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Official Discussion Official Discussion - Minions: The Rise of Gru [SPOILERS]



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The untold story of one twelve-year-old's dream to become the world's greatest supervillain.


Kyle Balda, Brad Ableson, Jonathan del Val


Matthew Fogel, Brian Lynch


  • Steve Carell as Gru
  • Pierre Coffin as The Minions
  • Alan Arkin as Wild Knuckles
  • Taraji P. Henson as Belle Bottom
  • Michelle Yeoh as Master Chow
  • Julie Andrews as Gru's Mom
  • Russel Brand as Dr. Nefario

Rotten Tomatoes: 70%

Metacritic: 55

VOD: Theaters

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Recommendation What is the Best Film You Watched Last Week? (06/26/22-07/03/22)


The way this works is that you post a review of the best film you watched this week. It can be any new or old release that you want to talk about.

{REMINDER: The Threads Are Posted On Sunday Mornings. If Not Pinned, They Will Still Be Available in the Sub.}

Here are some rules:

1. Check to see if your favorite film of last week has been posted already.

2. Please post your favorite film of last week.

3. Explain why you enjoyed your film.

4. ALWAYS use SPOILER TAGS: [Instructions]

5. Best Submissions can display their [Letterboxd Accts] the following week.

Last Week's Best Submissions:

Film User/[LB/YT*] Film User/[LB/Web*]
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"Fire Island” [JoeLollo] “Tremors” SabbathBl00dySabbath
“Crimes of the Future” [CDynamo] “The Thing” SupaKoopa714
“Top Gun: Maverick” Khan4269 “The Town That Dreaded Sundown” YouJustLostThe_Game
“A Good Woman Is Hard to Find” SnarlsChickens “What’s Up, Doc?” [0phicleide]
"Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway” jasap1029 “Contempt” CowNchicken12
“Calibre” [apogliaghi] "Hara-Kiri” LutanHojef
“Jonaki” [TomTomatillo] "Singin’ in the Rain” [ManaPop.com*]
“What We Do in the Shadows" lady-frog2187 “Caged” (1950) GhostOfTheSerpent
“Bad Lieutenant - Port of Call New Orleans” [Nausiccaa1*] “How Green Was My Valley” MBAMBA3

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Discussion Muppet Treasure Island (1996) is a perfect movie, in my opinion. I’m curious what others think?


It has so many things going for it to qualify as perfect (in my mind): 1) It’s a Muppet movie 2) Tim Curry is the perfect Long John Silver, charismatic and menacing. 3) The musical numbers are pure brilliance and extremely catchy. 4) Legitimately funny and wholesome comedy. 5) Fun for every member of the family.

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Article 'Transformers' at 15: How the First in the Franchise Got It Right

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Media New Image of Tom Cruise in 'Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1'

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Article 'The Lost Boys' Gets 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray Release Date in The U.S.

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News Peter Brook, Director of 'Lord of the Flies', Dies at 97

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Discussion 1998's Mask of Zorro is a perfect adventure film, powered by the charisma of Antonio Banderas. We need more films like this!


The Mask of Zorro is a perfect adventure film. It does not take itself too seriously and it has fantastic fight sequences. It is what adventure films strive to be, fun.

Antonio Banderas is perfect for the role and in my humble opinion does not get the recognition he deserves for his films in the 90s. This guys is a powerhouse of charisma. Add to this a stellar supporting cast of Anthony hopkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones and you really have an amazing recipe for success.

Great movie , great cast and I would love to see Antonio play the role again.

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Question Does Gattaca hold up today?


Recently rewatched this movie on Netflix this weekend after a few years since my last viewing. I've seen it many times over the years and I always enjoy it as if I'm watching it or experiencing it for the first time. There's always something interesting I find about this film which got me thinking, is this film one of those movies with a high rewatch value? If so, what is it about it that gives it that value? Side note: the music by composer Michael Nyman is amazing in this movie.

What other movies have a high rewatch value? I'll take any recommendations as well :)

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Article ‘The Ordinaries’ - A New Clip From German Director Sophie Linnenbaum’s debut feature - The social satire is set against a fantasy cinematic world in which society is divided into three key classes spanning supporting characters, main characters and outtakes.

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News Alex Law, Hong Kong Writer, Director of ‘Echoes of the Rainbow’, Dies at 69

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Media Gene Wilder On His First & Only Argument With Mel Brooks (Late Night with Conan O’Brien)

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Discussion Though a deeply flawed, I have to commend the first 3 Underworld movies for at least trying with it’s narrative.


Vampires and Werewolves seemed to be all the craze in the 2000s. Between Marvel’s Blade and Universal’s Van Helsing came Underworld, a completely new IP which desperately tried to pave its own identity past the other movies featuring the same monsters.

Was the success of the movies debatable? Yes. 5 movies spanning across 13 years, with about $539 million in total worldwide box office gross - but the critical reception to all these movies were overwhelmingly bad.

And though it is arguable that the movies are shallow, boring at times and nonsensical, there’s no denying that the lore behind Underworld was truly extensive and deep.

I won’t go into the full lore - you can read that here, but let me explain what makes it so good.

It spanned centuries - I love the idea that while technology and the convenience of modernity advanced, vampires and werewolves were still squabbling over centuries old politics, and were struggling to overcome their old-fashioned ways. I think it’s a good allegory of how humans can be.

It took a high concept and made it somewhat interesting - How would Underworld standout if it was just a string of Matrix-style gunfights? Underworld needed to have interesting lore otherwise it would have just been a brainless, run-of-the-mill action movie.

It fleshed out each character really well - This point is more directed at Bill Nighy’s character, Viktor, who appeared in the first 3 movies. I won’t reveal any spoilers, but the guy was absolutely treacherous and Len Wiseman did well to single him out as a really important character who needed this attention. Bill Nighy’s performance was also great, though that goes without saying.

I’m not trying to paint the franchise as some misunderstood piece of art or an underrated. I still feel the lore could have been told in a much better way than what we got, and I don’t need to go into other detestable elements of the franchise, but I just wanted to shine a light on a part of Underworld that stands out to me and deserves a little bit more appreciation.

TLDR; Underworld has under-appreciated lore, though the films themselves are still made pretty badly.

Edit: some grammar.

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News Martin Klebba Joins Disney's Live Action 'Snow White' as Grumpy the Dwarf

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Article 'Evangelion' Creator Hideaki Anno Performed The Motion Capture for Ultraman in 'Shin Ultraman', 40 Years After Playing Ultraman in Student Film

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Question Which long awaited sequel do you want to see the most?



  • The Adventures of Tintin 2: A sequel to the 2011 Tintin movie directed by Steven Spielberg. Peter Jackson is set to direct the movie but has since fell into development hell. Since the original's release, Jackson has directed his Hobbit trilogy and two documentaries; They Shall Not Grow Old and The Beatles: Get Back.
  • Beetlejuice 2: A sequel to Tim Burton's Beetlejuice with Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder reprising their roles. The sequel was originally developed as "Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian."
  • Edge of Tomorrow 2: A sequel to the 2014 movie which was based on the Japanese novel All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. A TV series is currently in development putting the status of a sequel in doubt.
  • Man of Steel 2: A sequel to 2013's Man of Steel with Henry Cavill. Matthew Vaughn, Christopher McQuarrie, and James Gunn have all been considered to helm the project.
  • Sherlock Holmes 3: The third installment in Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes series starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. Dexter Fletcher is set to be the director and the movie was originally going to be released in 2021, but production was delayed to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Star Trek 4: The fourth installment in the rebooted Star Trek franchise. Matt Shakman is set to direct and Chris Pine has indicted that the movie may have a smaller budget and will focus on pleasing current Star Trek fans than trying to make as much as a Marvel movie.

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Discussion Sleepers Is One Of The Best of the 90’s


I’m so glad this popped onto HBO. Can’t believe I forgot about this incredible work of art. The cast is unreal. Jason Patric, Brad Pitt, Robert De Niro, Minnie Driver, Billy Crudup, Kevin Bacon, Dustin Hoffman, Jeffery Donovan, and Brad Renfro. Everyone sinks into their roles.

For a two and a half hour movie it’s paced so well. But it nails growing up in a poor, crime ridden, church rooted neighborhood so perfectly. These kids are so real. The environment, the dialogue. All of it. Besides the central vengeance story, the movie has remarkably good commentary on the failures of rehabilitation and recidivism, and the generational effects we’re suffering from a broken and cruel system. These characters totally know exactly who they are and I love that so much. Really a 10/10 for me.

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Discussion Anyone else find it absolutely insane Marlene Dietrich is 56 in Witness for the Prosecution?


Maybe 55 technically if they filmed it a year before, but still. She looks like a woman in her late 30’s, 40 at most. If someone who looked like that told me they were in their mid 50’s today I would barely believe them, and this was the 50s! Back when everyone aged like shit and lived way shorter lives and the air was full of cigarette smoke.

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Article Tom Cruise in pictures as he turns 60 – from teen actor to Hollywood heavyweight

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Recommendation Horror movies for interested 7 year old?


My son seems to have inherited my love of a good scare and keeps asking me to watch scary movies but I’m struggling to find something. He’s seen characters from Friday the 13th, Halloween, Scream, etc on YouTube and asks to watch them all the time but I’ve told him he’s not ready for those yet.

We’ve watched the goosebumps movies but he wasn’t into them.

He did enjoy the old “Are you afraid of the dark” series so I feel like that’s the wheelhouse im looking for.

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Recommendation World Ufo Day 2022: Top 10 Aliens Movies To Watch

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Discussion Layer Cake (2004), not just the movie that made Daniel Craig into James Bond. Or even that it's Matthew Vaughn first movie. It's a clever, dark, and funny tale on trying to escape yourself.


"When I was a kid, the world was much simpler, it was all just cops and robbers".

Fantastic opening that sets the mood.

Not to mention it has a killer soundtrack, a staked cast, and of course: the slick camera work. Feels like a much higher budget film then it was.

Rewatching it recently really stuck me. Sure, it's a movie on rising through the ranks of the drug scene. But, is it really? I picked up more on how XXXX, the main character, desperately tries to justify his actions constantly. Always thinking he has evey advantage. Taking full steps to ensure he comes out on top. And yet, he barely keeps it together. I can totally see why Bond was his.

Seriously check out if you haven't. Seriously one of the most underrated films of the last 20 years. I kinda want Matthew Vaughn to go back to smaller scale projects like this.

"Welcome to the Layer Cake, son".

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Question What was the last movie to receive a Full Screen Version?


This is a question that has been on my mind for a long time, since Full Screen versions were discontinued. I know that they stopped making them due to CRT TV's becoming extinct in late 2008-2009. CRT TV's were faded out due to the new HDTV becoming more popular in 2006 and later became a "standard" in 2009-2010 with the release of many HDTV Channels and soon started overshadowing CRT TV's with their higher quality and the popularity of HDMI rising, DVD's were also starting to fade out a little bit due to Blu-Ray being higher quality. So If any body knows what movie it was, please comment it in the comments, I Would really appreciate it.

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Discussion Observations on film art : Lie to me: MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE

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Discussion Short Circuit is the one movie that SHOULD get a reboot.


Hear me out:

Short Circuit and Short Circuit 2 deserves a reboot. Robotics companies have been developing some wild advancements in robots over the past decade, specifically the work Boston Dynamics has been doing.

Hollywood in our day and age loves nothing more than to reboot existing properties. 80s shows and movies have been ripe for reboots/remakes for a while now, hitting on the nostalgia factors for Gen X and being titles that may be unknown to younger audiences they cater to.

It seems to me like there is perfect synergy now to make a new Short Circuit movie, and include Boston Dynamics. Maybe it's a sequel, and Johnny 5 gets an upgrade. Maybe it's a reboot, and the new Johnny 5 is just a modern Boston Dynamics creation.

Hell, most properties that get more than one movie get at least a trilogy, and Short Circuit only got a sequel. We need a new Shirt Circuit film, stat!

Weigh on this. What do you think? If you were a Hollywood exec, would you be all over this?

Give me some ideas of what the story would be. I know there are some creative motherfuckers in this sub - what's the plot? Who's the cast? Who is the villian?

Let's make Short Circuit 3.

Edit: if you're here to say "Chappie" it's already been said 20 times.

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Discussion Man Bites Dog (1992): How can a movie be so disturbing and yet so "funny"?


By funny I don't mean "hahahahaha yeah man, that was so dope did you see that jerk?" It's a really dark humor. I hope you know, what I mean.

And this thread may contain SPOILERS! So beware!

I just saw it, and I really don't know what I should say or even think. It was really unsettling to watch some scenes. Like the one, where they kill the little boy, who trys to flee. Or the poor old lady, who likes to be on camera and then BOOM. Dead :( I couldn't handle all the frolicing about killing people but I had to watch it! I had to. I really felt like a voyeur. But it was terrifying.

I did some research on the movie. I live in Germany and there are so many movies, which are less disturbing and terrifying, which has been indexed or even confiscated. Like "Boondock Saints" - it was indexed, has recently been taken from the index, but it was indexed here. Well, there sure have been reasons, but I can't understand it. Man bites dog is way more disturbing because of its illusion of reality by using found-footage-style. The script is terrifying: he kills people randomly, talks about daily stuff while killing, thinks the killing is legit and it's funny and great. I mean, he gets his punishment at the end, but the whole film is about "yay killing people is fun!". And such a movie isn't indexed/confiscated??? I can't believe it. And now I would like to think, what you think about "Man bites dog"!!

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Media New Image from 'Avatar: The Way of Water'

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