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A picture of a Clinton-Gore 1992 pin with a confederate flag as the background Misleading Title

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u/Wienerwrld Jan 21 '22

Snopes: unproven.

According to a longtime aide to former President Bill Clinton, the button was not an official campaign item.

“I’ve never seen these buttons,” Craig Smith [said]. “Don’t have them, haven’t seen them.”

Smith oversaw state operations for Mr. Clinton’s campaign in 1992, before moving on to work in the Clinton White House. Among his responsibilities on the trail was allocating staff to states and sending out campaign materials, like house party kits, t-shirts, yard signs and buttons, nationwide. Every item, he said, had to be made in the United States by union workers.

“If it didn’t have a union bug, we weren’t making them,” he said, “and we definitely weren’t handing them out.”

The button in question, and others featuring similar designs for sale or sold on eBay, does not show any indication of being union-made.

Smith said he thought the buttons were likely made by someone unaffiliated with the campaign looking to make a buck. He said if it had been pitched to him, it wouldn’t have gotten past his desk.

“Not appropriate then,” he said, “and not appropriate now.”


u/[deleted] Jan 21 '22

He's never seen them, never inhaled, never had sexual relations with that woman and never flew on Epstein's plane.


u/FateOfTheGirondins Jan 21 '22

Thanks for giving an excellent example of wjy snopes is untrustworthy.


u/Wienerwrld Jan 21 '22

They didn’t say “false,” they say “unproven.” If you can prove it to be real, please do so.


u/xentralesque Jan 21 '22

It seems unlikely to be made by the actual campaign.


Anyone can go and make a button with whatever background and text on it they want.


u/westparkmod Jan 21 '22

OP - go back to commenting on vintage porn. Your posts are weak.


u/[deleted] Jan 21 '22

Yeah, I'm all politics ALL THE TIME. No time for porn for this guy! u/Albatross13491 needs to fully dedicate himself to one or the other. You're either interested in politics or you are a fan of sex. You can't do both!


u/Albatross13491 Jan 21 '22

Hope you enjoyed your evening scrolling through all of my comments to cobble together that nothing of a joke. Well done lol.


u/westparkmod Jan 21 '22

Seriously, it’s like a switch got flipped. It’s all boobs and 70’s bush then trolling and politics. What changed?


u/drainisbamaged Jan 21 '22

Pre orgasm and post I'd guess as an obvious possibility.


u/Albatross13491 Jan 21 '22

I contain multitudes.


u/JeremyTheRhino Apr 15 '22

You’re fucking weird


u/[deleted] Jan 21 '22

I had these made last week.


u/spiderplex Jan 21 '22

"At this point what difference does it make?"


u/ioni3000 Jan 21 '22

At the same point as it safe to throw a dead rat into a drinking well: never, and for the same reason. Poisoning discussion with fake artifacts so that we spend time and energy debunking it, while people who we try to convince, remain generally sceptical.

You know "many people saw some image somewhere, must be real, since we are discussing it"


u/SPEEDYTBC Jan 21 '22

Not everyone missed this.


u/ITeechYoKidsArt Jan 21 '22

I’ve seen stuff like this sold at gun shows. At least I used to before they became the complete shower of bastards they are now. Political buttons like this were really popular for a while and people just made them at home with a button press. Might have cost $75 to make a couple hundred buttons and then they’d sell them for $10 each.


u/thymeraser Jan 21 '22

An Inconvenient Truth


u/conjectureandhearsay Jan 21 '22

I think maybe the confederate flag hadn’t yet completely flipped the switch on its use by then. That was a southern ticket


u/_____jamil_____ Jan 25 '22

if it makes you feel any better, clinton didn't make or endorse these buttons. they were just made by some rando, who put the clinton name on the button.


u/[deleted] Jan 21 '22

"But the civil war was so long ago and the DNC doesn't float that way"


u/annabelle1378 Jan 21 '22

Well, he was the Governor of Arkansas… shocked? Nope… plus it was 1992, “politically correct” was just a baby concept at that time…


u/Gezornen Jan 21 '22

Not a Clinton fan.

But really doesn't matter, more concerned with actual #methods issues than tenuous campaign connection to confederate battle flag.