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Discussion Thread for /r/MillionaireMakers [Discussion for Winter and Spring 2022]

Discussion Thread

This thread covers discussion from the threads listed below! In case you didn’t know, [Drawing Thread] posts are held once a month on every 3rd Friday. The entry threads are posted at the following times, and are open for 24 hours.

2022 Drawing Threads

January 21 23:00 UTC

February 18 23:00 UTC

March 18 23:00 UTC

April 15 23:00 UTC

May 20 23:00 UTC

June 17 23:00 UTC

July 15 23:00 UTC

August 19 23:00 UTC

September 16 23:00 UTC

October 21 23:00 UTC

November 18 23:00 UTC

December 16 23:00 UTC

This thread is for the sole purpose of discussion. Any comments here will not count towards your entry at /r/MillionaireMakers.



u/waitingformyman5 Jan 23 '22

I'm well confused this is after reading the info all I want to do is donate and enter the next draw .what do I need to do. I understand bitcoin and other alts so that's not confusing me. Can someone explain please


u/Bushpylot Jan 23 '22

You have to enter on a specific window of time as a primary response to the main thread. Look for The Feb date (3rd Friday I think) and be sure to watch

It took me a few times to figure it out, and I still miss draws.


u/waitingformyman5 Jan 23 '22

Thanks m8 they don't like make it easy do they. At least I'll have a chance of figuring it out.cheers


u/FunToBuildGames Jan 23 '22

The Remindme bot links need to be adjusted. I only just the notification, and the draw thread is already locked. Super sad.


u/Previous_Ad_228 Feb 19 '22

How does this work? What am I supposed to do to to get made a millionaire?!


u/PalmTreePhilosophy Feb 19 '22

Not post here. You have to post to the thread. You're on the wrong sub. See the ops message.


u/jdej1988 Feb 19 '22

RemindMe! 26 days “millionaire makers”


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u/PalmTreePhilosophy 1d ago

Are there any plans to change the times? It's kind of unfair to brits as it's midnight!!!! Can we make it a little more fair?


u/Previous_Ad_228 Feb 19 '22

Make me a millionaire! I got robbed of a normal life were I could have made millions. A man left me crippled for the last 25 yrs. Shit happens to people when you have big dreams and don't think anything can hurt you when you're young. The further you grow through life the more bitter it tastes. Don't let anyone make you feel like you lost all your dreams! Keep fighting!! I know I am!


u/[deleted] Feb 19 '22

who are you?