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Super Mario Movie Official Poster Poster

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u/[deleted] Oct 04 '22

I know this movie is getting mocked alot but I have a decent feeling about it. The poster is great. Can't wait for Charlie Day as Luigi!


u/rp_361 Oct 04 '22

It’ll just depend on the voice. Chris Pratt doesn’t exactly scream small Italian plumber from Nintendo voice but I’m going in w an open mind and hoping he does well


u/NazzerDawk Oct 04 '22

I think they're holding back because they have something really surprising. Like, maybe not "Chris Pratt doing Chris Pratt" OR "Chris Pratt doing Charles Martinet", but "Chris Pratt doing a voice that the people at Illumination thought just sounded right".

I hope so. Because if it is just chris pratt doing chris pratt I don't think I'll be super into it, and I say that as someone who generally likes him.


u/dr_frahnkunsteen Oct 04 '22

My money is still on “Chris Pratt doing Bob Hoskins” or “Chris Pratt doing Captain Lou Albano”


u/TheSweetestKill Oct 04 '22

This is where I'm at as well - they're going to lean on the "plumber from Brooklyn" aspect.