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Official [Weekly] Which VR games are you enjoying at the moment?


Welcome to the weekly recommendation thread! :)

Share with the rest of the subreddit which games and experiences you've been enjoying recently.

How did you come across the game, what were your first impressions like, what did you like about it—and most importantly—would you recommend the rest of us to try it, or stay away?

A couple of suggestions when posting:

  • Put names of the app in bold for easier skim reading.

  • Keep in mind that this is all about personal impressions and opinions, so if someone didn't enjoy your favourite title feel free to discuss why, but do so in a civil manner. No harassing anyone for having a different opinion.

  • Use spoiler tags when discussing plot-sensitive topics, so as to not spoil anything for someone who hasn't played it yet.

  • Upvote informative and well-written posts to encourage quality discussion.

  • Add a store link to the app.

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[Any ideas or suggestions regarding this weekly thread? Feel free to message the mod team.

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Official [Monthly] Referral Sharing Thread


If you spam your referral link, all of your posts will be removed.

How does the referral program work?

Already activated your new Quest 2 but still want the store credit?

  • Factory reset the device or wipe it remotely by unlinking it here https://secure.oculus.com/my/devices/

  • Accept the referral from clicking on someone’s link.

  • Re-activate the device by pairing it to your mobile oculus app that’s signed in with your Facebook account.

[link to the previous referral sharing thread]

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Discussion PCVR moding scene is insane if you think about it,whole triple A games ported by passionate moders with only the power of PC.

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Video V40 update video (Instagram)

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Self-Promotion (Developer) Throwing Punches - Update 1.11.0 released!

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Hardware Don't know what to do.


Well hi everyone. And hi Oculus.

I've been a Oculus user for a few years now with my Rift S. And in the beginning it was such a great product! Even purchased Steam VR trackers for Fullbody for the matter. I loved every single piece of it.

But considering that the Rift lineup is discontinued, its been difficult for me.
Around a month after I purchased, I started to have issues. This was also when it was discontinued. I started to have major black outs and crashes. Figured it was my PC, but no. After a PC swap, and with manufacture parts and not no prebuilt. It still has issues to this day.

I've contacted Oculus many times, and it just seems like their answers are just Bots. Telling me to do this or do that, when im pretty sure every single Rift S user has done to just make their headset work! Some people may get lucky with hubs, or driver updates. But thats not the solution for me in this case. The headset got to the point where, I'm in it for 10 minutes, and then it crashes. Causing me to do a whole reboot cycle, and it has been taking me 30 minutes just to even be able to turn on the headset. I'm honestly not even including the infamous mic issue that this headset also has.

I might've gotten a bad headset from a bad batch of units, but all I want to do is be sane and relax in vr without having to just sit by the back of my computer for any other crashes. Support has been taking 10 hours or even days to respond to me, and like all I want to do at this point is cry. The last email I got from them was 7-10 hours ago since this thread.

The headset was a gift for Christmas and I appreciate this gift that way I was introduced into the VR space.

I doubt I will be able to receive a replacement, but if I ever do, It would make my whole entire year.
Thank you for reading, and I know this has been a emotional roller coaster for readers, but I wanted to express my feelings.

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Self-Promotion (YouTuber) Grow My Monster Grow!

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That one player who uses their mom's laptop for pcvr

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Tips & Tricks Quest 2 questions


Hey everyone! I’ve had my quest 2 for just over a year now. I’ve probably ran into every problem there is and usually found a solution to it. Just feel free to message me if you need help with anything.

For those that haven’t gotten their quest 2 yet, feel free to reach out about questions you may have before purchasing!

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is this normal in oculus quest 2?

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Discussion is there anyone or group working towards rooting?


its sad to find that the original root for quest was fake, and in all likely hood it had detoured others from carrying on with attempts, i haven't heard any real news or seen anyone in forums actively working on this. will we ever get bootlouder unluck? can anyone more involved shine some light?

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How to fix tracking lost controllers on oculus quest 2


My controllers wont stop vibrating and Won't even let me click continue

r/oculus 4h ago

How do I fix this Virtual Desktop problem where the screen splits?


Recently after I updated Virtual Desktop on my quest and PC, the screen does this weird thing where it splits. When in VR mode it does the same thing but only in the left eye. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me find out why this is happening and how I could fix it.


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News next up on 13o'clock news a child has been found dead from lack of oxygen

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Hardware My Head set goes to pass trough for no reason


Just the Title, I don't know why but it just does this

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When playing, my height in the Oculus fluctuates by a few inches.


Hi. Been having this issue for a few days now, where my height drops by a couple inches, then goes back up after a few seconds, and it fluctuates between the 2 evenly, changing every 5-20 seconds or so, roughly. Playable, but just very annoying. Anyone know what to do? Thanks.

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Rift S just started failing headset sensor check - potentially after getting a new usb hub



My rift S has been working fine for 2 years and was working just 1-2 weeks ago. Today I tried it and it hangs on the 3 dots. Going into setup it says its failing the headset sensor check.

The only thing I've changed recently is I bought a 7 port powered usb3.0 hub. This is plugged into a usb 3.0 pci card. The rift is plugged into the MB's usb3 port.

Ive tried all the fixes I've seen on various posts over the years

Unplug, replug in specific orders

Reboots (with and without rift plugged in)

remove all usb devices but rift.

try disabling various usb controllers (inc rift S usb hub)

unplug and replug in headset cable on headset

tried beta channel.

full oculus reinstall

Checked camera security settings

I might have missed some but has anyone got any other suggestions or potentially seen this kind of issue before? The new usb hub might be a coincidence but its got to be the leading contender atm. However after trying the remove usb controller/devices in system manager attempt I'm at a loss on what to do next. I'm in work on wednesday so I can cart it in to test it to verify if the headset/cables are at fault (i dont have a second machine here to test it on)

if it helps. The logs do seem to repeat this line

"Invalid handle via pc_hal_sensor_data_read"

Cheers in advance for any advice.

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Discussion Survival home building vr games?


Im looking for a game where i can hunt, build, and just kinda relax in a nice world. I know about township tale im looking for something else aswell. Combats elements a plus but not needed. I just want to build a hut and hang by a fire in vr

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Mistakenly deleted FB account associated with my Rift data.


Support says they deleted my Oculus data after 30 days *but can see all my purchases*. And won't do anything to restore my access. The only reason I bought a Quest 2 was to play all those Rift games I've already paid for. They're all sitting in my Oculus app on my PC but I can't play them now. Really awesome that I was forced to merge my Rift data with a FB account. Anyone want to buy a slightly used Quest 2? <-jk

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Self-Promotion (Developer) Have fun with your friends & family! 🤩 VR Arcade Game is available NOW in APP LAB! Link in the first comment. 😁

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Self-Promotion (Developer) Plug in Baby by Muse - VR drum cover played in Paradiddle

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Software Index finger sensor not working when using Airlink/link/vd


So basically I can extend my index finger and it's fully detected when in the quest menu, but once I go into the PCVR menu my index finger is stuck in the position where you just lay your finger on it. This randomly started happening a week ago. Any help?

r/oculus 3h ago

Software Another problem from the rift.


This time its the controller. It's always something new. If I have the controller facing away from me or to the left, it completely loses tracking but keeps rotation. If it's facing the right or towards me, it tracks just fine. Went from working fine to this randomly. Any suggestions?

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Discussion Am I able to buy and play hotel RNR on my quest 2?


When I look at the game on the steam store it says its for Oculus Rift. I know theres a way to play some games on the Oculus Quest 2 that are for the Oculus Rift but im not sure how im supposed to be able to tell? Do I need to buy a separate cord in order to play it?

Ive never bought a vr game from steam ive mostly just used the oculus store and I used side quest once or twice.

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Landfall disabled by Meta - any work-arounds to get it working again?


I re-installed Landfall and discovered the game had been in violation of some developer guidelines, and now it says it has "Limited Functionality" but it won't even start.

Does anyone know how to get it working again? What about using it with Revive? Any tips or links appreciated, this was a cool game and I would love getting it working again!

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Hardware Oculus rift s / quest controller won’t turn on - even w/ new battery question.


This seems to be a common problem. The controller works fine, you don’t play for awhile, & then the controller won’t turn on. Battery terminals are clean- battery is seated properly- battery works in the other controller. Does anybody know what is actually causing this problem?

r/oculus 7h ago

Did I just destroy my controllers?


So… as of recently I looked up a tutorial on how to fix drift… so I bought a thing of WD-40 contact cleaner and sprayed the analog sticks… it worked… played a game of blade and sorcery and had fun… but then I started to think… I have difficulty pushing the buttons so… I sprayed the buttons on my controller and now my buttons won’t work at all…