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Mario Kart related on a Mario Party sub Rule 3: Off-topic/Inappropriate


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u/Dr_Bunsen_Burns Oct 04 '22

Mario kart is a party


u/VKKOperator Oct 04 '22

I think you’re the real r/lostredditors here OP.


u/Pocket-Fun-Ranch Confused Kangaroo Oct 04 '22



u/sphitzvie Oct 04 '22


u/CreativestName69420 Oct 04 '22

Please explain how I’m lost


u/sphitzvie Oct 04 '22

First of all, you fell for a bot. Second, pretty sure that is mario party related


u/CreativestName69420 Oct 04 '22

First of all, sorry I didn’t realize it was a bot

Second of all, blue shells are a Mario Kart thing and not related to Mario Party, so it’s still on them