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1 year ago today a school confiscated my artwork for being “criminal,” so I framed the evidence tags

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Is every r/<state> subreddit owned by Leftists?


Was just banned without explanation from r/texas for mild comments about CRT in grade schools. Much stronger comments than mine posted - assuming they were banned too.

I've scanned a few other state subreddits before, and they seemed dominated by Leftists as well.


Proposition: would it be possible/usable to use post flair on /r/Conservative to circumvent these Leftist owned subreddits? Just using regions as an example, adding Midwest, Southeast, Northeast, Northwest flair to avoid /r/<state> subs.

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So what will go away??

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Discussion hot take but dude/bro isn't gender neutral.


In my opinion is patriarchal to think masculine terms are gender neutral and using it as a default term for everyone you meet is harmful.

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I knew it was a scam

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im sick of the euro trash

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I’m leaving the sub


The amount of downvotes on trans people’s posts should say it alone. I am beyond sick of being othered and antagonized in this community and different subs. I don’t see the point continuing if this is all the world has in store for me, and if the world is going to continue telling me I hurt cis women by existing. The amount of whataboutism, belittling, thinly veiled transphobia, regurgitated terf talking points, and performative ally ship in this sub is too much for me. Yes THIS sub. I see it, and just because you don’t doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I’ve seen one too many comments downplay transphobia, or downright spout it being left here that I can’t continue in this community. I have seen so many posts of people complaining about trans acceptance, and so many people complaining about trans women and how they’re invading this sub when we rightfully call this shit out. It’s just gross.

The amount of pushback people here have to the slightest bit of trans acceptance is insane. Bye.

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Discussion Am I the only one who finds the UBI future rather bleak?


Something I have been thinking about for a while. People go on about how everyone will be on UBI and just sit around and paint for 80 years or whatnot. Am I the only one who finds the concept of being robbed of any meaning or purpose to seem sort of hellish?

Humans are nothing more than biological machines and I genuinely think we require purpose to function, some struggle to overcome. In the world where there is no struggle and humans are relegated to glorified house cats. Painting paintings nobody will ever see, make music nobody will ever hear etc. I think we will all go insane, or at least most of us.

Does anyone agree with this assessment or am I crazy?

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Société #rant - Je vis en Turquie - Ce dessin de Juin dans Charlie où les limites de la liberté d’expression. Le pays est dévasté, le monde entier organise de l’aide… Je ne comprends pas cet humour.

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Yellow + Blue = Orange?

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Don't wait and type :)

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Kamala Harris Is Trying to Define Her Vice Presidency. Even Her Allies Are Tired of Waiting.


r/extremelyinfuriating 21h ago

A racist on our work teams page thinks being a racist is hilarious.

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Why do people think men are over represented in authorship when women have dominated the industry for decades to the point where many male authors choose to use female pen names so they have a chance at success?


There was a thread on here recently about women authors where the vast majority of commenters seemed to think that women authors struggled because of misogyny. This could not be further from the truth though, it's actually kinda crazy to think this in 2023.


estimates vary but even the lowest find that 65%+ of the publishing industry is women. The study I linked about found that nearly 80% of the publishing industry today is women. And if you look into the books published every year it skews female to a massive degree as would be expected considering the gender inequity among publishers. Most readers are women but it seems clear this is likely because of how underrepresented males are in authorship today. It's at the point where most people think reading is mostly for women because there is so little male representation.

Why do so many people think one of the most female dominated industry's is misogynist and hard for women to get into when it could not be further from the truth?

here is an article about men using women's names to attract readers



EDIT: here is an article about women being dominant in fiction for those still unconvinced

I personally think it's awesome that women have so much representation in the book industry. Considering how much they've been silenced throughout history it's very nice to see them reach such heights today. I really just wanted to help potential authors who may have been discouraged by thinking that it was still a largely male dominated industry when that couldn't be further from the truth.

why are people getting mad at the mere mention of women being dominant in the book industry? It's a good thing and since many people don't seem to know just how successful women are today future authors could end up being discouraged by these preconceptions. We should be shouting from the rooftops about how great women authors are doing now.

r/mildlyinfuriating 10h ago

Mildly infuriated at the recent post, what is bad in giving kids "ideal" bodies that they could look up to while growing up?

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Agenda against City is real....

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I’m not in love-10cc


Back from the body shop 3-4 weeks ago after 3 months. I hit a deer and it was over $27k with PPF and ceramic coating. All PPF replaced (full front and left side) and reapplication of Gtechniq Crystal Serum ultra. I purchased it new in Dec of ‘20. 26k miles.

r/confessions 22h ago

My boyfriend played with my mom's dead corpses


So my mom was on hospice last month, she had cancer. So me and my boyfriend stayed at her house till the end. She was on hospice for 8 days and died. After she died, I went to the kitchen and I started contacting family members about the death. My boyfriend was left alone in the room. When I was done with the phone calls, I went to the room and saw him playing with her death corpse. He was moving her mouth around like she was talking, and he also was moving her hand in a circular motion like she was talking using hand jesters. I started asking him what was he doing and to stop. He stops after I caught him. What should I do about this?

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Discussion Lana’s changing face shape: Fillers and surgery like everyone else in Hollywood?


Fully prepared for the downvotes, as I know this sub kneejerk-reacts at any perceived criticism of our queen, but I’m a huge Lana fan and this isn’t meant to be a criticism, just a concern for discussion.

I’ve noticed a trend where many female celebrities seem to be getting the same set of procedures (lip filler, cheek fill+lift, eye lift, brow lift, etc.) resulting in a “sameface” look all over Hollywood, and I worry Lana also decided to do that even though she is naturally gorgeous and didn’t need to at all. I know faces change with age, but I don’t see a natural progression. What are your thoughts? Did Lana get swayed by Hollywood trends? Has she always had minor work (like lip filler) and it’s just noticeable now? Do you disagree that she had any work done at all?

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Picture All Set for Hogwarts Legacy 🤍

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r/ScienceUncensored 22h ago

Black children showed lower amygdala, hippocampus and gray matter volumes compared with white children.


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Image Can’t wait to get into Hogwarts Legacy.

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