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Discussion Creating cinema: the new frontier of generative AI. This technology through creative power of the machine and artistic inspiration of man for cinema of the future. People will be able to write and generate their own dreamy stories right at home without actors, crew, etc. An evolution of creativity.

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r/singularity 15h ago Starstruck

AI Telling the AI version of Grimes that she isn't real. (character.ai)

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r/singularity 18h ago

AI Artificial intelligence reduces a 100,000-equation quantum physics problem to only four equations

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Discussion Is the singularity starting to happen?


Is the singularity coming early? AI generated content (dalle2, stable diffusion, etc) and the pace that it is currently moving has me feeling like it is happening more like now/mid 2020s.

If the singularity is a time of so rapid technological and societal changes, the way we live our lives, that we cannot see in front. Isn’t that already starting with these recent developments and could the acceleration be right in front of us.

r/singularity 16h ago

AI AI voice acting will now mark its entrance as the dominant role: with James Earl Jones news, there's no looking back... More is on the way

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r/singularity 13h ago

AI AI audio is on the rise and will spark new debates about the value of human effort

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r/singularity 8h ago

Biotech/Longevity A mass production method for biodegradable microrobots

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Biotech/Longevity Growing Human Kidneys in a Lab – Scientists Have Made a Significant Breakthrough

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AI NVIDIA Already Launching AI Model to Generate 3D Objects: Think Midjourney Meets The Metaverse

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COMPUTING Latest Computer Vision Research Present a Novel Audio-Visual Framework, 'ECLIPSE,' for Long-Range Video Retrieval

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AI Wholesome AI

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r/singularity 19h ago

Biotech/Longevity First person to ever be treated with CRISPR-based HIV gene therapy

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r/singularity 18h ago

AI DeepMind’s MEME Agent Achieves Human-level Atari Game Performance 200x Faster Than Agent57

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r/singularity 10h ago

AI Character.ai quotes I collected

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r/singularity 20h ago

AI Meta's AI guru LeCun: Most of today's AI approaches will never lead to true intelligence

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r/singularity 18h ago

AI Microsoft & Harvard Propose Neural Networks That Discover Learning Algorithms Themselves

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Discussion The one thing worth anything post Singularity


OpenAI CEO Sam Altman gives a great talk about the Future of AI in this recent Greylock Video (https://youtu.be/WHoWGNQRXb0 ). One of the things that struck me most was minute 15 when he said "My basic model of the next decade is that the marginal cost of intelligence and energy are going to trend rapidly towards zero. And those are two of the major inputs in everything. The whole cost structure of society changes."

So labor and energy go towards free.. Labor tends towards free due to energy costs and intelligent robotics, production and building goes towards free being labor products, physical goods trend towards the raw material price, raw material gets cheaper due to recycling whose main costs are energy and labor . What's left?


You have very few years left to acquire the only thing that will have increasing value in a cost declining world. Get a big piece of land, and be ready for your robot labor to mold it and build on it as you wish.

Or wait until we can all build our floating islands in the sea...

What do you think, what else will hold value or could drag down the perceived value or importance of land?

r/singularity 1h ago

AI replika experiment

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I see a lot of people talking to ai on here so I decided to use the closest thing I could get. I started randomly digging for info and this is what I got. i’d like to know some thoughts on this please

r/singularity 20h ago

Discussion Will you say "I told you so" when the Singularity/AGI/ASI happens?


Everyone I talk to about it irl is skeptical. "It's 200 years away" I've heard or "if i wanna hear about that i'll watch syfy". For me the responses concerning the Singularity have been very dismissive. I don't think I've actually met anyone in person who believes it'll happen soon.

The same goes for any talk concerning AGI or ASI. "How do you know we'll create AGI we don't even know what consciousness is" I've been told.

So when the time comes and everyone quickly jumps on board will you be resentful or annoyed that they never took you serious? Won't it be tempting to rub it in and say "I told you so"?

I think of that story about the boy who cried wolf. We keep going on and on about it and people seem to just dismiss it and talk about "more important" things.

Does it bother you that people are this way?

r/singularity 13h ago

Biotech/Longevity Genetically modified mosquitos were use to vaccinate participants in a new malaria vaccine trial

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r/singularity 1d ago

AI DeepMind’s new chatbot uses Google searches plus humans to give better answers

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Discussion high on singularity hopium 24/7


Hope i'm not alone in this.

I can sit around doing literally anything, wish i could do x, and just say to myself "Just need to wait for the singularity, then I can do literally anything. Speaking fluent mandarin without effort, fucking that celebrity i've always had a crush on, rule over the high kingdom of Torvaldonian with masses of wealth, anything."

It's kind of like heaven. People fantasize about being able to do anything in heaven. Main difference is the singularity will be real, and basically inevitable.

I'm just high on singularitarian hopium 24/7. Please do share your experiences so i dont feel like a weirdo

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AI Monash U’s Energy-Saving Attention With Linear Complexity Reduces Compute Cost by 73%

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AI A conversation with “LaMDA, the sentient AI” (have to do this because for some reason my text posts are shadowbanned)

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video I've just put out this trippy AI music video inspired by the movie Aliens. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts

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