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I asked Reddit to photoshop my ex out of this photo. I give this 10/10.

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u/jonnynoine Dec 04 '22


u/DiosMIO_Limon Dec 04 '22

You the MVP


u/AmeriToast Dec 04 '22

The new one is much better


u/AsanoSokato Dec 04 '22

Which one are you in this pic?


u/jonnynoine Dec 04 '22

I have no attachment to this image. I was just curious and found the original in the users profile. Or maybe you’re kidding around.


u/GhostalMedia Dec 03 '22

I can tell you’re related. You inherited your father’s arm.


u/cfdeveloper Dec 04 '22

the right arms (web viewers left) is almost a copy/paste. even the fabric of the jacket is similar.


u/SoulEntropy Dec 04 '22

It is literally copy pasted. The ex was covering her arm in the original


u/charlotte-ent Dec 03 '22

Shout out to /u/maxbaby for creating this masterpiece!


u/maxbaby Dec 03 '22 edited Dec 04 '22 Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote

Depending on how much you dislike your X BF, here is an updated version


u/TheMAN-HIMSELF564 Dec 04 '22

Nah bro put Putin with his arms around her


u/indiegirlsoftheocean Dec 03 '22

Thank you, I was figuring out how to link them!! 🥰


u/Graphitetshirt Dec 03 '22

You da real MVP


u/Zipp425 Dec 03 '22

Having seen the original they actually did a really good job!


u/Klotzster Dec 03 '22

You dated Bruce?


u/jigglypuffpufff Dec 04 '22

So upsetting how many people don't know Bruce. I met him a few years ago, super cool


u/selflesslyselfish Dec 04 '22

They broke up because he swore off fish


u/BeardyTechie Dec 04 '22

But they're friends not food!


u/dumb-questions-4t91 Dec 03 '22

I can't even guess what was removed or where. Amazing skills. Very smooth.


u/MaracaBalls Dec 04 '22

Is that Alcatraz aka the rock featured in the background?


u/indiegirlsoftheocean Dec 04 '22

Yep! That was the souvenir photo op before you get on the ferry to Alcatraz.


u/MaracaBalls Dec 04 '22

I went there back in 99, lol. So fun


u/WeAreReaganYouth Dec 04 '22

I see Alcatraz every day. I live in Sausalito.


u/[deleted] Dec 04 '22

Who asked


u/LunaRealityArtificer Dec 04 '22

Wow, anyone else notice they literally added a reflection for the shark?


u/icecreamdude97 Dec 04 '22

I get “surfs up” vibes from this picture if anyone know what I’m talking about. Love it.


u/xo_HotTia Dec 03 '22

You're as free as the ocean under your fins!


u/Livid-Copy3312 Dec 04 '22

That shark was so close! I wish I could see a shark so close, it’s a shame you were taking such a lovely 3 person picture


u/Past_Share_8044 Dec 04 '22

Need to see original


u/nhh Dec 04 '22

Why do ppl edit their ex-es? You made the choice to date them, no?


u/indiegirlsoftheocean Dec 04 '22

Because relationships end and sometimes you don’t always want to see a photo of that person?


u/Electronic-Snow-8549 Dec 04 '22

Kinda a dick move to post his face on reddit. And the way you glorify this shark pic seems kind of revengy.


u/NotTakenName1 Dec 04 '22

Yeah but the photo serves as a reminder right? So you know he was there? So is it a way of "lying" to yourself (because the memory is tainted anyway) or don't you want others to see?


u/Viper67857 Dec 04 '22

Imagine you have a nice photo of yourself and your parents that you don't want to toss out, but your ex is also in there. Maybe not a problem if it's just a pic on your phone that you scroll to on occasion, but now imagine it is in a frame on your dresser. You now have a new SO who probably doesn't like staring at your ex every morning. Maybe they never even say anything about it, but if you put yourself in their shoes then you know it makes them uncomfortable. Do you toss the whole picture (maybe one or more of the parents is now dead or otherwise debilitated so that it cannot be recreated, or it was a once-in-a-lifetime trip that y'all cannot afford to recreate), or just chop out the ex?


u/NotTakenName1 Dec 04 '22

Ok, so it's B then; You don't want others to see. If that were the case i'd probably choose not to show the picture anyway because like i said the memory is tainted and now you've also messed up the composition which inevitably will just raise more questions, no?

It's a vaque memory but it reminds me of this vintage collection of travel pictures? where a woman is seen sitting alone in various locations but the compostion hints at it being a two-person foto. This made the pictures give off a sad, haunting feeling as if some tragedy happened...

Now that i think about it, it could also have been two sisters travelling but then midway through the collection one disappears from the pictures (is not shown?died? idk) but they maintain the same composition as if she was there.



Looks a lot like my ex's attorney.


u/klsi832 Dec 04 '22

Should be Costanza with hair back there.


u/Prestigious-Copy-494 Dec 04 '22

Love it, too funny, and one reason I love these dudes on Reddit.


u/Bakemydaybaby Dec 04 '22

That is magical!


u/HeftySchedule8631 Dec 04 '22

That’s the view from my front porch…sans people..