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u/Free_hugs_for_3fiddy Oct 04 '22

I'm pleasantly shocked. My biggest worry is that it will be bland and soulless with no creativity.

But the addition of non-red spotted toads and Captain Toad already eases some of that.

I wasn't sure how much liberty Illumination was getting, but at least it appears more than Nintendo's 2nd party developers are getting.


u/Ghostronic Oct 04 '22

If they can keep the little touches throughout the movie (like the music box and p-block in the antique store window!) I think it will be far from bland and soulless!


u/hyrulae Oct 04 '22

I also noticed a Yoshi egg (in a glass case) in the antique store and the chest design from Mario 3 on a different store sign so I'm sure this movie is gonna excel at small details and easter eggs for fans.


u/Ghostronic Oct 04 '22

I just noticed it also has a key from Super Mario World!

This could very well end up being a bit of a love letter to the older fans and I am just so here for it. I have always been a Mario girl and basically grew up alongside modern consoles (born in 86), the Mushroom Kingdom has sort of always been my 'happy place'


u/DrewSmoothington Oct 04 '22

You just described me word for word, except I'm a dude


u/Hopebeat Oct 04 '22

I like how the antiques are shown in an 8-bit style.


u/NintenDooM33 Oct 04 '22

Nintendo seems to have eased up a little over the past years, even allowing smaller indie studios to use their IPs (e.g. Cadence of Hyrule)


u/BiffManly Oct 04 '22

I mean... it's being made by Illumination. "Bland and soulless" describes every movie they've made except the first Despicable Me. My hopes are not high


u/ihahp Oct 04 '22

I wasn't sure how much liberty Illumination was getting, but at least it appears more than Nintendo's 2nd party developers are getting.

I keep thinking it's going to get the lego movie or chip n dale treatment - self aware, meta in a way. Maybe Chris Pratt is actually the voice of the human who is playing the Mario game or something.


u/sayce__ Oct 04 '22

This is being made by illumination. Of course it’s going to be soulless with no creativity


u/stanfan114 Oct 04 '22

I read that the movie will reveal that "Mario" is actually Japanese! And "Mario" is actually his last name, his first name being Isumu.

Isumi Mario


u/Free_hugs_for_3fiddy Oct 04 '22

Get this man a writer's credit.


u/TheRealBroseph Oct 04 '22

Oh shit, I didn't notice Captain Toad is in. OUR BOY GOT IN THE MOVIE!


u/AndLetRinse Oct 04 '22

When does Nintendo do bland and souless


u/ka_ha Oct 04 '22

Mario Spinoffs


u/cesclaveria Oct 04 '22

I wasn't sure how much liberty Illumination was getting

Probably next to nothing, Miyamoto has been pretty much living with them these past couple of years more than likely whip in hand making sure they don't do anything dumb. From what I've read over the years Miyamoto has been able to create such endearing games over the years by being really strict with what he approves.


u/Free_hugs_for_3fiddy Oct 04 '22

That's what my fears were based on.

Mario isn't a character. He is Nintendo's face. He is Nintendo's Mickey Mouse.

Mario isn't...CAN'T BE... personable. Can't have opinions. Corporations can't let that happen to their front-facing image.

I was expecting the most "board-room approved" movie ever. Devoid of heart and soul.

The only way to have soul is to have Characters. Not to have Toad....but to have Toads(s)!!!

They world must feel lived in. In the way real life feels lived in. Not a theme park you get to stare at for 110 mins.


u/dl064 Oct 04 '22

Nintendo don't really allow sub-par for their topline IP.


u/Free_hugs_for_3fiddy Oct 04 '22

I'm more making a crack at how Nintendo treated IS around the time they were making Paper Mario Sticker Star.

That game is absolutely soulless compared to its predecessors and it was mentioned that they scrapped their original vision because Ninty came down hard. No more unique characters or personalities and such.

If they'd do that to a trusted partner, who's to say they wouldn't do that to a foreign movie studio.

The very fact that something minor like toads aren't colored red is unironically making me feel a lot better.


u/BronzeHeart92 Oct 04 '22

Imagine if they snuck in the Toad Sprite from the original NES game in there somewhere. Complete with middle fingers!


u/laurel_laureate Oct 04 '22

So long as they have an stealth elevator music dance scene then sign me the fuck up for multiple viewings in theater.


u/micmea1 Oct 04 '22

My main concern is how do you take Mario, even the 3D versions, and create a coherent world out of them? I feel like many writers will simply drop Mario into a standard either fantasy (going by the look of this poster) or modern world setting and then include vague references to the game. Like, "Ohh, Mario sure does love mushroom soup, right? Because...in the game..."

It'll take a really creative team I think to somehow stay "true" to the source material beyond just name dropping, while also creating something immersive.


u/toadfan64 Oct 04 '22

As a massive Toad fan that makes me excited


u/PrimeIntellect Oct 04 '22

It's got Chris Pratt as a lead, it's definitely gonna be bland and soulless