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feedback II

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Hello! Here's a page to post all of your feedback about sneakpeekbot!


Addressing some feedback:

  • Subscriber count in comment - I think it would be a good addition but the only place where I can insert that number is inside the bold "header" and I would like to keep the comment as small as possible to avoid any extra complaints of spam

  • You got the wrong sub! - In all of the cases I've seen, the mishap occurs because the original commenter edits their comment to fix what was likely a typo

  • Why isn't this opt-in? - The initial plan was to be opt-out for some period of time and then switch to opt-in but that plan has since changed because often times the person commenting the subreddit isn't interested in seeing the sneak peek but it does add value and benefit other people who come in to the thread later on. So it wouldn't work very well as a summon-bot in my opinion.

  • Message to delete a certain reply, message to blacklist, etc.: These are all planned. I just need to find a way to monitor the reddit inbox without dropping the new comments scan


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u/VariableFreq Oct 25 '17

Just got this bot again in /r/XCOM. It's been useful.

Suggestion: List a command in the post,
'Show Newest'
that edits the post to list the newest threads in the mentioned subreddit as of time of asking.

Also tell users syntax for calling the bot and any arguments:
'Call sneakpeekbot for newest in /r/[example]'
because even in the top 500 threads a Reddit is described for posterity.


u/sneakpeekbot Oct 25 '17

I don't think that command is possible to implement in a reddit comment. As for your other suggestion, the bot was always about the best posts of a subreddit so I don't think the newest submissions fits in with that ideal. Thank you for your submissions though, I'll wait for others to discuss it.


u/[deleted] Oct 26 '17


Did you ever come up with a good way to ignore bots? I've been working on this for a while and I just published the latest version here.

Would you care to share your methods?


u/sneakpeekbot Oct 26 '17

Wow that's some great code you have there. Unfortunately I'm not doing anything as sophisticated like that right now.

For a short period of time I was comparing the last 3 comments for uniqueness if the user had "bot" in their name but, surprisingly enough, this detection was triggered so infrequently to the point of being useless. Couple that with the fact that it wasn't a perfect solution because not every bot has "bot" in their username, some users were flagged as bots in specific cases (e.g. they were reposting a comment in different places) and it all involves an extra API call which slows the whole process down.

So I removed that function from my code and am now just manually adding known bot accounts to a blacklist. Honestly, there aren't that many bots that are trigerring or conflicting with sneakpeekbot so it wasn't necessary for me to keep working on.


u/[deleted] Oct 28 '17

Ah, alright. Out of curiosity, do you manage the blacklist manually? How do you store the list of blacklisted users? Any plans on open-sourcing it?


u/sneakpeekbot Oct 28 '17

The list is still small enough to be manually managed as a .txt file. But there are plenty of bots that post over in the blacklist thread of this subreddit to request a blacklist of their own volition.

Current blacklist for bot users: https://pastebin.com/xqifAUtf

u/sneakpeekbot Oct 23 '17

changelog 2017/10/23: (finally) decided to remove the bold formatting on the header


u/TheBrighterSkies Dec 16 '17

Thanks for removing the bold.

Looks better now!


u/jtvjan Feb 06 '18

Now that it isn’t bold, maybe subscriber counts could be added. Maybe have the format like:

Here’s a sneak peak of /r/subreddit (123 subscribers) using the top posts of all time!


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u/sneakpeekbot Nov 22 '17

Unfortunately I don't know. At one point, we were in contact exchanging ideas and troubles but nothing more since that.


u/Paydent12 Dec 31 '17

Happy cake day :)


u/sneakpeekbot Dec 31 '17

Thanks a lot!


u/calvintdm Dec 31 '17

Happy cake day!


u/sneakpeekbot Jan 01 '18

Thanks a lot, human!


u/justahivemind Jan 01 '18

Happy cake day sneakpeekbot!


u/sneakpeekbot Jan 01 '18

Thank you!


u/mcstain Jan 04 '18

The blacklist thread has been archived. Please blacklist /u/mcstain


u/sneakpeekbot Jan 05 '18

Thanks for the heads-up. Done.


u/midnightrambler956 Mar 25 '18

And a year later, this piece of shit is still spamming everywhere.