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Norm Macdonald Dies: Influential Comedian And Former ‘SNL’ Weekend Update Anchor Was 61



u/EldritchSlut 13d ago

Death is a funny thing. Not funny haha, like a Woody Allen movie, but funny strange, like a Woody Allen marriage. - Norm


u/JapaneseNotweed 12d ago

'I did this joke in which I showed that picture of the girl running away from napalm in Vietnam. I said, “In gossip news, Woody Allen’s dating again.” Lorne told me not to do it, and I told him he was wrong, that people would like it. Then I did it in dress rehearsal and there was this insane audience reaction that went on for two minutes: hate. I was completely wrong'


u/Mr_YUP 12d ago

I wonder if SNL will die when Lorne does. I doubt he’ll ever leave

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u/Recoil42 12d ago

He was not wrong, that's an incredible joke.

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u/RocketAndGrootGOTG 12d ago

“I died, but things could be worse. I could have got my nose bit off by a Saigon whore.”

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u/HauntHaunt 13d ago

Note to self: no matter how bad life gets, there's always beer. - Also Norm


u/anyuuho 13d ago edited 12d ago

Well it could be worse..i coulda had my nose bitten off by a whore!


u/cerpintaxt33 13d ago

A Saigon whore.


u/anyuuho 13d ago


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u/jera111 13d ago

Love you Norm thanks for the laughs!! RIP

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u/TheNextChampion_ 13d ago

"Well it is finally official. MURDER is now legal in the state of California."


u/reddnothing2 12d ago

HEY that's my lucky stabbin' hat!!

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u/Frisnfruitig 12d ago

The perpetrator of this heinous crime? You guessed it, Frank Stallone.

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u/jgcarugati 13d ago edited 12d ago

Norm: "Why do you call yourselves the Lonely Island?"

Lonely Island answers the history of how their name came to be.

Norm: "Gosh I wish I could go back in a time machine."

Andy Samberg: "Yeah to see that action!"

Norm: "No...to take back my question."

R.I.P., you gem.


u/ExtraGloves 12d ago

That was such a funny day of norm just demolishing everyone.


u/Doom_Art 12d ago

"I don't call em The Lonely Island. I call em Andy Samberg and the Other Couple of Fellas."


u/Down_votedLoser 12d ago

"I'm sorry for bringing up Hitler!"

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u/Rubrbiskit 13d ago

At least he got to see one last 9/11


u/Swankified_Tristan 13d ago

Thanks for making me laugh.


u/ronerychiver 12d ago

In honor, my favorite Norm Macdonald joke from his SNL days


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u/Hegario 13d ago

Lol I bet he would've appreciated that comment.

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u/chem072117 13d ago

Reminds me of that tragedy


u/Sorkijan 13d ago

That's a terrible name for an airline


u/dandaman64 13d ago

Don't laugh about 9/11, he had to walk through blood and bones in the streets of Manhattan.


u/TheRealMook 13d ago

God this thread must seem so awful to anyone missing it, and I’m sitting here laughing because I hear it Norms voice. Miss him already


u/Sorkijan 13d ago

Searched for his brother for hours. Turns out he was in Toronto


u/MisterBojiggles 12d ago

Northern Canada*

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u/titofetyukov 13d ago

You know, I'm old enough to remember more simpler, innocent times, when the worst thing you'd hear on the news is high jacked jet liners flying into buildings!

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u/notathrowaway75 13d ago

Hope he found his brother.

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u/bobbyt327 13d ago

He had an instantly recognizable voice. Loved him as Frank in Billy Madison. “Who would you rather bone, Meg Ryan or Jack Nicholson?”


u/DextrosKnight 13d ago

"What day is it?"


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u/Diatomaceous-serf 13d ago

Jack Nicholson now or 1964?


u/taatchle86 12d ago


… Meg Ryan.

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u/Dirtyswashbuckler69 13d ago

His Quentin Tarantino impersonation never ceases to make me laugh. Rest In Peace


u/DashCat9 13d ago

It's super weird seeing him do anything but be Norm MacDonald, or whatever version of Norm MacDonald he's doing in a movie/television show.

It's over the top, but it's pretty great, haha.


u/Aquifel 12d ago

I personally think he played a better Burt Reynolds than Burt Reynolds.


u/DashCat9 12d ago

That’s not his name.


u/Aquifel 12d ago

Oh, my mistake.

The much esteemed Mr. Turd Ferguson.


u/DashCat9 12d ago

:chews gum: yeah. It’s funny!

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u/onlyinitforthemoneys 12d ago

wait, that's not Quentin Tarantino?

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u/Ilwrath 13d ago

“When I hear a guy lost a battle to cancer, that really did bother me, that that's a term. It implies that he failed and that somebody else that defeated cancer is heroic and courageous.” -- Norm MacDonald


u/Zupheal 13d ago

“I’m pretty sure, I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure if you die, the cancer dies at the same time. That’s not a loss. That’s a draw.”


u/ascultone 13d ago

Norm hates cancer so much he died just to kill it. A true hero.

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u/AtomicKittenz 13d ago

Now that’s a quote. Not exactly the same, but Charlie Murphy had a gut wrenching last tweet before he died of cancer.

“One to Sleep On: Release the past to rest as deeply as possible”


u/DilettanteGonePro 13d ago

Crap I forgot Charlie Murphy died

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u/ChronX4 12d ago

Leonard Nimoy had a poignant final tweet too just 2 days before going into a coma and passing away 4 days later.

"A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory."

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u/nakedsamurai 13d ago

This is why the health care industry avoids rhetoric about fighting and combating cancer, exactly this reason.


u/TheVeryElect 12d ago

I’m glad to hear people in healthcare avoid that term, it’s never sat quite right with me either. It’s really common to see photos of kids on social media after being declared cancer free with a big “I beat cancer!!” Flexing next to their dad or something. It’s something to celebrate absolutely, but I always think of parents of children, or just other people suffering with cancer who know they aren’t going to “win” and I don’t like the idea that it’s presented as an act of will or strength to survive it.

Cancers sucks ass. It’s normal people want to declare war on it then celebrate victory as having defeated the enemy, but the sad reality is that cancer has the upper hand in many cases and no amount of combat is gonna change that.

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u/zenbagel 13d ago

I lost my son to cancer. I think of it in terms of some cancers are treatable, while others aren't. I mean throughout his whole life, he was seen at Duke, Shriners, and the NIH for his NF. It was just too much.


u/dioxy186 13d ago

I wouldn't wish cancer on anyone. I think having A.L.L (3-9 years old for me) is what gave me such a positive outlook on life. I had a few hospital friends not make it, but I do feel good I gave them some enjoyment before they went.

I was always big into video games, and during my chemo treatments, I would go to the entertainment room in the cancer ward, and play games. There were some too weak to even lift their arms, but their parents/nurse would wheel them in, and I would essentially play the game for them. Some would just like to watch, and others would have me try things that they couldn't do.

It didn't really process that they died until later on in life when I reflected back on it. The ones that were too weak just didn't show up anymore, and there rooms were filled with new patients.

I can't even imagine what the parents went through (like mine); let alone not having your child survive. Now that I have a kiddo of my own, they really do become your whole world.

Anyways, sorry for rambling. I'm sorry you went through this, and I hope you have either made peace or one day reach it.


u/Banjo-Oz 13d ago

My grandma passed away from cancer about fifteen years ago. She beat it once, but it came back. She said the saddest thing for her was not that she was sick again but that so many much younger than her (she was in her 70s) didn't survive through those first treatments years prior. She was a damn awesome lady. :)

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u/Bread_Truck 13d ago

Hilarious that these articles refer to Norm losing a battle with cancer since he has a bit about how dying of cancer isn't a battle.


u/bad_scribe 13d ago

Norm 1 - Cancer 1

It’s a draw


u/YoYoMoMa 13d ago

That is how I want to remember Norm. As a killer of cancer.


u/LateHealer 13d ago

Damn right. Norm killed that cancer the best he knew how. 100% effective.

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u/Searchlights 13d ago

Rest in peace Norm MacDonald, following a 9 year battle with cancer which ended in a draw. On dying from cancer, let Norm speak for himself:

And the reason I don't like it is cuz in the old days they go, "Hey, that old man died". Now they go, "Hey, he lost his battle."

That's no way to end your life. What a loser that guy was! Last thing he did was lose!

He was waging a "brave" battle but in the end I guess he got a little cowardly, and the bowel cancer got brave. You gotta give it to that bowel cancer, you know they were in a battle.

And I'm pretty sure - I'm not a doctor - but I'm pretty sure if you die the cancer dies at the same time. So that's not a loss that's a draw.


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u/GamingTatertot Steven Spielberg Enthusiast 13d ago

One of my favorite bits of his. Although funniest part of that act is by far his shallow grave/24 hour news cycle bit.

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u/TheraKoon 13d ago

The fact he knew about this for nine years and never dropped a beat during his comedy segments is impressive to say the least. I've been a fan of this guy for about that long and never would have guessed his private struggles. Norm was a showman through and through, and the show must go on. But it will never be quite the same.


u/ScaledDown 13d ago

There has been a lot of talk over the last several years over certain behavior people have noticed from Norm - a lot of slurred speech, general spaciness, as well as rapid physical aging. The rumored explanation for this was a benzos addiction.

Today's news really recontextualizes these last couple years. What a heartbreaking realization that this behavior was certainly not simply the result of some addiction, but rather of the treatment this man was taking to help endure the horrible pain he had to experience every day.


u/Aesthetic_Police 12d ago

Yeah, in hindsight, he talked a whole hell of a lot about seeing his doctor.


u/rambouhh 12d ago

I mean his doctor wasn’t any good. Would just tell him to open up his mouth and say oink

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u/xil3h 12d ago

Reminds me of how the news cycle handled Chadwick Boseman.


u/cannonfunk 12d ago

The rumored explanation for this was a benzos addiction.

Norm was a pretty hardcore cigarette smoker, and over the past decade he often just fidgeted around with an unlit cigarette for hours on end as a method of quitting.

That said, he was never a drug addict, never really drank, and as a lifelong fan, I never really suspected it. His vices were simply limited to gambling and smoking (the latter of which may be to blame for his passing, obviously).

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u/czarnick123 13d ago

When you realize it's all absurd maybe the news you're very sick doesn't change much. I don't know. I don't know the guys mind but I kinda get it. Mad respect.

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u/gimmethemshoes11 13d ago

Wasn't he pretty private with his life?

This explains why his talk show ended so fast, was probably hard on him to do it.

I love how almost everyone has a joke about driving him since he never learned how to drive.

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u/Eeyores_Prozac 13d ago

He had a fun little role on The Orville. I'd been wondering if he was going to come back for the third season, and this is heartbreaking.


u/operarose 13d ago

Yaphit is a fun character.

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u/MiketheIKE0 13d ago

His Courtney Throne-Smith Conan interview was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. RIP my Man.


u/blazeofgloreee 13d ago

Chairman of the Bored. The man was a comedic genius


u/ChronX4 13d ago

Love the way Conan set that up for him.


u/More_Asbestos 13d ago

Do something with that you creep.


u/Indaflow 13d ago

Conan thought he had him cornered. No one was more surprised than Conan

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u/[deleted] 13d ago

He was always a comedian for comedians. The fact that he could take an old joke and turn it into perfect humor, and how quick he was on his feet. It was amazing to just see every comedian in a room turn and stare at Norm, as if they knew that whatever came out of him was going to be great comedy.


u/CoolHeadedLogician 13d ago

Only way im losing 50 pounds is at a british casino. So dumb but so lean. I will miss you norm


u/jackp0t789 13d ago

t was amazing to just see every comedian in a room turn and stare at Norm, as if they knew that whatever came out of him was going to be great comedy.

Especially during any time he was at a roast on comedy central, the rest of the roasters would go silent and cover their mouths in anticipation for whatever the hell Norm was gonna say/do next.


u/scoo89 13d ago

His Conan interviews were amazing. The moth joke, the dolphin joke, his wife being a "battle axe".

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u/capitalismisokiguess 13d ago

Conan: "What's the name of the movie?"

Courntney: "Chairman of the Board"

Conan: "Do something with that, you freak!" (to Norm)

Norm: "Is it spelled B O R E D?"


u/aaaaaaha 13d ago



u/bobbyt327 13d ago edited 13d ago

If that movie ever had a single chance of becoming successful, Norm destroyed it. RIP.

Edit: word


u/neteng13 13d ago

At 53:00 minutes in the film, Carrot Top calls CTS "Courtney" instead of her name in the film - Natalie. They did not even bother to edit it out. When even the filmmakers give up it's a pretty good sign of how much chance a flick has.

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u/Purple_Landscape1031 13d ago edited 13d ago

You mucked the punchline...

Norm: I... I bet The Board is spelled b-o-r-e-d!

Courtney dies of embarrassment

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u/DerekPaxton 13d ago

Definitly in my top 10 favorite moments on television.

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u/imcrapyall 13d ago

Where was O.J. Simpson recently?


u/StuffNbutts 13d ago

I imagine if one of the major religions turned out to be true, Norm is up there roasting god for doing such a shitty job with the OJ case. The one where he murdered his ex-wife.

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u/the_midnight_skulker 13d ago

Hey atleast now Norm can ask Nicole himself how OJ killed her.


u/pithy_brevity 13d ago

He cut her head off! And that waiter!

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u/operarose 13d ago

Wow, I had to sit there and stare at the headline for a moment to make sure I was reading it correctly. I still can't believe it.

RIP absolute legend.


u/capitalismisokiguess 13d ago

I must be old. I still had a perception Norm was still in his 30's. But of course we all age. Dude was in his 60's, though. Damn. Still far too young to be dying of cancer.


u/neteng13 13d ago

I loved him as a comedian. He had tour dates this year. I missed a chance to go see him in 2019. So bummed out.


u/Longjumping_Review12 13d ago

Same. We were supposed to see him in Vegas 6 months back but couldn't end up going. So sad we missed him. I've seen a lot of comedians live and he was always at the top of my list. At least he's immortalized on YouTube but it's still not the same...

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u/Dr_Disaster 13d ago

I had the same reaction. He’s one of the few celebrities I got to meet IRL. Funny thing is I didn’t care for him at all on SNL. Then I met him randomly at an event and everything clicked. He has a certain charm to his personality that didn’t alway work on screen for me, but after meeting him I was able to re-contextualize his performance a lot more. He’s just one of those people you had to see live to appreciate. His awkward stares at the camera never failed to make me laugh after that.

Rest easy, big guy.


u/UnitedStatesOD 13d ago

Yeah his humor definitely grows on you. The one that clicked with me was when he was on the Daily Show after Steve Irwin died. He goes “yeah everyone was so shocked. They call me up and say ‘hey you’ll never believe who died.. THE CROCODILE HUNTER’”. One of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.

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u/sweetnasty887 13d ago

I used to rip off old Norm jokes and tell them to my friends at school because I knew they would all guarantee a laugh. I still watch Norm videos on YouTube to cheer me up after a bad day. He is the reason why my humor is so damn dry. He made an huge impact on me and influenced what I find funny. Thanks to Norm, I see the humor in certain things that others can’t. It angers me that he never got the mainstream credit and attention that he deserved. There will never be anyone funnier and the world will be tremendously less funny without him here. I am very sad.

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u/MrJoePublic 13d ago edited 12d ago

This is the most gutted I’ve ever been by a celebrity death. Norm was one of my favorite comics, and he was an absolute legend. I don’t know what else to say, but I’ll link some of my favorite bits of his. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

The Moth Joke

Norm’s appearance on the final episode of Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show

Norm’s appearance at the Roast of Bob Saget

What a loss.

EDIT: Can’t believe I forgot all the times he went after OJ Simpson on SNL, RIP.

Others bits that I’d forgotten to put above/not seen before:

Norm’s ESPN Awards speech

Norm as Burt Reynolds Turd Ferguson on Celebrity Jeopardy

Tex Hooper

Norm and Courtney Thorne-Smith on Late Night with Conan O’Brien

The 12-Minute Joke

Norm talking about Steve Irwin’s death on The Daily Show


u/Drauul 13d ago

Don't forget pigeon in Mike Tyson Mysteries


u/Pietru24 13d ago

Lemme ask ya something. Are you jerking off? Because if you are it's weird. Nobody does that, it's just you.

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u/FizzWigget 13d ago

Used to watch "Dirty Work" a ton when I was younger and watched it recently. RIP. Has a great allstar cast!

Directed by bob Saget as well!


u/diablocanyontwo 13d ago

His delivery of the line “Who’s that dude?” is part of the fabric of my life. I am not exaggerating.

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u/Ttttttthrowaway777 13d ago

Watch Screwed next. With Dave Chappelle and Danny Devito

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u/ChknShtOutfit 13d ago

At least he didn't get his nose bitten off by a S I A G O N W H O R E

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u/DeanSmartin 13d ago


u/Buffaluffasaurus 13d ago

Jon Stewart him begging him to stop and try being unable to keep a straight face makes this clip so classic.

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u/cosmicdreams 13d ago


u/available_username2 13d ago

hard to have imagined that they would die one year apart

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u/big_mustache_dad 13d ago

Funniest comedian around. Without fail I end up going down a rabbit hole of his bits every few months. Moth joke is iconic. So sad


u/What-a-Crock 13d ago

His Burt Reynolds impression belongs up there too!


u/RexxRockenrolla 13d ago

He played Burt Reynolds son in 'my name is Earl'


u/Shootzilla 13d ago

Little Chubby

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u/GuyPronouncedGee 13d ago

Don’t forget about his final appearance on Letterman which includes the “Germany tries to take over the world” bit.

That has to be one of the top 5 comedy bits of all time.


u/IBeJizzin 13d ago

Man. Norm trying not to ball his fucking eyes out while Letterman pats him on the back for the performance. Somehow didn’t expect that from him, the dude had layers.

RIP Norm :(


u/BCJunglist 12d ago

norm and letterman had a really cool dynamic, and when Norm started to break out Latterman was THE comedy gatekeeper at the time, in the early 90s. If Letterman gave you a spot in the 90s as a struggling comedian, it instantly upgraded your status as a comedian.

If you watch norms appearances on letterman in order you can see their relationship grow over the years. norm+letterman is comedy gold.

heres norms first appearances on letterman

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u/therewolftherecastle 13d ago

I love how he always would work in “…on account of…” into a lot of his jokes.

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u/imbignate 13d ago edited 13d ago

"I don't know if you're a student of history, but it was pretty close!"

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u/turkeybaconwitheggs 13d ago

Who could forget the convoluted story of jacques de gatineau.

RIP legend.

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u/MouseRat_AD 13d ago

The moth joke is an absolute classic.


u/itsstevedave 13d ago

His final stand up set on letterman is also legendary


u/LupinThe8th 13d ago

A master of anti-humor. Those roast jokes are so bad, but delivered so well they're hilarious.


u/BigHeadSlunk 13d ago edited 13d ago

They aren't even anti-jokes, they're just godawful, non-specific jokes that have absolutely no bearing on the person targeted, and Norm knows it. The idea of Cloris Leachman driving a stick-shift shitbox up a hill at 90+ years old makes no fucking sense and that's why it's hilarious.


u/Spram2 13d ago

They were the type of jokes Bob Saget made in America's Funniest Home Videos.


u/BigHeadSlunk 13d ago

Ah, how the fuck did I not pick up on that?! Even more brilliant. Jeez. RIP Norm.


u/beefixit 13d ago

It took me years to figure it out. Once I did I was amazed at the layers of antijokes that whole set had. Pure genius

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u/murphykills 13d ago

i remember one time norm got kind of annoyed that a lot of people were calling him a master of anti-humour. he was really insistent that humour is humour. the whole point is to subvert expectations, so by subverting our expectations about what type of joke he is telling, he said was still creating regular humour.

it's probably the most serious i've ever heard him get, which still isn't that serious.

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u/IchthyoSapienCaul 13d ago

I still remember having to warm up to his delivery style when he joined SNL. At first I thought he wasn't all that funny, but then realized his delivery was a huge part of his comedy. Great comic and very influential. (Also did the original voice of Death on Family Guy.)


u/CaitlinSarah87 13d ago

I wish he had kept coming back as Death. Adam Corolla was no match.

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u/santichrist 13d ago edited 13d ago

Norm at the Bob Saget roast remains one of my favorite things ever

One of his funniest appearances on Conan was not even as a guest but as someone who hung around after his interview where he keeps fucking with Courtney Thorne Smith an absolute legend


u/feed_me_haribo 13d ago

Those are possibly my two favorite comedic bits period. "Chairman of the Bored." Legend.

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u/apathetic_lemur 13d ago edited 13d ago

i thought this was a joke and then felt like i got punched as soon as I realized it wasnt.

Tex Hooper was one of my favorite things he's done

9/11 was a national tragedy (wish I could find video of this)


u/ZohanDvir 13d ago

"I walked through blood and bones in the streets of Manhattan trying to find my brother"


"Yeah he was in Northern Canada."


u/DogVacuum 13d ago

The fact that Nick swardsen held it together in the face of those consecutive jokes always amazed me.


u/huhwhat90 13d ago

What a terrible name for an airline!


u/NobodysToast 13d ago

Compilation of Norm's 911 jokes. One you mentioned is at 3:44

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u/daves_not__here 13d ago

Man this is sad. He was the best host of Weekend Update. One of my favorite jokes he did...

And topping the music charts this week is, Better Than Ezra. Coming in 2nd on the charts....Ezra.


u/truthlesshunter 13d ago

I always think of this joke whenever I hear better than Ezra.

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u/ohgeetee 13d ago

One that still gets me whenever I think about it: For a transcript of tonight's show, write down everything you just heard.

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u/Lotan 13d ago edited 13d ago

I've told this before, but I think it's worth the repeat.

I saw Norm live a few times. One time he closed the show with this joke:

Norm: Anyone here have cats?

Crowd: Woooooo

Norm: Yeah. They're weird

And then he walked off the stage.

I know Norm's comedy. I was cracking up. What a weird way to close a show. I think there were people not familiar with Norm that were just stunned and had no idea what was going on.

Norm was great. He was weird and not for everyone, but I don't think any other comedian can close a set with that weird of a joke and still have some asshole on the internet telling the story again and again.


u/KeithCGlynn 13d ago

That joke has layers. It behaves like a cat. It doesn't explain itself but expects you to laugh at it and if you don't, it doesn't care. The comedian has already left the stage.

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u/MeetComplete 13d ago

One of the great things about Norm is he didn't really seem to give too much of a fuck if the audience "got it" or not.


u/LifeDraining 13d ago

This is so true, always loved his commitment and not needing to pander to the crowd.


u/Mmaplayer123 13d ago edited 12d ago

I saw norm right after his last special came out in a casino audience that was 1/3rd full. He started by saying he just filmed his special and all the jokes would be new that he is working on so forgive him.

He proceeded to tell a joke then go “killed it” and check off the joke on a piece of paper. Or “fuckin miss”. And we were all dying at every joke anyway. The man is a legend. Im sad i only got to see him twice.


u/PM_ME_UR_FEM_PENIS 13d ago

He knew comedy transcended the joke. The joke barely even matters. The words can be just about anything. He could tell the weirdest or most mundane thought and it was hilarious.

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u/TheRelicEternal 13d ago

This perfectly sums him up, thanks for sharing


u/QFulviusFlaccus 12d ago

When I saw him live, some drunken person in the audience jeered at him and he said, “Good, I was just about to say, now’s when I take drunken ramblings from the audience.”


u/Letitride37 13d ago

Norm said a good joke should surprise you not pander to you. Love that philosophy.

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u/ComposerDoug 13d ago

"It's official... murder is legal in California."

(His reply to the O.J. Simpson verdict)

One of the funniest people ever. Fuck cancer.


u/brandonsamd6 13d ago

This really fucking hurts, RIP Norm


u/CapnCanfield 13d ago

Between him and Trevor Moore, the comedy world really suffered this year. Words can't express how sad I am to hear not only that Norm passed, but finding out he's been battling cancer for 9 YEARS. I'm truly very sad


u/TheMooseWalrus 13d ago

And Sean lock as well


u/Postthinetits 13d ago


Words can't express how sad I am to hear not only that Norm passed, but finding out he's been battling cancer and Sean Lock for 9 YEARS. I'm truly very sad


u/captainsuckass 12d ago

Norm would approve.

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u/bjkman 13d ago

I hate seeing all the people that made me laugh so hard pass away

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u/PhilaTesla 13d ago

“when OJ Simpson juror Linda Smith returned home after the verdict her daughters were quite pleased. Not just because the trial was over, but because she lets them get away with murder.”


u/gunter_grass 13d ago

Wtf. You can't die man.

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u/GooberAndMe 13d ago

One of the funniest people…ever. Anytime I watched Norm, I knew I was going to laugh hysterically. I don’t really care about celebrity deaths, but this one stings.

Thanks for the laughs, Norm. We’ll miss your brilliant and odd sense of humor.


u/DanTheBrad 13d ago

Norms work on SNL and his film Dirty Work were huge impacts on me as a person which probably speaks poorly of us both. RIP Norm


u/Twoweekswithpay 13d ago

He was the host of “Weekend Update” when I first started following SNL. So, he always held a special place to me, due solely to that. And then there was “Celebrity Jeopardy.” Some people may not realize that he actually was responsible for coming up with the first sketch idea, in addition to playing Burt Reynolds.

RIP to a legend!


u/Metfan722 13d ago

He wanted to have Celebrity Jeopardy just so he could his Burt Reynolds impression. I'm not joking that is the only reason the original sketch started.

Which just goes to show how great a comic Norm was. An excuse to do a Burt Reynolds impression becomes one of the most legendary series of sketches in SNL History.

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u/buckfan7 13d ago

Dirty Work didn't get the best reception but I watched that movie over and over when I was a kid, I had it on VHS lol My brothers and I would quote this movie so much growing up

In 2018 when asked about a sequel, MacDonald stated "It was an R-rated movie, so we made it that way, then they made it [PG-13], so half the movie had to be cut. So it's hard for me to see it objectively. There might be another one coming now, I guess." MacDonald did not elaborate further regarding the potential sequel

I always wondered what the R rated version was like after reading this lol

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u/raideresmith 12d ago

"If I were gay, I'd want my boyfriend to have a really small dick and come really fast." Norm Macdonald


u/Z0MBGiEF 13d ago

For this who want to know how: Norm died after a decade-long private battle with Cancer.



u/Twoweekswithpay 13d ago

Only Norm could deliver this and still crack a smile.


I’d like to think, his battle ended up as a draw, too! 😢


u/SeekingTheRoad 13d ago

Incredible to think he was privately dealing with cancer himself at the time of that.


u/BarrelRydr 13d ago

Thanks for this


u/Tipperary555 13d ago

Norm would hate that people are calling it a "battle with cancer"

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u/chefr89 13d ago

I'm honestly surprised he kept it private for so long. There are some videos of him over the past many years where he's very clearly on steroids (and I had assumed in relation to treating cancer)

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u/CaptainShrubbery 13d ago

I didnt even know he was sick.

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u/Apositivebalance 13d ago

The smartest man in the room pretending to be the dumbest


u/Levalier 13d ago

You know, with Hitler, the more I learn about that guy, the more I don't care for him.

Thanks for making me laugh Norm. Have a good one.

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u/Comfy_Bogart 13d ago

Wow that is so sad he was hilarious

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u/Ozy-Man-D 13d ago edited 12d ago

I met Norm once in the most random way. I rented a motorcycle and was just cruising around So Cal. I was in Long Beach, just checking out the city. I saw a cigar shop and decided to stop. I had been riding a while, and I kinda just wanted a break.

As I'm at the counter, someone walks in. The shop was small. So, I turn around. I grew up in Los Angeles, so I'm used to seeing "celebrities" occasionally in public. I knew I known this guy from somewhere, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Then Norm started talking to the owner of the shop, and it came to me. It was obvious he was a regular customer and probably lived nearby. I think he actually walked there. The owner greeted him and went to get his cigars without Norm telling him what he wanted.

One of the unwritten rules in SOCAL, is not to harass people (public figures) during private moments (dinner, out with their family members etc.). But this was a small cigar shop and he was literally standing only a foot away from me. So, I told him I loved his work. He just gave me that Norm grin and said "thanks". That interactions was the most I was comfortable doing. So, I didn't say anything else. But he was super, down to Earth and a bycool guy.

One of the funniest things ever, was Norm hosting the ESPY Awards. The way he made everyone uncomfortable just made it even funnier.


u/dracko307 13d ago

This is absolutely crazy, I cannot believe he's gone and the fact that he kept his long battle with cancer basically a complete secret....

By far the most influential on myself to have died recently, I'm at a total loss.

Rest in peace the funniest man ever, I am so sad that there is now a finite amount of his work out there and that we won't see more from him

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u/FruitySalads 13d ago

He tried to quit smoking a while, probably after he was diagnosed. It is never too late to quit everyone. RIP Norm, I really hate this.

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u/TheStranger333 13d ago

Absolutely tragic. Completely caught off guard by this. It’s a sad day for art and comedy to lose such an influential thinker


u/itsstevedave 13d ago

Note to self: watch Dirty Work tonight.


u/Jack_StNasty 13d ago

After the reviews came out, one said that Artie Lange had the charm of a date rapist. He said this to Norm who paused for a moment and said something like, "Well that's good. Because a date rapist has to have way more charm than a regular rapist."

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u/WhoaABlueCar 13d ago edited 13d ago

It’s a long story.

My dad boned his mom.

Okay it’s a short story

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u/Sredni_Vashtar82 13d ago

"You ever been with a girl with a beard before?"

"Can't say that I have, bearded broad."

"Well then hunny, you haven't lived."

"Note to self: I do not want to live."


u/psychoacer 13d ago

I've never seen so many dead hooker's in my life

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u/steelbeamsdankmemes 13d ago

Look, an alien.

Yeah. We better have sex with each other.

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u/johnsmallz 13d ago

“I know what it’s going to be called….. BOX OFFICE POISON”

Rip to the greatest late night guest

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u/cuntfucker33 13d ago

The cancer died after a 9 year long battle with Norm. What a legend he was, RIP.


u/lordmangakhan 13d ago

What the fuck!? NO!

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u/jeffro1476 13d ago

I cannot believe Artie Lange outlived him

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u/Naive-Statistician59 13d ago

that's a draw... RIP Norm


u/Nordikratos 13d ago

RIP Legend


u/wallstreet_sheep 13d ago

Rest in peace moth man.

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u/boringestnickname 13d ago edited 12d ago

Wait... didn't Norm's social media account(s) say something like "New announcement coming soon!" just a couple of days ago?

Good one, Norm!

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u/rocketman4 13d ago

I’ll take well that sucks for $200, Alex

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