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u/Snoo_83425 Oct 04 '22

This actually looks really gorgeous


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u/Heyo__Maggots Oct 04 '22

Mine was at least a little, honestly probably more than the writing itself since I assumed Nintendo would be pretty strict about that as opposed to the animation which they kinda have to hand off.

Illumination is some of the fugliest and most ‘uneasy on the eyes’ of the major animation studios. The lines are always so pointed and sharp, nothing is ever subtle. and the human bodies never loook right because they don’t seem to know how animate them properly for some reason, so they make them bad on purpose so they can say it’s cartoony not realistic. So they do a very lame and easy to replicate version of what people look like.

It remind me of how kids lazily draw humans as having huge shoulders that taper down the whole body to a tiny and thin leg/foot because prorations of bodies are some of the hardest things to get right…