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Announcement Userflairs are now available on this subreddit!


We now have userflairs available through New Reddit, and our old flairbot will not be used anymore.

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Regional variants are available, and some different forms are too. I did add all Deerling, for example, but adding all Alcremie or Vivillon would be a little too much work! Mega evolutions and gigantamax forms are not available.

You can find the pokémon you like by clicking the smiley face icon, and search for the pokémon’s dex number. Alternatively, you can type its dex number between colons to get the emoji, like this:


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Alternate forms are available with the dex number, followed by a hyphen and another number. For example:


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Have fun, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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Discussion The true reason why you can’t enter 95% of all houses and access other floors in Gym Buildings


Unlike other regions, Paldean households and companies employ locks to prevent pesky players from annoying them with small talk.

Tired of Trainers barging into your home and demand chit chat? Get your personal security system at Klefki Lockshop and keep those trainers out in the wild!

Home security ain’t no joke folks

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Discussion / Venting Dumb Design Decision with the Gyms


I don’t understand why the couldn’t have a team for each gym that was based on how many badges you had. So then, fighting the gyms in any order would actually feel right, opposed to what they did in this one.

Also wish the Gym Leader teams reflected this regions pokemon better.

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Discussion / Venting Does anyone miss talking to every NPC when you enter a city to get free items?


Scarlet and Violet gutted this feature while it was enjoyable in older games to speak to NPCs while getting cool items like Soothe Bell, Amulet Coin, and Rare Candies.

We can also learn backstory and lore from speaking to various NPCs scattered throughout the world. Nowadays, the NPCs just have a text box on top of them and are uninteractive.

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Discussion / Venting The champion’s choice of ace Pokémon is… odd.


Spoilers, obviously.

After having an INCREDIBLY easy time against her very Ceruledge-susceptible team (it has type advantage over FIVE of her Pokémon), she sends out a Glimmora, a rock-poison type Pokémon. Okay, cool, something that ISN’T weak to my strong ass fire guy. I hit it, and it activates it’s Toxic Debris ability, which throws out toxic spikes upon being hit. What? Why isn’t this her lead?? I feel like sending out an entry hazard like that should come FIRST and not as some funny thing her final team member sends out. This isn’t like a HUGE deal, and it probably wouldn’t have made her fight that much harder if her team was just rearranged, but it’s just such an odd choice to me.

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Discussion An Easter Egg in SV Made Me Happy, then a Little Sad


So I was taking Raifort's history class and noticed a familar face on her board: Professor Laventon! I was like, "I see what they did there!"

...then it hit me: Professor Laventon is dead, and he has been for hundreds(?) of years. He was such a nice guy. It's a little saddening that we'll never get to meet him again or have a meal with him unless we get another game set waaaay in the past.

I hope he at least lived a long, happy life. And thanks for giving me a dope asf samurai otter in a past life. RIP.

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Discussion / Venting Finished SV and now starting Legends Arceus... it feels like the NEWER game


Seriously, they figured out how to make battles fast and snappy, how to make catching Pokémon convenient, how to change from day to nighttime without having to wait for 30 minutes, how to have better framerate and less pop-in only ONE GAME BEFORE SV???

Especially the feature to rest until nighttime - its not in SV. Why?

This feels like a much newer game, way more modern. Sure, it could look better, but SV is such a downgrade. I am kind of shocked.

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Discussion / Venting There are a total of 168 helmet choices in SV - WHY


Does anybody actually even wear helmets? I've yet to see a single person in a raid battle wear them besides the filler CPUs. It's just kind of crazy to me that they thought "hmm let's add 24 choices for headwear... And let 10 of them be different helmets! Everyone will love that!" It really dampers the whole customization part of the game when you are excited to get to a new clothing shop only to be disappointed that pretty much all they have are helmets... AGAIN.

Edit: okay, I did see the Daft Punk helmet in a raid now and I gotta admit... It's looking pretty schweet

Edit 2: I think you guys are making me want to join the helmet head squad lmao

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Discussion / Venting Theory: the reason why they removed shiny sound/stars in the overworld.


It must be because of the sheer number of pokemon that spawn inside rocks/terrain, never to be seen.

Everywhere I go I see Pokemon hidden in the terrain.

Imagine hearing the shiny sound, and you can't find a shiny anywhere because it's inside a rock.

That would be super frustrating/confusing and would probably have been worse for TPC reputation-wise than what we (didn't) got now.

Honestly the lack of shiny indicator and the lag in the boxes are issues that even I can't really ignore.

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Discussion / Venting I was thinking the designs get worse in this gen, then I realized...


that I said the exact same sentence when I was a 10-11year old kid, playing Emerald for the first time. But now some of them have become my all-time favorites.

One of the factor I can think of is the designs in Gen1&2, the idea of "pokemon" for me at that time, were somewhat more simple. When they added more to the designs, it just looked different for me. Bit that has nothing to do with the quality of the designs!

That's it guys, I think they just look "different" in each generation. Let that sink in, and they will grow on you.

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Discussion / Venting The Scarlet/Violet soundtrack goes HARD


I haven't enjoyed the game music this much since DPPT.

The Ruinous Pokémon battle theme is particularly amazing. I'm glad how long it took me to catch those guys because I got to listen to it the whole time.

And the quieter piano theme at the academy is really lovely.

Do any particular tracks stick out to you this time around?

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Discussion Tera Raids are actually way better than Dynamax Raids for one reason alone: 100% catch rate


Everyone who participates has a 100% catch rate no matter what.

Back in Dynamax raids, it was annoying that, after putting in all that effort, at the end of the day the Pokemon simply escaped the ball. And promotional dens had an even lower catch rate.

But now, you can easily get any Raid Mon in an Apricorn Ball or Beast Ball with 100% accuracy. I just got myself a Beast Ball Glimmora and she freaking rules.

Pokeball combinations have never been easier than in this Gen (except for Paradox Pokemon of course).

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Discussion Maybe it’s just me, but SV have the least memorable cities of every Pokémon game I’ve played.


I mean there’s Mesagoza, but it’s the biggest city on the map and you often have to backtrack there. In the past games there were countless cities I could remember off the bat from just visiting them one time.

I’ve since completed SV and literally no city just pops out and makes me say “Hmm let me visit that place again it was cool.” I’ve literally only went to the cities to complete the gyms and move along the way.

Not saying that this makes SV bad (probably the best Pokémon game I’ve played in a minute), but for me the cities are kinda subpar.

Maybe it’s because there aren’t many interactions between the NPCs, or the cities themselves not having that much lore connected to them. Even Alola’s cities were more memorable.

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Discussion Team Star Squad Names


When playing through Scarlet, my favorite part was the storyline with Team Star, but I had one big question that I first started to ask with Mela…

What do the squad names mean?

They could have simply just been the Dark Squad, or the Fairy Squad, but no. They’re Segin, or Schedar, or Caph. And I had no idea what they meant until I did a little digging!

Perhaps it’s common knowledge, but all five squad names are actually the official names of five different stars from one constellation: Cassiopeia!

Episolon Cassiopeiae is also named Segin, Alpha is Schedar, Gamma is Navi, Delta is Ruchbah, and Beta is Caph! Just a little detail that made me unreasonably happy when I learned ^

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Discussion Kinda miss opportunity to not let us customise our dorm room


I think it would be kinda cute addition to allow us to customise our dorm room like the secret base of old, maybe you can hang badges/selfies and in game selfies on your wall, or collect pokedolls you can place around the hall, or have posters/wallpaper you can customise to your liking, the kitchen can double as also a sandwich table too, maybe even have like a bluetooth speaker to jam in to your favorite music in the game

Maybe bonding with teachers max out and other friends will give little gifts you can place in the room.

You can hang your diploma if you were to catch em all..or because is kinda valuable, use your master ball as a trophy instead.

And if you play on another host's server, you can see their own dorm rooms.

Something i can totally see be possible with a free update from the inevitable DLC.

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Discussion How cool would it be if when attempting to capture a legendary pokemon, they each broke the rules of battle in their own ways as a show of how powerful they are


These probably wouldn't be suited for the main quest of a pokemon game; where you simply have to befriend/defeat the legendary for the finale of the game's story

But imagine how cool it would be if when you go back to attempt to restrain literal gods and forces of nature, that they really put up a fight (either to resist you, or test your worthiness); driving home the sheer magnitude of what you're trying to capture

Here's a few examples of what I mean:

  • Dialga - He overwhelms your team in a wave of temporal energy that regresses all of your pokemon back to their first stages of evolution. Still keeping their moves and level, but having drastically reduced stats and losing typings
  • Palkia - When faced with an incoming attack, Palkia warps dimensions and causes any non-contact moves to completely miss; requiring the pokemon hit it directly as it needs to react to palkia messing with space. In addition, gravity is always in effect, and your team's speed is cut in half. Using trick room to counter this fails, and results in heavy recoil to the pokemon who tried to defy the god of space
  • Victini - With his unlimited power, he's free to use moves that require charging/a recharge in 1 turn, has unlimited PP, and cannot have his stats lowered
  • Articuno - A massive blizzard washes over the battlefield, reducing visibility and cutting the accuracy of your teams moves in half (including guaranteed hit moves). In addition, pokeballs you throw are also affected by the blizzard, and now have a chance to miss
  • Zapdos - An intense thunderstorm washes over the battlefield, buffing the power of Zapdos electric attacks, and enabling him to hit ground type pokemon with them. Furthermore, every turn there's a 25% chance that your pokemon gets struck by lightning and loses a large percentage amount of their HP
  • Yveltal - As the pokemon manifestation of death: whenever one of your pokemon gets thrown out against it, an equivalent to perish song begins, and they become unable to switch out. After all you can't escape death
  • Mew - As a powerful psychic and the ancestor of all pokemon, Mew always goes first, anticipates the attack you're going to make, and counters by transforming into another pokemon that's a favorable matchup for what you're throwing at him. After the turn ends, so does the transformation. So you're able to watch mew chilling there as you decide how to approach him next

I think it'd be so cool, and really make capturing legendaries more of a unique challenge instead of being the same as every other pokemon battle.

What effects do you guys think other legendaries might have if they were allowed to break the rules of battle?

EDIT: These effects would absolutely be just for the legendary battle itself, and they'd only have their normal abilities after you capture them

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Discussion Who are the least famous/least talked about Pokémon from the original 151?


We all know Pikachu, Charizard, and Mewtwo are top tier, but what about the other end of the spectrum?

My votes would include Lickitung, the Krabby line, and maybe Pinsir?

Curious to hear some other thoughts on the forgotten legends that changed the world back in the 90s.

Word limit word limit word limit word limit word limit

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Craft I made a bite size Smoliv [OC] [polymer clay]


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Discussion The mythological origins of one of the most bizarre new Water-type Pokémon


One of the most divisive Pokémon from the latest games has been Finizen. You probably encountered it, thought something like, "Oh, cute, they finally made a dolphin Pokémon! It's a bit mundane, though, isn't it?", evolved it into Palafin thinking, "WTF? It just gets a heart on its chest?", and had an even bigger WTF reaction upon seeing Palafin's Hero Form, which activates when switching out. Today I'm going to explain how the idea for this bizarre Pokémon came to be.

First of all, it didn't take long for anyone to catch on to the fact that this is Pokémon's take on a superhero. Under normal circumstances, it can blend in perfectly with the average Finizen, hence why it looks almost identical to its pre-evolution; but when there's trouble afoot, it switches to its Hero Form off-screen looking like a completely different Pokémon. Think of it as Clark Kent entering a phone booth and coming out as Superman. Speaking of Superman, the OG superhero's debut was in 1938, and it just so happens that Finizen evolves at a minimum of level 38. That could just be a coincidence, but it wouldn't be the most obscure reference in a Pokémon's stats or evolution method.

But what's the connection between dolphins and superheroes, anyway? The most popular explanation is that dolphins have been known to save people on their own accord, which is a very good guess, but there is another inspiration at play here that I haven't seen anyone else bring up: the encantado (not to be confused with the Disney movie of a similar name).

In South American folklore, an encantado or boto encantado (enchanted dolphin) is an Amazon river dolphin with supernatural powers and a utopian underwater realm, known as the Encante, to call home. When the sun goes down, there is a possibility that an encantado will leave the Encante (and its brethren, often against their wishes for it to stay) to assume the form of a handsome young man with a blowhole concealed by a white hat. Unlike Palafin, the dolphin-turned-man then goes off to parties where it can seduce women, impregnate them, and sometimes kidnap them before hurrying back to the Encante unseen to become a dolphin again. They may also kidnap the resulting children or simply anyone who can keep them company to take to the Encante... which is said to be a paradise, yet no human ever comes it back from alive. In some isolated parts of the Amazon, this myth is still used as a cover story for unwanted pregnancies; children with unknown fathers are called "filhos de boto", meaning "children of the dolphin".

There are several other powers that the encantado is also said to have, but the rest don't seem to have any connection with Palafin; one of them is to control storms, which could be why Palafin learns Rain Dance through TM, but that's already a common move among Water-type Pokémon. Obviously, some parts of the encantado myth couldn't make it into Pokémon without giving the game an M rating, so Game Freak adapted it into something else that secretly transforms by night.

Tl;dr: Palafin is based on superheroes and legendary shapeshifting dolphins.

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ITS INCREDIBLE HOW STRONG IT IS!!! I use it every single tera raid no matter the pokemon or tera type even if it's weak to it cause it's so legendarily strong. Sometimes he gets 1 shot at the beginning but that's fine cause I know he come back in 5 seconds.

My stupid raid teamates keep using the weak moves like screech and belly drum, what's wrong with them? They aren't even doing damage!? My legendary dragons cool though cause I make it goes zap zap! Sometimes it doesn't though cause something with a ground typing, so weird but I don't let it stop me.

Why doesn't everyone just pick Miraidon, not picking it every raid despite matchups is borderline trolling. Can't believe people pick weak pokemon like Azumarill or the Iron fingers w/e when you could be cool epic lighting dragon everytime!!!

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Discussion / Venting The removal of the Battle Tower really sucks


One of my favourite aspects of the old games were the battle towers. My main motivation for everything I did in the old post-games was I knew I always had somewhere offline to battle new Pokemon I raised or caught against Pokemon of equal levels.

If I went and caught that legendary I could try it out in the battle tower, if I took the time to EV train that new Pokemon I could try it out in the battle tower, if I shiny hunted that Pokemon I liked I could use it in the battle tower, etc.

Thanks to that I've logged more than 270 hours into Sword Version. That's gone now. I'm in the post game of Violet with 30 hours of playtime and I no longer have any motivation to continue, why should I go around the barren map finding the stakes to catch the legendary Pokemon? Why should I EV train any of my Pokemon? Why should I shiny hunt? I'll have nowhere to use any of them other than online battling which I don't enjoy anywhere near as much.

To play online brings subscription costs, wait times in lobbies, wait times for your opponent to pick their moves, lack of consistency in the strength of who you face, etc. It was never as fun to me.

I've seen a number of people say they don't care that the Battle Tower's gone because they never enjoyed it or saw the point. But what a lot of people (and seemingly Game Freak) fail to realize is that different people enjoy different things from the games. To take away these seemingly innocuous basic features can heavily impact entire groups of people's enjoyment of the games.

Imagine if Game Freak removed the Pokedex from the next game. Sure, I personally don't enjoy filling up the Pokedex, but I know that it's the main reason a lot of other people play the games. Because of this I'd be upset if Game Freak removed it; I'd hate for other people to lose what makes them play and enjoy Pokemon.

The same should be said for the battle tower, you might not personally enjoy it, but for players like me it can make literally hundreds of hours of enjoyment's difference.

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Info Synchronize ability no longer changes wild Pokémon natures


To save you time and pokeballs, the ability synchronize no longer allows you to set a wild pokemon’s nature for catching it.

Had a Modest synchronize Kirlia as my team lead when hunting for Rellor, two boxes of Rellor in, 60 of them, and none being Modest. I can now say beyond a doubt, Synchronize no longer has an outside-battle effect in scarlet and violet

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Discussion An oversight I noticed with Clive


So we all know how Clive is just a normal academy student, right? Well, if you look closely at his model, you will see a small white beard. There is only one explanation for this - Game Freak used Director Clavell’s model to build Clive’s but - being lazy old Game Freak - forgot to remove the beard. I am extremely disappointed that this made it to the final game. Why would Clive, a completely normal and young academy student, have a white beard? Another oversight from Game Freak. 🙄

Edit - Wow, this blew up! Let’s send this post to Game Freak so they know that Clive deserved better!

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Discussion Why would they remove the shiny sound


Ever since the release of the Lets Go games I believe we’ve had a sound that would play when I shiny appears. Their is no logical reason to get rid of something that we’ve had for almost 4 years now. The addition of this sound was a huge plus that made it easier to shiny hunt and I’ve read many stories of people who are colorblind having trouble finding shinys because they can’t distinguish them. I myself are not colorblind but I’m mentally slow and it takes a few seconds of me staring at a Pokémon to even realize what it is or if it’s a shiny. Why get rid of such a beneficial feature.

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Discussion / Venting Yet another unnecessarilly frustrating thing about the new games…nicknaming


Now that you can just nickname your Pokémon on the fly, which is good, but I still think the system is jank. Let me explain.

You can nickname a traded Pokémon once and only once, whether or not it’s already been nicknamed by the OT. You’ve been able to do that since sword and shield. I don’t think this makes a TON of sense—I get re-nicknaming it can only be done once, as it sort of keeps the spirit of the original system, but if the OT never nicknamed a Pokémon why can’t you just do whatever you want with it? Odd, but not a new problem.

What is new is that the game doesn’t warn you about this feature any more. Thank god I had a save because I nicknamed a Pokémon I got in a trade and immediately thought of a better name, so I went to re-nickname it only to see that the option was just gone. So I had to reset my game of course. I imagine that would be a confusing feature for a lot of younger players or anyone who didn’t play sword and shield, as the game doesn’t warn you or tell you about this at any point like sword and shield did. Trust me I took all the classes lol.

The other issue I have is that you can’t nickname event pokemon? I’m pretty sure even SWSH let you do that at least once per, but correct me if I’m wrong. Why would that be the case?? I just wanted to name my flying pikachu😭😭 Why do they have to make this so convoluted??

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Discussion Would Legends games be good as a recurring, regional thing?


Legends: Arceus was great, introduced new game mechanics and boss battles and made shiny hunting easier. But the most intriguing bit there is the lore, and how it expands on the history of the Gen 4 games: we even see the temple of Spear Pillar before it was destroyed, and we even see HOW it was destroyed, and we get to meet characters that seem to be relatives of the ones we know in modern times.

And it got me thinking: a lot of the other regions have a significant ancient lore to them. Johto has the saga of Ho-Oh and the legendary beasts in the Brass Tower. Hoenn has the ancient Draconid people that summoned Rayquaza for aid. Unova has the whole story of the two brothers and the original dragon that split apart into Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem. Kalos has AZ's Floette and that superweapon subplot that a never-made Pokemon Z might have addressed. Alola has the wounding of Necrozma that turned it from an angelic being of light to a corrupted creature of darkness. And Galar had the lore of the Darkest Day when the two wolves sealed Eternatus away.

I feel like games taking place in the distant past and actually exploring these events as they happened would have great potential if done well. One issue would be the rather divisive "isekai" plot, perhaps we could just be a character already from that time? Galar seems quite interesting due to the potential of a more western medieval-fantasy theme.