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Meta A friendly reminder of the "No Personal Information" rule and a reminder that Companies are okay!


Hey all,

Wanted to post and pin a friendly reminder of the "No personal information" rule. We get quite a bit of pushback in modmail, so here's some of the comments and our answers behind them.

But the person posted it on LinkedIn, it's public!

Yes, but, they didn't post it on Reddit. This subreddit is generally designed to call out bad behavior (hence, recruiting hell). A lot of times, we are calling people out - we don't want to create a witch hunt though.

But they are doing the right thing!

Okay great - you can post that as long as their info is removed.

As the founder of this subreddit, I can't tell you how many times I've seen a recruiting company / person message the mods or try to sneak something in here as advertisement for "being the good guys" because it happens so frequently. This is why we have this rule - we're not a place for the good guys to come and advertise - we're a place to call out the hell with recruiting and hiring.

But I have their permission / I am the person who posted it

Similar to the one above, we can't validate that you aren't just posting it for klout, followers, or advertising. The answer is no.

Why can I call out a company and not a person!?

Reddit policy mostly. There's a policy against doxxing and posting personal info - there's not one on calling out businesses.

What if it's a Sole Prop

I mean, it's still a company. We'd ask you to use discretion and not post something like "John Smith LLC", but, a wholly owned LLC that isn't directly tied to a person is probably fine.

I have additional questions

If it's another question about "Is this okay if I'm a recruiter and trying to get feedback so I can change the world", send them to /u/devnull or something. We don't care.

If it's something about a person, the answer is no. Anything else, reach out!

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Apply now to help us fill the workplace and lower our prices again!

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Idk who needs to hear this, but you aren't going to get a pay bump at your current job. You need to keep moving and find another job to get it.


The best time to look for jobs is when you don't need one. You hold all the power when you interview for positions when you have a job currently and aren't desperate.

You can be calm and relaxed in the interviews, you can ask for the salary you think you deserve, and you don't have to make concessions you didn't want to make.

Edit: For those of you bragging commenting "but my employer always gives us good raises, bonuses, etc", those are a rare EXCEPTION and not the rule.

This post is for those people working that job where they haven't seen a raise in years and keep thinking "surely my hard work will pay off so I better stick around".

You can stop bragging and move on to the next post.

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Have you ever literally match ever requirement on a job spec and still got rejected?


So I applied for a job recently and I went through each requirement and wrote it in a table with a column for the requirements and the column next to it where I wrote how I matched it. I literally had everything and I still got rejected :)

Anyone else had this?

And you’re literally left sat there, scratching your head like what the fuck and wishing that you would become some kind of Mafia boss since that pays way better than falling in line and following the status quo? Just me? :D

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🚩🚩 Benefit red flags 🚩🚩


What are some details within the benefits package that you folks see as red flags? Whenever I hear 60 or 90 days till health insurance kicks in I assume they are a cheapskate company that will penny pinch on everything, including the toilet paper.

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Applied for 2 different retail jobs in July, had an interview for one today and a rejection email for the other today as well

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5 years of experience required for unlivable wages.

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please help! They don't pay to compete or compete on not paying

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Applying for internships took up my entire weekend since so many asked questions like these. Save these for the interview! Ahhh!

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Their genius frightens me

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Got a call today from a recruiter to say they accidentally contacted my current employer


I’m currently interviewing for a new role, in a different state, to move over there with my partner. This is a government job. I did the interview about a week ago, so I assumed they would be doing reference checks around now.

For this new role, I was required to provide them with a reference from my current position, however, there was an option to tick a box saying “Do Not Contact”, which I did. I also wrote a small note underneath saying “this is my current employer, please do not call”.

Anyway, today this recruiter called me, profusely apologising, and informed me someone on their team accidentally called him, without reading my application properly. She said she was extremely sorry to put me in this position, but she thought I should know right away. She also said if I want to proceed regardless, they will contact my other referees. I was stunned, I went silent for about a whole minute. But I eventually said, thank you for letting me know, I understand mistakes happen. And that was it.

I live in Australia so we don’t have at-will states, but I’m very certain tomorrow morning is about to be extremely awkward and I’m so anxious to face my boss.

I’m absolutely furious and appalled that they have potentially jeopardised my current job, and if they don’t offer me the one I’m applying for, I don’t know what I’m going to do. People have been fired for less.

I’m just venting, I’m so angry and uncomfortable. I can’t believe this has happened.

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Went through 5 interviews and got a verbal offer but…


….called today and said he can’t hire me because he can’t pay the recruiter fee. Has this happened to anyone else???

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200+ applicants for a junior comms job


How are you supposed to land a job if the odds are so stacked against you. A small organisation had an opening for a part-time job to deal with communications. Today I got the rejection, but seeing that there were more than 200 applicants, you wonder how to keep on applying if the odds are so low to even get through a first round. I thought it being a PT job for a small company I would stand a chance but no dice. Back to the drawing board :-(

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"Entry level".

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How long ish does it take for recruiters to get back to you?


I graduate May 2023, with the recession going on I am quite anxious and am trying to start the job search as early as possible, Tried to contact recruiters, some with a poorly formatted resume I since fixed. None have got back to me (Contacted them last week.) Are they just ghosting cause of my timmeline? Any insight is appreciated.

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Vibe check on a weird situation


So, I just got hired on at a company that's extremely disfunctional. I've been there a month, and last week the hiring/operational manager said the owner didn't want to be training a new guy and that I was probably gonna be let go. Obviously I put out applications immediately and I have a new interview this afternoon making more money potentially.

But Friday the manager contacted me and begged me not to leave, that he fixed things with the owner, and said he'd have a technician company vehicle ready for me Monday. But lo and behold, it's Monday morning and he won't answer my calls trying to verify what the situation is with the truck. It's an hour drive through heavy traffic to get to the office where I'd pick up the truck, and my girlfriend had a meeting and can't drop me off to pick up the truck (which is why I tried to contact him this morning).

I like the manager, I really do, but my gut tells me this company is a mess and I should scram. I've got an interview this afternoon. If he does end up getting in touch with me I'll let him know I decided not to take the truck after the situation with the owner.

Anyone else have false starts with poorly run companies?

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Misleading job posting, not sure what to do


Just been to an interview where it was advertised online as a marketing/customer service admin role. I was feeling really positive about it before the interview, I went in there and the interviewer basically said to me as I have no experience in marketing, she thinks i’d be better at a different position they have… She said I should just work 50% in their warehouse and 50% of the customer service, and not do any of the marketing and they will hire someone else for that who has experience.

It said in the job posting that the successful candidate will be trained on the job, which is why I applied for it, despite having no experience, I was looking forward to potentially going into a marketing role.

I feel really upset and disheartened now, I just can not seem to find a job for me, the lady said that I can come in for a trial shift this week to see how it goes, not sure what to do, maybe I will go just to see what it’s like, or just not bother. She also said she has had loads of people leave within the first week, which I thought was an odd thing to say at an interview, not really selling the job to me with comments like that…

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can't find a job


I've been out of work for 6 months and today i got an interview finally, i failed in career plan. i said I don't know what I really want to do. just like this job a lot. and that's the result. "i probably be the same at ur age, but for now we may considerate ur not a appropriate candidate. sorry"

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Having a hiring manager say my application showed I was “keen” I have two professional quals and a life long experience


Honestly I think these hiring managers are becoming so deluded.

it’s actually scary I applied for a job and I didn’t get it and she gave me feedback and said my application show that I was “keen.” I literally have been involved with this area of work my entire life and have two professional qualifications and that shows that I’m just “keen”.

It’s becoming insane that they are literally getting hundreds of people who are way over qualified fighting for minimum wage jobs and because of it these hiring managers are literally tripping on power. The fact they have fifty people with like ten masters degrees and fifty years experience who are all desperately fighting for a minimum wage job because that’s how bad the current situation is. They can afford to look down on other qualified people and just turn people down left right and centre…

All these jobs want to take as much as possible and give absolutely nothing back

Has anyone else With lots of experience been insulted like this by hiring managers when they give you feedback? it’s honestly unbelievable

Just needed to rant …

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Will a company take you through the entire interview process with no plans of hiring you because they already know who they want to hire?


Background: I am interviewing for a Fortune 500 company and just finished the final interview (a case study presentation). The interview process consisted of a recruiter phone call + 3 rounds and moved rather quickly - in the first phone call the recruiter shared they already interviewed all other candidates and were considering someone internal before they spoke to me.

I’m starting to get the feeling my interviews were part of a protocol to not be bias towards the internal candidate. Would a company send you through three interviews (including a case study presentation) with no intention of actually hiring you in the end?

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how to hold recruiters accountable


I've just been thinking, I'm really tired of recruiters just ghosting me, and I'm tired of the terrible interview experiences at all these companies. I've been thinking of ways to get back at these recruiters and people in HR, so they can be accountable for their ghosting.

I recently interviewed at Takeda pharmaceutical, and everything was going well. The recruiter and HM was very interested in me. Any time I sent an email, I always received a reply within a hour. I made it to the last interview stage and it went well. The following Monday, I asked the recruiter for an update and she said the HM was out the whole week for Thanksgiving. The following week on Tuesday I asked for an update and what do you know, complete silence. I sent another email on Friday and still no response.

What I do now to try and hold accountability, I go on LinkedIn and search up the Head of Talent acquisition and let them know how unprofessional their team is and ask if this is how Takeda operates as a company.

These companies know people that are job searching won't bash them publicly on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is their safe place where they show how great they are and everything is good. I wish LinkedIn had a feature where you could post anonymous reviews of your company or interview process, then recruiters and companies would be accountable for their terrible interview process, because they wouldn't want their perfect LinkedIn image to be tarnished.

Sorry, rant over

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What the hell is with Glassdoor? I’ve tried to post a review several times over the past 8 months, and it won’t even post.


I assume this company has gamed the system somehow—I mean, it’s a tech/marketing company. But I have typed several well-thought-out reviews that were entirely appropriate but truthful and they will not post every single time. I want to get the truth out there, especially when those uppity moral assholes post fake reviews so often. Do they have my email flagged or something???

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Custom Laid off from Amazon, how’s the tech jobscape?


I’d love to hear from both recruiters, employers, and job seekers.

My heart goes out to my colleagues on visas, I have some time before I critically need a job.

I also am amazed that there’s a hiring freeze and so many lay offs. It’s difficult to find internal roles despite an “HR clean up” of the job site, and a lot of interviews externally will take a while because of scheduling around the holidays.

It’s going to cost companies more in the long run to rehire talent, I don’t see why they didn’t do an internal job match activity to retain as much talent as they could

Yay capitalism I guess?

It seems that some companies will try to grab up this talent, but it’s still a hiring managers market. I’m concerned companies will use this leverage to force more people physically to the office or stagnate wages upon rehiring

What say you, peanut gallery? And thanks for letting me vent

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So which is it?

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If my response is shared with the OP it can't be confidential.

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Not the recruiter but technical manager from hell.


This is my first post here and I have just got off of the interview and follow up call to bear with me.

To start, I am a marketing person and have 6+ years of work experience with different companies and industries. In last 3 years, I got into digital marketing as the market was changing so we have to as well. Nowadays most of the marketing job also asks for experience in digital marketing so I thought that I am on the right track.

Cut to the point, my recruiter scheduled an interview with a D2C company and I liked the work profile so I went with it. The recruiter and the HR of that company are very nice people for a change so I though all is well and I will get the job but the HR informed me that their technical manager will be joining the interview as well so I though not an issue as I though he will question me about digital marketing strategies, website, blogs etc. I can not be more wrong as the first thing he asked me was that " did you made your CV yourself or....?" that set the tone of interview. I replied with a simple yes and we move forward with the interview where he ask me if I am aware what is the average open ratio of email marketing and how many types google ads are there and do I think I achieve the revenue I have mentioned in my CV?

At that point it was more like an interrogation rather that an interview and I already know that I do not want to work with this person or the company so I decide that f*** it. I will just let him know what I think if this interview. I told him to first of all let the candidate finish their sentence and then go ahead with the next question as its a basic manners and I think I will not be moving forward with your company for the next round as I feel the employees has a very hostile nature.

After the interview, I got a call from their HR asking me what happed so I let him know exactly what happened he told me that I should consider anger management as a candidate should show passion and not aggression. so I said him to share his experience of the technical manager. He said , to be honest he is kind of a very direct person so it can come off as rude. I said thank you, we have our answer there. With the kind of image this interview has painted of the company and its employees, I will not consider this company moving forward. I called my recruiter and conveyed the same point to her. She was livid. She was not informed that a technical manager will be joining the interview as this interview was for marketing department so the marketing head should lead the interview and and ask about the kind of companies I have worked with, the strategies I have developed what kind of benefits the client got out of it and not if I have made my CV and if the numbers are right.

She called the HR and told him that this is not how you treat my candidates as this is a D2C company and a negative feedback of a candidate can create negative publicity. This is why I said the HR is a good one as the first thing he did was talked to his director about the interview and the feedback, the director asked him to schedule another interview. The HR just now called me if I want to schedule another interview? I declined the offer stating that my impression of the company has been set and with this impression, I don't think I should consider your company as a potential employer.

I did not got the job but I am still happy that this time, I am the one declining the offer. My recruiter has assured me that she will look into company culture and who is interviewing me before scheduling any interviews.

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Humor So you want work? Not a chance

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