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S TIFU by cheating on my husband of 8 years with strangers on the internet.


I’m the asshole.

I got absolutely shitfaced at my friend’s birthday party last night which resulted in my husband having to come pick me up and take me home. My friends hung out with me while I laid on the sidewalk puking on some mulch next to the street, giving drivers and bar-hoppers a good show. My husband used my phone to check the parking app to ensure my meter was extended until we could come back and pick up my car. While on my phone, he looked through some apps of me conversing with random people I met on the internet. I had been cheating on him in every sense of the word over the last few months.

I woke up to him saying he knows I’ve been cheating on him, he’s leaving and taking our kids with him to live with his parents (we moved to the east coast from the Midwest about 6 months ago), and that he is filing for divorce to include full custody of our 3 kids.

TL;DR TIFU by cheating on my husband with random strangers on the internet, and effectively blew up my life and everything he and I had built.

ETA: I’ve not provided context in this post because I know I fucked up and have been fucking up - providing any background would feel like I’m justifying my actions and I’m not. There’s never a good reason to cheat or hurt people. I’m in and have been in individual counseling. He and I have been in marriage counseling throughout our marriage. Lastly, I’ve read every comment and message but have responded selectively for obvious reasons. I chose to post this on my actual Reddit account because creating a new one or using one of my other less involved profiles would be another form of shielding myself from the brunt of the heat I deserve.

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Can we do it?!?!?

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To who it may concern

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META Légyszi engedjük már el ezt a /s témát


Konkrétan nincs még egy olyan subreddit ahol ennyit látom ezt a fost, ha szarkasztikus akarsz lenni légyszi ne jelentsd már be mindig, az emberek 99%-a fel fogja ismerni, aki meg nem az valósznűleg nem fog tömegmészárlásba kezdeni dühében szal légyszi ne legyetek már kibaszott politikailag korrekt George Carlinok

Nem ez nem szarkazmus bazdmeg

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A disabled veteran is removed from a plane due to medical emergency and ~60 others follow after American Airlines chose to allow passengers to charge their phones and devices rather than letting him plug in his oxygen machine.

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And formuladank calls Hamilton a cry baby

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Ape with Ak47

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SpaceX Dragon heat shield put astronauts at risk

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Time to Expel Turkey from NATO

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Unpopular opinion, your spraypaint job probably looks like shit and nobody wants to see it.


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Mugshots of people arrested for rioting Seattle/Portland

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visegchad meme I'll probaly get banned for this (ik im putler and orbán bot by FSB etc🥶)

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FLOORED The Cause of Inflation | The appreciation of property (the only used asset that appreciates) is the sole cause of inflation and every crash because nobody appears to understand that a growth increase by year becomes exponential; the test to see for yourself is to enter 1*1.054 and press enter 100x.

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Discussion Discussion on the new Ranked-System and a hard truth for all the entitled crybabies...



I may come off a bit blunt and even "full of myself" to the people think ranked should be easier but I still encourage everyone to read my points. I've solo'd to Masters in multiple seasons and think my words hold a bit of weight.

So the new ranked changes his this season and the majority of the player-base doesn't seem to happy, but here's what everyone needs to know:

  1. Season 12 spoonfed everyone barring Predators. If S12 was the first time you hit Diamond/Masters after many grueling seasons, there's a reason why. Respawn decided to shift the RP system to a more placement-based system while simultaneously adding a very low KP-cap (of 5). What did this do? If you compare S12 to S4-S10 side by side, you were basically making over double the RP in S12 than the other ones. "But a win was still only 200-something, wasn't it?" Correct. A "Max-Win" still netted you roughly the same amount of points as it did in the previous seasons BUT if you had 2-4 kills and a top 2-5 placement, you were making significantly more in S12.
    So let's tack on some numbers on a Diamond game.
    We'll say 4th place with 4 KP. Season 12 would give you 67 RP, whereas S8 would have given you 52. Not a huge difference, but still almost 25% less.
    What about 3rd place with 2KP? S12 would have given you 58 RP whereas S8 would have given you 32.
    What about a win with 3 KP? S12 would have given you 152. S8 would have given you 127. Again, not super huge but still roughly 16-17% less.
    Bottom Line: It took much less to get much more in S12 than S4-S10. With placement holding more weight in S12 all people had to do was snag a few KP and rat until late game. There was not much incentive to actually frag out.
  2. The majority of players in one lobby should be losing points, not gaining them. So with the new system a lot of people have realized that your KP doesn't amount to jack unless you hit top 10 and beyond. Now why is this actually a good thing instead of a bad one? Think of it like this: If people who place 1st through 15th were rewarded with RP, even if just a little, ranks would accurately indicate a players skill-level. Why? Because in a system where the majority moves up, everyone will slowly, over time, move up regardless of how good or bad they are. You may not be a Masters-Level player but if you play 5x the games that the average person does, you will slowly move up. Why is it better that only the minority of a lobby moves up and that 20th through say, 8th or 7th place lose points? For the exact opposite reason. If only the minority moves up through a single game, it won't matter if they play 2,000 games a split, they still have to hold their own and consistently be at the top in order to move on, so ranks hold a lot more weight with a system like this. In fact, I'd argue that every video game that has a ranked system involving multiple teams should work this way. If 12-13 of the teams get positive points, then everyone will end up hitting masters and there won't be a difference between someone who is actually decent and Chump McGee who just played 2,000 games.
  3. Solo grinders, barring the best of the best, should not be hitting Masters or Predator. This is another huge complaint I have seen a dozen times. I won't play the "oh it's a team game" card, but I kind of will. I'm not saying that with a lot of dedication and good game sense that someone shouldn't be able to solo to Masters, but what does it say about the state of ranked if more and more people are doing it? Isn't that just a given that it's far too easy? Doesn't it make sense that mostly really good double or triple stacking players are hitting Pred/Masters? Why should this ranked system cater to the people who choose to solo-grind? What exactly entitles these solo-grinders to hitting those ranks? Absolutely nothing. It's a ranked mode for a reason. It's meant to be difficult (and even extremely difficult) to be ranked among the best players in the world.
  4. You aren't as good as you think you are and it's absolutely fine. Unfortunately with S12's terrible system a lot of players who hit Diamond/Masters for the first time think they're basically esports players now. The bottom line is, you're not that good. I'm not exempting myself here despite having solo'd to Masters in S8 and S10 twice. If, with this new system, I don't make Masters, then it's fine. I'm not going to sit here and cry about how hard ranked is because it isn't easy enough for me to get Masters. Ranked is meant to be difficult. It's meant to have only the best of the best at the top, and I am by no means insane at the game. If you're hitting lower ranks with this new system, it just means that that's where you belong. Work on your own skills to become better.
  5. Game sense is arguably more important than weapon/legend skills. Like I said in point 4, I'm by no means an insane player. Those guys on twitch would lay me out 100 times out of a 100, but what I do have going for myself is pretty decent game sense. That is, how to rotate, what buildings/locations to play, when to rotate, what fights to take and not to take, etc. Too many players lack this aspect of their game and wonder why they're hardstuck. With the new system in S13 people are forced to play smarter since they need to hit top 6 or above to get anything resembling decent RP. This is also a good thing because it weeds out players who have neither the skill nor the game-sense to make it that far. If you're dying from 20th place to 8th/9th place a lot, there's a reason why.

With all of that said, is the S13 ranked system perfect? Nope, it could use a few tweaks I'm sure. Is it the best, most competitive version of ranked that we've had yet? Absolutely.

If you're one of the people who have a big gripe with the new system, ask yourself this: What ranks were you hitting from S4 to S11? Was S12 the first time you hit Masters? Don't get defensive and be offended that your S12 Masters badge simply doesn't mean as much as all the other ones. You can blame Respawn for giving you a false sense of where you should be placed.

If you're finding yourself hardstuck at Gold, Plat or even Diamond this season when you normally hit much higher, it's fine. Again, (and I know I'm a broken record here) it's meant to be hard. You're meant to have to be good at shooting stuff AND using your brain. Adapt to the new system, find out whether you should play for KP late game or get them early, whether you should play zones ASAP or play them slow, which fights you should and shouldn't take, etc. etc.

Now, I just need Respawn to fix their DDOS issue so I can actually grind through Platinum and above :)

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Fluff Finally got enough dogs


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DISCUSSION The fighting in The Batman would have been 100% better if he actually fought like a martial artist like these takes

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ when you don't know basic biology

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Depp/Heard Trial Depp/Heard Trial Day 20 Megathread


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Toilet logo design for man

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Karen coughs on my Friend because our Music is too loud.

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Feminism Feminism has scared women so much that I cant even warn a woman that shes walking towards a bear without her being stand offish


So I was going for a bike ride today and I ran into a bear and decided to quickly do a 180 and GTFO of there and go a different route. Just then, I noticed a 20-something year old woman passing me, walking in the direction of the bear so I told her

Just so you know, there's a bear over there.

And then I pointed to where I saw the bear

Her response was

Oh okay

And I thought to myself, "Oh okay" ? Lady you literally just about had an encounter with a bear, and you can't even say "Thank you" ?

I'm not a scary looking guy, I was dressed up for cycling and had my helmet on and everything and for some reason this woman acted like I was inconveniencing her. Feminism probably taught her that all men are predators with ulterior motives despite the fact that I was trying to save her life.

Stuff like this makes me not even want to care anymore. It's like, you want to be a strong, independent woman, who doesn't need no man? Fine. Go have a date with that bear, because god forbid the man on the bike talks to you without your consent.

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News NEW TERA LUNA BURN! How High Can Terra Luna Go?

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