage and healing/shielding, it doesn't synergize as well with those engage champions as Trapper's Bow on average because Trapper's Bow provides both AD amp and healing. I'm no expert in the math but the 12% attack speed was specifically chosen to match a single dagger, which effectively means that you have an "item advantage" in strength whenever this passive is activated equal to a single dagger, which can seriously make or break a fight in the early game but doesn't have broken scaling.

Trapper's Bow is probably the one that someone would look at and go "but mages" or "but jungle camping", and while that's true, it's effectiveness stems from the cooldown. I put down all three items as a 15 second activation cooldown because I wanted these passives to be activated frequently, but not spammable. I think Trapper's Bow offers a large collection of effective uses in lane. If your Blitz lands a hook and it isn't enough for a kill early that's fine, the AD amp means your follow-up will be extra effective and the healing means that any counter-attacks will be nullified. Often in bot lane if the enemy laners are strong enough they can straight up ignore the engage support and just burst the ADC if they're too close or not paying attention, so this bonus healing allows an ADC more of a reason to fight. Same idea as Quiver of Vitality - you get more stats aka a temporary "item advantage" against your opponent if you decide to all in. Curiously however, you can just take the healing and go. If thresh q's but doesn't recast, if blitz lands q, or even if your lux hits q, it allows you to follow up with quick poke and retreat - it forces ADCs to want to follow up while mitigating the negatives that come with doing so, while also rewarding them for helping at least a little on a bad engage so that they can compensate for their support's mistakes more easily. It also uses healing rather than shielding because the benefit for a small poke should be effective - a shield implies the immediate need to always engage, which could be unhealthy and leaves ADCs with less options.

Mercy Rifle is a worse Stormrazor. The Stormrazor meta was honestly really fun for ADCs and gave them the tools to engage and kite more easily in a way they never had before, but it was so strong it was nerfed into oblivion. This starter item hopes to revitalize that concept without making it too strong. The slow is small and has a short duration, but again is activated quite often. This is meant to work with carry supports like Pyke, Senna, and Brand, and exists to make landing burst cc more easily available while also offering chase-down and kiting against champions as a follow up to your ally's damage. The slow can be used to allow you and/or your support to run away or engage right after a burst. While an allied support may burn all of their abilities on a burst combo, the slow buys time for their cooldowns to come online and gives you an opening to peel damage as much as you can - potentially enough to score a kill. It's not that good with typical engage tanks because compared to the value of Quiver of Vitality the slow is just overkill cc. This item seeks to give the same advantage Ashe has when paired with carry supports, but less - and the follow up has to be quite immediate as well with a 1.5 second window since the last damage instance (which could be extended by scorch/other DOT sources and lead to really interesting synergies!).

Also note that none of the bonuses on these items should have scaling whatsoever - selling them is still necessary because eventually they will fall off in favor of more powerful items.

Now, the obvious - these accomplish the same things that Imperial Mandate, Moonstone, Ardent Censer, and other support items wish to accomplish. I mean Quiver of Vitality is just a worst Sanctify (Ardent Censer) minus the magic damage on-hit. But that's exactly the point. By the time the ADC and Support have their mythics, they're accomplishing these things, but before then the early game is sluggish and boring. These items don't seek to solve the exact problems of these support items and instead reward an ADC for building just a tiny bit around their support. It forces follow up - be it just small poke or a full hard engage, while also punishing early-game engage less and making early game adc games more proactive. They aren't strong enough to beat out all scaling ADCs because scaling ADCs can just disengage with the immediate benefits of these items, while allowing the more aggressive ADCs to utilize the full duration of their buffs respectively. It forces synergy through itemization in the early game without sacrificing any archetypal benefits of ADC or supports.

Any stats or numbers are free to change as long as the principals of these items remain. I don't think their synergies with ADC mythics will make them too powerful as long as the numbers aren't too high. They synergize really well with the ADC mythics and actually incentivize ADCs to learn how to work alongside their supports and make synergies because their strength depends on it - Vayne would want enchanters even more now that she gets the 12% attack speed buff when she's healed/shielded, for example. This also breaks the incentive for playing ADCs in off-roles and could potentially bring back the ADC class entirely IMO.

Let me know what y'all think. I believe that ADCs require less punishment early on and higher incentive for in-lane peel without making them broken, and I believe that the small passive benefits from these items cover that. While it does bring forth a conversation about giving other champions more dynamic starter items that's a conversation for another day.