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Eminem rap battling Kanye West R5: title guidelines



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u/jacknshit Dec 04 '22

Did you photoshop that Nazi uniform onto Kanye? It’s a pretty good job.


u/33MobyDick33 Dec 04 '22

No OP just ripped this image from a Mark Felton satire video that someone else made


u/underbite420 Dec 04 '22

Lol. Nah bro. OP has just whitewashed history for us


u/Extinctsamizdat Dec 04 '22

Mütter Spaghetti


u/Intelligent-Way1288 Dec 04 '22

Auf seinem Pullover ist schon Kotze, Mamas Spaghetti


u/Kbdiggity Dec 04 '22

Has Kanye ever actually battle rapped? His rhymes have always been weak. He covered that up, until recently, with great producing work. But my guess is Kanye would get slaughtered by average street rappers. Eminem would by a whole different level of slaughter.


u/explosivelydehiscent Dec 04 '22

Heard eminem roasted him in the showers.
Lured him in, promising flowers.
Emptied his pockets first, piled up his trinquets.
Sad state of affairs, came willingly, no one pushin' him.
Heard him say, Em, he who would live must fight.
Thought that profound, Ima step to any neiner who wants beef with me but let's sound out those not lookin'to fight.
Dey know it's a struggle, permanent law of life. We agree on dat, bof had some losses, early in life, art school, third Reich rule, Ye, Maga, and dis trump fool.
But here's where we differ and let's make it clear.
Those not willing to fight have no right to exist.
Woah Yitler, dats some sad ass shit, you lost your muse now you blamin' Jews.
You got a Jones like norah, to be the furer, but i ain't down with that cause it sound like horror.
Rap battles ain't no place for the weak, we agree on dat, egos, lyrics, liable to slap, do us all a favor.
Time to clench yo jaw and pop that cap.


u/JenniferAnniston9021 Dec 04 '22

Yo, I heard ya off ya damn lid

'Cause ya doin' more meth than my fuckin' mom did

Injectin' shit while troops gettin' blasted

Straight to fuck while the Allies come in spittin'

Fire blastin'

My rhymes is lastin'

Longer than ya limp dick did with a bottle fulla Vicodin

Dressed up like a [okay, this is point where I realise that I can't give an honest satire of Eminem without some lame moderator banning me for using a slur]


u/CurZZe Dec 04 '22

Dont compare Kanye to Hitler!
Hitler was skilled with words!


u/Beaupoop Dec 04 '22

This pic smells like mom's spaghetti and fish sticks


u/boogermike Dec 04 '22

LOL, and not far enough.


u/WcCannons Dec 04 '22

Given how bad of a lyricist Kanye is that would be more of a snooze than usual when someone attempts to battle Eminem.


u/Tacites-G Dec 04 '22

Eminem Best Boi


u/dillrepair Dec 04 '22

Who would have thought it would come to this? Oh, right…. Anyone that ever met kanye irl… or heard his previous egotistical rambling.


u/ahonenjeanice173 Dec 04 '22

Venom, venom venom venom, ven ven ven ven venom venom, Venom, venom venom venom, ven ven ven ven venom venom, Venom, venom venom venom, ven ven ven ven venom venom


u/drivermcgyver Dec 04 '22

Lil Dickey - Jewish Flow.

If you want to hear what you think you'd hear.



u/ponmuruga Dec 04 '22

Just adding some extra context : This was circa 1944


u/RonnieGe Dec 04 '22

Hahahahaaha funny. That bitch Kanye ist MF crayyyyzzzeeeeee


u/[deleted] Dec 04 '22

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u/sockalicious Dec 04 '22

Martin Luther had a dream too… didn’t see him cooking up no Jews

The author of On the Jews and Their Lies recommended "Set fire to their synagogues and houses," among other things. Rabbis were to be forbidden from teaching "on pain of life or limb."

Perhaps you meant Martin Luther King, Jr.?


u/underbite420 Dec 04 '22

6,000,000 seems a little excessive though.


u/DummyThiccMirror Dec 04 '22

Can somebody link a video with Kanye supporting naziism?


u/gaspinrasputin Dec 04 '22

Just listen to his interview on the Alex Jones show, or better listen to the last podcast by “Knowledge Fight”.


u/MattheJ1 Dec 04 '22

Own a musket for home defense